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#5095 LeikaRO's Direction & Intent

Posted by Byte on 06 February 2015 - 06:27 AM

Dear LeikaRO players,


As some of you may know, we've recently been making fairly controversial changes to RO's base gameplay which a few of you might not feel comfortable with or simply alienated by. This was never our intention. Our true intention going in with LeikaRO was to add new content left out by rAthena and Hercules, fix long-standing bugs to separate ourselves from the tens of other shitty vanilla Renewal servers out there, and make net gain balance changes without directly changing class' power. We've hated the way RO pservers have been developed for as long as we've played them and got our best chance here on LeikaRO. We became overzealous during this endeavor, straying from our original direction. Terpsichore and I would like to issue a formal apology to those who have been so negatively affected by the style of LeikaRO's previous development, and to inform you this will be changing.



From now on, major content updates and changes will for the most part be discussed with the community before they are implemented onto the live game server. With this will come a secondary Test Server where we can freely make changes at any time. Everyone will have full access to the entirety of the game on this specific Test Server for the purposes of testing. This won't impact regular weekly or bi-weekly maintenances. However, it does mean less custom changes (if any) will be made during them. Maintenances will instead contain more and more bugfixes with minor content additions and various changes that have next to no direct gameplay impact - barring obvious power changes from bug fixes.



Our mission from here on going forward with LeikaRO is to let the community have their input rather than deciding major things on a whim.


The Announcements and Patch Notes subforums will now be open for public commenting. This means you will be able to give your direct and immediate feedback on whatever you feel in an Announcement or Patch Notes thread for up to 6 weeks after the initial post date. Certain threads may be subject to different rules regarding this.



tl;dr we'll be more involved with you all from here on out and won't be making any big changes without majority votes.

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#2413 Open Beta Ending

Posted by Rikter on 01 December 2014 - 02:09 PM

Open Beta phase has been completed.

Thank you very much for your help on reporting bugs and supporting the server with your ideas and suggestions.

During the next few days, we'll be completing some updates, fixed and will prepare the server for its opening as LeikaRO.
You may see the server online as we'll be logging in to perform a few tests, but only Game Masters will be able to access it.


When the server will starts, your account will still be there, but you'll have to remake your characters, items etc.
You will also be able to collect your rewards if you reached level 140 during the Beta phase, as well as Halloween items. The Beta Register NPC will be replaced with another NPC to do that.

All of your cash items will be deleted, and donation points will be entirely refunded. Your vote points will be deleted as well, but you'll get a boost of free cash points in return.

See you soon~

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#2265 November 23rd, 2014 | Maintenance | Achievement System

Posted by Rikter on 24 November 2014 - 11:24 AM

This maintenance is quite large, which means a large patch size. A lot of things have been adjusted, but there's still more to come.


Introducing Achievement System

System is explained in > This Topic <
The proposed cut-in shown when completing an achievement has been replaced with some visual effects that are more discrete and less intrusive
Right now there are 32 Exploration Achievements active, one for each city
By completing those, you'll get some Achievement Points that will be used when the entire system is completed
Tomorrow evening the server will reboot to add Monster Achievements. Right now we're still balancing their rewards


Clientside Update
Halloween event has ended, and with that Prontera is back to its normal state.
You'll also notice that there are two big patches within the patcher. These bring us new items and monsters that will be introduced within the upcoming patches.
More official maps are coming, too.


  • Introduced Glast Heim Nightmare Mode (Old Glast Heim) and Clock Tower Nightmare Mode
  • Rates have been reverted to 15/15/10
  • DIsabled Auction House due to major bugs
  • Mission Board has been changed to a more stable version:
    - Quests are daily (every 24h)
    - Party kills are supported, party members must be on the same mission and within 25x25 area of the killed mob
    - For testing purposes, only the Prontera board is currently active



