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LeikaRO is an International, community-oriented server dedicated to bringing you the best Renewal experience possible.

Our goal is to deal with all the issues that plagued Renewal servers for years, such as bugs and exploits, non-working skills, bad balancing, dead economy, stale content and decreasingly lower difficulty.

All of it is done while improving upon the original game and implementing new content and features in more comprehensible ways.

Looking for a unique experience? Join us!

[Event Support] 2018 Gaming Marathon! Posted on 13/03/18
Les Doigts Souples is doing it again! 2018 Gaming Marathon ... and Leika-RO is launching #FreeWills campaign   What is this about? Extra Life is a non-profit organization whose purpose is collecting donations to aid sick c..
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February 12th | Minipatch v11.6 | Valentine's.. Posted on 12/02/18
[ General ] Valentine's Day Event is now active, lasting for a for a week, until February 19th EXP rates are set to x20 during this period Chocora is back and we will host in-game events depending on availability, the headgears be..
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[2017] Thanksgiving Event! Posted on 23/11/17
  Stuff yourself with turkey this holiday! Hello lovelies! Thanksgiving Event is here again and, just like the last year, this event combines both GM hosted in-game events and our Thank You Event, but this time we also imple..
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September 23 | Patch v11.0 - Rapture Edition Posted on 23/09/17
          [ General ] Memories of Sarah, a new instance for beginning Third Jobs was added. It's been revamped and expanded with custom loot, content and mechanics, the cards were also improved! Moscovia ..
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May 17 | Megapatch v10.5 Posted on 17/05/17
[ General ] This update's highlight is the revamp to Elemental Spirits System! Large amount of mechanics and values were improved in order to make the spirits nice to use instead of clunky, and all types and their effects to be go..
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