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LeikaRO is an International, community-oriented server dedicated to bringing you the best Renewal experience possible.

Our goal is to deal with all the issues that plagued Renewal servers for years, such as bugs and exploits, non-working skills, bad balancing, dead economy, stale content and decreasingly lower difficulty.

All of it is done while improving upon the original game and implementing new content and features in more comprehensible ways.

Looking for a unique experience? Join us!

[Event Support] Extra Life Gaming Marathon! Posted on 10/03/17
Leika-RO supports Les Doigts Souples team! What and how? Keep reading!     What is this about? Extra Life is a non-profit organization whose purpose is collecting donations to aid sick children across Quebec. One of th..
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February 23rd | Patch v9.5 Posted on 23/02/17
[ General ] Added two brand new dungeons, Illusion of Moonlight and Illusion of Vampire, featuring new mechanics such as safe zones, monster leash ranges and of course dozens of new gear pieces plus cards. Both zones also have var..
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December 23rd | Patch v9.0 | Christmas and Ne.. Posted on 23/12/16
[ General ] Christmas and New Year Event is now active, for two weeks (until January 6th). Look around Prontera and Lutie for various quests! EXP rates have been doubled during this period! Implemented Jitterbug's Nightmare instan..
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November 7th | Minipatch v8.6 | Halloween's E.. Posted on 07/11/16
[ General ] Halloween Event is now over. All related content has been removed! Old Recipe Book (31327) was added, it contains various ways to prepare Old for your enjoyment! Added noautoloot mapflag to be used for certain events &..
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October 24th | Patch v8.5 | Halloween is Here.. Posted on 24/10/16
[ General ] Halloween Event is now live! Besides the usual scripted quests and minigames, Scatleton Pet Quest has been implemented (check the second floor of Nifelheim's Inn) and will remain active forever. Once completed, you can..
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