  • Fixed a bug in ASPD formula that caused items to sometimes incorrectly give the wrong ASPD bonus
  • Added visual effects for Rune Knight Rune creation and Alchemist brewing
  • Fixed Ammo Cartridge Packs to open without confirmation
  • Fixed Super Novice and its branch to allow support for Novice Guardian on Extended Supernovice
  • Fixed Super Novice Soul Link effect
  • Fixed Super Novice ASPD formulas for various weapons
  • Fixed a bug in some PBAoE damaging skills that was preventing the animation from being shown (Issue ID #000010)
  • Added Skills for Eclage Items and Kvasir Rings (ECL_SNOWFLIP, ECL_PEONYMAMY, ECL_SADAGUI and ECL_SEQUOIADUST)
  • Fixed Combo Attack delay and walk delay formulas
  • Fixed "Autocast on magical damage received" to correctly use the proper chance
  • Added more Mob modes for future mobs update
  • Added more Skill types for better definition of some skill scopes
  • Updated list of some specific ground units removed by certain skills (Crazy Weed and Fire Rain)



    - Using the skills will now be 100% successful (can't be resisted)
    - Fixed those skills not working for players (e.g. Ulfhedinn, Mithril Magic Cape, Platinum Shield)
    - Fixed Lv 5 and 10 not working at all
    - NPC_STONESKIN and NPC_ANTIMAGIC will no longer change DEF/MDEF, instead they will increase/reduce physical/magical damage by a percentage, this IS official behavior
  • Fixed PR_IMPOSITIO (Impositio Manus) to give the correct amount of Weapon Attack (Issue ID #000020)
  • Fixed AL_ANGELUS (Angelus) to give the correct amount of VIT DEF (Issue ID #000021)
  • Fixed LG_KINGS_GRACE (King's Grace) cooldown
  • Fixed RK_FIGHTINGSPIRIT (Asir Rune - Fighting Spirit) ASPD bonus (Issue ID #000015)
  • Fixed RK_DEATHBOUND (Death Bound) to correctly show reflected damage
  • Fixed GN_CARTBOOST (Genetic Cart Boost) to correctly remove Decrease AGI status
  • Fixed GN_FIRE_EXPANSION (Fire Expansion) (Issue ID #000002)
  • Fixed GN_CRAZY_WEED (Crazy Weed) to affect (remove) songs (Issue ID #000011)
  • Fixed HT_POWER (Beast Strafing)
  • Fixed WL_COMET (Comet) so that it no longer hits players in Hide status, and fixed the Burning effect
  • Fixed WL_CHAINLIGHTNING (Chain Lightning) cooldown and damage formula (Issue ID #000001)
  • Fixed SC_TRINAGLESHOT (Triangle Shot) pushback direction
  • Fixed HW_NAPALMVULCAN (Napalm Vulcan) damage formula
  • Fixed HAMI_DEFENCE (Amistr Bulwark) (Issue ID #000014)
  • Fixed MH_VOLCANIC_ASH (Volcanic Ash) effect that was not giving 50% to prevent skill casting to affected enemies
  • Fixed SR_RAISINGDRAGON (Rising Dragon) that was not bypassing SP Recovery statuses (Issue #000009)
  • Fixed RL_FIRE_RAIN (Fire Rain) that was preventing to hit target in certain cases
  • Fixed RL_HEAT_BARREL (Heat Barrel) (Issue ID #000007)
    - Fixed the damage bonus (need to be confirmed if it should be a damage bonus or an ATK increase)
    - Fixed the HIT penalty
    - Fixed the ASPD bonus
    - Casting Heat Barrel while it's already active will no longer refresh the duration
    - Casting Heat Barrel while Platinum Alter or Madness Canceller are active will end those statuses instead of failing
  • Fixed RL_C_MARKER (Crimson Marker) to correctly decrease the affected target's Movement Speed by 10%



  • Fixed KO_MAKIBISHI (Makibishi)
    - Added Makibishi item to Ninpou dealer at Item Mall
  • Fixed KO_BAKURETSU (Bakuretsu Kunai):
    - Fixed the AoE cell range
    - Fixed damage formula
    - Fixed ground-type placement for damage behavior
    - Fixed it to be castable on Land Protector
  • Fixed KO_HUUMARANKA (Huuma Shuriken Ranka):
    - Fixed ground-type placement for damage behavior.
    - Fixed its damage formula and number of hits.
  • Fixed KO_KAHU_ENTEN (Kahu Enten).
  • Fixed KO_HYOUHU_HUBUKI (Hyouhu Hubuki).
  • Fixed KO_KAZEHU_SEIRAN (Kazehu Seiran).
  • Fixed KO_DOHU_KOUKAI (Dohu Koukai).
  • Updated code for OB_OBOROGENSOU (Oboro Gensou):
    - HP/SP heal/damage amounts and success rate are custom for the above reason
    - It is now correctly usable only on party members


