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Welcome to Leika
Ragnarok onlinE

LeikaRO is an International, community-oriented server dedicated to bringing you the best Renewal experience possible.

Our goal is to deal with all the issues that plagued Renewal servers for years, such as bugs and exploits, non-working skills, bad balancing, dead economy, stale content and decreasingly lower difficulty.

All of it is done while improving upon the original game and implementing new content and features in more comprehensible ways.

Looking for a unique experience? Join us!

[In-game Event] Polar Bear Day Posted on 03/08/16
Event on Trial: "Polar Bear Day" "What have I done to deserve this" ‒ Solarljord   Hai. You thought I was done with events? Well, think twice. I'm still around, and this time I have an event that we want to test out and se..
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[Facebook Event] With Likes and Shares, a Win.. Posted on 25/06/16
  Facebook Event: With Likes and Shares, a Win for All! OFFICIAL EVENT WILL BE PUBLISHED ON FACEBOOK DURING FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2016   Hello! Facebook event is back for the month of July and this time it will be a win for a..
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June 5th | Megapatch v7.0 Posted on 05/06/16
[ General ] Fully implemented Episode 14.3 (you must complete this quest to begin your journey). This comes with all the related quests in Fire Basin, instances (Bios Island, Mors' Cave and Devil's Palace), Heroic Equipment, Devil..
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[Important] LeikaRO's Change of Direction Posted on 01/04/16
    I'm proud to announce that after much pondering, I have decided to place the server onto a new path for everyone's benefit. Here's a simplified list of the expected changes, effective very soon: Suri will become the..
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January 11th | Patch v5.5 | Christmas' End Posted on 12/01/16
[ General ] Christmas Event is over and all Cash Shop specific seasonal headgears have been removed Added Infinite Space instance! The equipment has been expanded and customized (missing weapon types, higher ATK/MATK) and a couple..
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