Sorcerer Update

  • Fixed SO_POISON_BUSTER (Poison Buster) to deal damage in a 3x3 AoE
  • Fixed SO_EARTHGRAVE (Earth Grave) SP Consumption
  • Fixed SO_VAVUUM_EXTREME (Vacuum Extreme) SP Consumption
  • Fixed SO_WARMER (Warmer) to heal the correct amount
  • Fixed SO_FIREWALK (Fire Walk) and SO_ELECTRICWALK (Electric Walk) duration
  • Fixed SO_STRIKING (Striking) ATK bonus and SP drain
  • Fixed SO_EL_ACTION (Elemental Action) cooldown
  • Fixed SO_EL_CONTROL (Elemental Control) cast time
  • Fixed SO_INSIGNIA_FIRE (Fire Insignia)
  • Fixed SO_INSIGNIA_WATER (Water Insignia)
  • Fixed SO_INSIGNIA_WIND (Wind Insignia)
  • Fixed SO_INSIGNIA_EARTH (Earth Insignia)
  • Fixed stats for Elemental Spirits resulting in increased MATK and FLEE
  • Fixed Elemental Spirits Mode introducing Idle mode
  • Fixed SO_EL_CONTROL (Spirit Control) including Idle mode
  • Fixed natural HP/SP Regeneration for Elemental Spirits to work every 3 sec in Idle Mode
  • Fixed changing back to Idle Mode when SP reaches 0 or after a certain time when in Passive or Defensive Mode
  • Fixed Elemental spirits Defensive Mode duration time to be 1 minute
  • Updated skill requirements for all Elemental Epirits skills. [Still need official values]
  • Updated Skillratio values for all Elemental Spirits skills, as well as made them magical typ.


Elemental Spirits Update

Elemental Spirit Agni (Fire):

  • Fixed EL_PYROTECHNIC. (Passive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_CIRCLE_OF_FIRE. (Defensive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_HEATER. (Passive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_FIRE_CLOACK. (Defensive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_FIRE_BOMB. (Offensive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_TROPIC. (Passive mode Lv3)
  • Fixed EL_FIRE_WAVE. (Offensive mode Lv3)


Elemental Spirit Aqua (Water):

  • Fixed EL_AQUAPLAY. (Passive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_WATER_SCREEN. (Defensive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_COOLER. (Passive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_AQUADROP. (Defensive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_WATER_SCREW. (Offensive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_CHILLY_AIR. (Passive mode Lv3)
  • Fixed EL_WATER_SCREEN. (Defensive mode Lv3)
  • Fixed EL_TIDAL_WEAPON. (Offensive mode Lv3)


Elemental Spirit Ventus (Wind):

  • Fixed EL_GUST. (Passive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_WIND_STEP. (Defensive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_WIND_SLASH. (Offensive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_BLAST. (Passive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_WIND_CURTAIN. (Defensive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_HURRICANE_RAGE. (Offensive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_WILD_STORM. (Passive mode Lv3)


Elemental Spirit Tera (Earth):

  • Fixed EL_PETROLOGY. (Passive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_SOLID_SKIN. (Defensive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_STONE_HAMMER. (Offensive mode Lv1)
  • Fixed EL_CURSED_SOIL. (Passive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_STONE_SHIELD. (Defensive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_ROCK_CRUSHER. (Offensive mode Lv2)
  • Fixed EL_UPHEAVAL. (Passive mode Lv3)
  • Fixed EL_POWER_OF_GAIA. (Defensive mode Lv3)
  • Fixed EL_STONE_RAIN. (Offensive mode Lv3)

Upcoming Changes:
There will be a server reboot tomorrow (in around 24 hours from now) to introduce Monster Hunting Achievements.
Within the next week, an NPC will be added in Prontera to register your current progress in Beta phase. It will record players with Base Level 140+, as well as registering Halloween Event equipment. More information will be given when it will be released.
Kawaii NPC and Cash Shop will be entirely revamped.
Next weekend's maintenance should bring us out of Beta phase

Edit 24th November 2014:

Server has been restarted to fix a nasty bug that got accidentally introduced with this maintenance. Everything should be good to go now. This evening a new restart will bring in more achievements and more content.

Thanks for your support!

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#4594 Prontera Princess, Headgear Connoisseur & Cash Shop Headgear List

Posted by Siobhan on 27 January 2015 - 09:56 PM

Hi everyone! I made a list of all the available hats from Prontera Princess, the Headgear Connoisseur and the Cash Shop.
Updated on September 27, 2016

NOTE : Hats with this icon >> 1z4zrdj.png << is animated. Some hats are animated when your character is in "fighting" stance or when moving but static if you're standing/sitting.

Prontera Princess now offers Hair Extensions! (classified as lower headgear)



Prontera Princess trades cute hats in exchange for Kawaii Coins. She can be found in the Item Mall.

A-G: http://imgur.com/a/bkQpO
H-N: http://imgur.com/a/e1sbv
O-U: http://imgur.com/a/Au8pn
V-Z: http://imgur.com/a/pAXoi
Middle Headgear: http://imgur.com/a/g3nEJ
Lower Headgear: http://imgur.com/a/AZpPQ
Hair Extensions: http://imgur.com/a/uyfgl



The Headgear Connoisseur trades awesome hats in exchange for materials, the materials required differs depending on the hat. Also, you need enough Zeny to view the materials required. He can be found in the Item Mall.

Upper Headgear: http://imgur.com/a/E77No
Middle Headgear: http://imgur.com/a/YpOoH
Lower Headgear: http://imgur.com/a/I20BF
Recolored Headgear: http://imgur.com/a/nses7



The Cash Shop has a wide variety of cool hats and other items that can be essential for you. You can obtain these items by donating and voting. Don't forget to vote (or donate) daily! The cash shop can be found in the top right of your screen near the mini-map.

New: http://imgur.com/a/Htzwx
Headgear: http://imgur.com/a/SgQk3
Limited: http://imgur.com/a/Is7uf

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#6806 Server's Current Status and Future

Posted by Byte on 20 March 2015 - 03:59 PM



Some of you may have realized we've recently gone from a nice approximate 120-150 average pop and 160+ during WoE to a much lower number practically overnight. This is unfortunately due to 3 large guilds leaving all at the same time. While we've done our best to immediately address their feedback and complaints, it seems they've decided to take their presence elsewhere. While that seems depressing, we're looking onward. MvPs have had their power severely reduced. Our custom changes such as the global Kaupe addition have been nearly completely reverted save for the new updated HP, EXP, and loots. Player classes will now start to receive more quality of life changes rather than balance tweaks (see: nerfs). The intention we had behind these changes was never to annoy people or make MvPing and killing stuff with small groups unfun. We realize this now, and we're owning up to it. Again.


This will not be another Velvet or another Cookie. This is and will be far, far better. We have no plans to abandon Leika and will continue to actively develop and implement new content regardless of population. Yes, we do have plans to attract more players again. Will that be much harder now than before? You bet. Are we giving up on that? Nope. We're learning from our own mistakes and moving forward with the best Renewal server the world's ever seen. We will shortly be taking our advertising much more seriously, including a front page ad on RateMyServer's main page.

Ask yourself this one question: "What do rival servers currently have over LeikaRO?"
Think you have an answer to it? Give it to us in the Feedback & Suggestions forum.




_Upcoming Additions, Changes, and Content_




- Underwater City -

Complete revamp of deep inside Byalan Dungeon coming from jRO, including a new questline, new monsters, and new items.

| Status: 100% Complete |



- Guild Packages -

Both new and returning guilds will soon be able to claim 2 different types of guild packages, giving them a small kickstart, or a small boost to catch up again.

| Status: 50% Complete |



- PvP Revamp -

Including killing sprees, map-wide announcements, ladder system, rankings, and a rewards shop.

| Status: 25% Complete |



- More Automated Events -

7 more automated events, with a rewards shop instead of simply receiving Kawaii Coins. Yes, Kawaii Coins will also remain as a prize.

| Status: In Progress |



- Referral System -

Tell all your friends about Leika and get rewarded for doing so.

| Status: 100% Complete |



- More Ways to Level Up -

Leika is a low-rate, but we do believe in having the option to level up in more ways than the simple "kill monster for quest acquire EXP." New turn-in quests and even more methods are coming extremely soon.

| Status: 99% Complete |



- Quality of Life Class/Skill Changes -

Some of you have been recommending changes to make to "obsolete" skills. We've been taking these into consideration and will be implementing some of them.

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#5440 [Forum Event] Valentine's Day Screenshot Event

Posted by Sky on 11 February 2015 - 11:01 PM

To the best parents I could ask for  /awsm 


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#5900 Zeta Ghost's New Player Guide

Posted by ZetaGhost on 20 February 2015 - 12:04 AM

Leika Ragnarok Online




This is a guide created by myself for all those who are new to this wonderful game. Just to add some kind of credit to this guide, here is a bit about myself. I am a Warlock player named Zeta Ghost within this server, and I've played consistently since 2004. Hopefully this guide will help you on your way to the world of Ragnarok Online.







The Basics

(This is assuming you know nothing of this game)



Ragnarok Online (abbreviated to RO) will start you off with your choice of hair style and name. Names can't contain symbols, the only real customisation within this game is cloth colour, hair style, hair colour and headgear changes. Everything else stays standard to whatever class you are playing, this helps players instantly recognize what class they are fighting. The Stylist NPC in Prontera will change your clothing colour, hair colour and hair style for free.


You start off in the novice training ground, where the NPC's give a basic outline of how to use the interface, completeing these missions will take you to level 21. Due to this server being private, the rates are slightly increased to 15/15/10, this means the "Base" experience is 15x regular rates, "Job" experience is 15x regular rates and the "Item Drop" rates are 10x the regular rates on official servers, to make this game slightly less grind heavy than the usual.

The main hub locations, you'll find on this server and 99% of other servers is the Rune Midgard city of Prontera. You'll find many more people and events going on there, than anywhere else. Vendors can be found in the market place, just speak to the Slph Catographer.


Gender - Within this game you can get married to opposite genders, granting a few new skills. Like being able to summon your partner next to you. Wanderer and Minstrel, Kagerou and Oboro are Gender locked characters. If you wish to be a Wanderer or Oboro you must be female, and the opposite for Kagerou and Minstrel. (Gender is locked once the character is created, and can be switched later in the game unless playing a class which has gender locked skills, such as Kagerou/Oboro)


(Anything that starts with a "/" is a client command meaning these are official commands, anything starting with a "@" is a server command, meaning the admins have made these commands accessible to the user)

/nc - Turns Auto attack on and off

/ns - Turns the ability to use all skills (even supportive skills) on monsters, and also allows you to target other players.

/nc and /ns - off & shift + right click - activates auto follow.

/showname - will change the appearance of your name

/where - will tell you your co-ordinates on the X and Y axis. (200, 399) means 200 across, 399 up.

(If the map axis is 00,00 that means the starting point is at the bottom left of the map. Think of the map like a graph.)


@autoloot [insert percentage] allows you to pick up any items that drop at that rate.

Example: @autoloot 100 means 100% of everything that a monster drops will automatically go into your inventory | @autoloot 1 means 1% only items that have a 1% chance of dropping will be picked up.

@mi [monster name] will allows you to view a monsters status and drops, for example @mi Poring


Check the features available on the website, some of the more common features like @go and @warp isn't available on this server.




This game revolves around point and click mechanics, from auto attacking to casting skills. Unless an AoE spell like "Jack Frost", all skills must be targeted.

Active skills must be selected to use, passive skills are in a constant state of activity.


In game currency is Zeny.


Weight Limit - at 49% or under, you can use all skills and attack normally, your hp and sp will recover normally. At 50-89% you HP and SP will not recover, you must use items. at 90% or above, all you can do is move, use items and talk to NPCs, all skills and auto-attacks are disabled. (Whilst sitting and below the 49% weight limit, your hp and sp recovery is doubled)


In death you lose 1% of experience in both Base and Job exp.

This is disabled in towns, battlegrounds, PvP and WoE (and certain event maps).




PvP - Player vs Player. MvP - Boss Monster(Most Valuable Player). WoE - War of Emperium. BG - Battle Grounds. PvE - Player vs Normal monsters (Player vs Environment).





The Interface

(Your Tools)



Here I will give you a screen shot of the majority of controls you will be using, and certainly no more at the basic level.






Ok let's start from the top! On the top left hand side, your name is displayed followed by your class. I am Zeta Ghost, a Warlock.

The HP and SP is displayed and the percentage of health. underneath shows my level and the percentage through that level i am, 167 in this image, max level being 175/60. You can scroll over the blue bar to see how far to the next level you are to the first decimal place e.g. 50.5% exp, so 49.5% to go. Your Job level is placed below your base level.

Under all this is the your maximum weight limit and how much of that weight limit you are using. If you reach 50% or 90%, where the buffs are shown (ill get to that in a moment) a graphic is displayed, clearly telling you that you are over the weight limit. The chat bar will also tell you this. Finally, the total amount of zeny on this character is shown.

Under all this is an easy access variety of selections to bring up a multiple screens, like your inventory and guild log. I recommend you get used to the hot keys however as it is simply faster. To minimize and maximize this whole section, please hold down Alt + V. All information is then hidden bar your name, HP, SP, Base level, Job level and EXP.


Next below all this, is the Equipment, costume and Status section. To access it please hold down Alt + Q. From the top left, is your headgear, below is the lower headgear, below is the Weapon, below is the garment, below is the first accessory slot. On the top right, is the middle headgear, the armour, the Shield, two-handed weapon second slot (it takes up both slots) or for select classes, another weapon slot. Below is the Shoes and below that is the final Accessory slot.

Now as you may have noticed, two things, one the only customization visible is my head, this is because within Ragnarok online, only the headgear can be changed. This is called a costume, it will disguise your actual headgear and display one of your choice instead. You must make them in game for 500k each on this server.

Below all of this are the status, now under status points you can see how many i may use, you get given some per level. After 9 or so points are put into a stat, the requirement is increased. The requirements are shown next to the arrows E.G. STR |1 +1 |>| 2 | The 1 shows my current stat, +1 shows bonuses from buffs and equipment and the 2 shows how many status points it consume to increase it by 1.

The "Show Equip" tab when ticked will allow others to see your equipment.


Moving on, under this shows the chat bar, press enter to reveal it, and enter again to hide it, to click the Red X in the top right hand corner of the chat area to reveal it (its tiny and easy to miss). You can open new tabs by pressing the "+" and close them with the "-", You can also name them by clicking on the "NewTab" and renaming them like you would a folder on your desktop. You will see a lock at the end, doing this means nothing about your chat will change. The circle opens up the chat options, allowing you to show and hide certain information such as guild chat and battle information.

1. Your General public chat shows in Green.

2. Others General public chat shows in White.

3. Private messages show in Yellow.

4. Party messages are Orange.

5. Guild messages are bright Green.

6. #main messages are Cream.

7. Announcements show in Red.

8. Admin and GMs announce in Yellow and at the top of the screen.

In the chat there are 2 bars, the first bar is to select an address to where your message should be sent, whether a specific person or something more general like main chat.

To PM someone it would be like |Someone Else| |Hi |.

To talk in main chat |#main| |Hello Everyone |

To join a channel |#main| |@join #main |


At the top left you will see many empty boxes and boxes with pictures. These are Hot keys. Press F12 to access the hot keys. You will need to edit them yourself but it couldn't be simpler. Just press "esc" and click short cuts, then simply assign the keys you would like. Some laptops use F12 for things like the internet, so you will need to use the function button, known as "fn" on you keyboard + F12 to access it. Simply put, press the key will activate the assigned skill. Its much quicker than normal use. Just select the skill you already have (U must have the skill), then drag it to the slot you want. You can also assign consumables and equipment to the hotkeys but no Miscs (non-usable items).


Below the hotkeys are the emotions, simply for fun you can have you character display these by clicking on them, and pressing enter into the chat bar. They all have assigned shortcuts, the Happy is "/ heh" is /heh, Ok is "/ ok"  /ok and thumbs up is "/ no1"  /no1, just type them in and its displayed. /sit to sit down, "/ omg" is  /omg , /doridori and /bingbing are fun ones too. Alt + L brings this up.


In the bottom middle, the guild I'm in is shown. I am apart of the Reviled guild. The guild level is displayed and all of our allies & antagonists. The castles we own, the guild master/leader, average guild member level and how many are online is also shown. The other tabs show individual members, the guild "skills", the announcements and who has been kicked and why, those who leave on their own don't display a reason. Alt + G brings it up.


OK back to the top, by pressing Alt + M another short cut screen is displayed. This shows anything from Alt + 1 to Alt + 0 on the keyboard. Just assign any keyboard inputs you want displayed like a word or a command and this short cut will do it. You can change the key bindings by pressing "Esc" and going to the short cut settings.


Next to it, press Alt + U to bring up the quest log. This will show information on each quest, the cool down timers, NPC's, Items, and monsters required for both active (quests you are doing) and passive (quests you may have put aside) quests. By right clicking a quest it will place it into the inactive section of the interface. You can show the quests by clicking on them, and it will tell you the quest information.


Next to the right, is the Inventory, accessed by Alt + E. The first tab is consumables like white and blue potions. The second is equipment and third are non-usable items. The forth tab is the private or "favourite" tab, best to use this for special items which cant be dropped/stored, or putting your favourite gear in there. Anything can be stored here. The Drop lock stops you from accidentally dropping items when using them. Click and drag out of the box with the equipment tab closed to drop an item.


To the right again is the map. When talking to guides in various cities notable points on the map are highlighted. The map can be made transparent or zoomed in and out. Ctrl + ' and then Tab brings up a much larger map of the world, where the locations and various monsters can be found. A feature called navigation can be used to create a trail to allow you to locate various maps or NPC's. This can be found by pressing Ctrl + v and clicking "Navigation".




Below this is the chat window options, it shows what's being displayed (ON) and what isn't (off). You may display Exp or Item's dropped if you like using this window. Press the little. I can be accessed by clicking the circle button at the top right of the chat box.


Next to it (on the right) you will see a strange green box, in a vertical line from this, all buffs/debuffs and over limit signs are shown. This green box is my Warlocks "Energy Coat" ability, scrolling over it will show by the second how long it has left before it ends.


Under this is the skill tree, sorted into first, second, third and Misc tree. All straight forward, first is first class skills, second is second class and transcendent, third is third class. Misc includes skills learnt through equipping an item. Passive skills cannot be clicked on or moved to the hotkey bar as they are always on. Alt + S to access.


On the far left is the "Party" menu and friendslist, Alt + Z to access. This shows all of the members within a party and their HP while they are within view range. You can use supportive skills directly to a member of the party by using the skill on their name if they are within its parameters. 12 people can be within one party on this server. You must be within 30 levels of each other to share exp from the kills, but no limit to share item drops. After 3 people are in a party, the exp split from monsters is increased as to gain advantage from partying instead of a disadvantage. The other tab is the friends list. The limit is 40 people, and it only displays if they are on or offline. Here there is a tab called friend setup, untick the boxes if you want your pm's to go directly into your chat box and not an exterior box.


Finally - (the bits i missed) Scrolling over my name shows my "Name" "Party Name" under shows "Guild" "Title within guild". Right clicking equipment will show any enchantments with multicolored orbs or crystals and will show you if it has a slot or a card equipped to that slot. Right clicking them will show you the effect of the equipped card and clicking "show" will show you a picture associated to the card of the monster in-case you don't know the name of said monster.


By pressing "Esc" you can change the key bindings, sounds, skins, video settings, and exiting the game.









(http://irowiki.org/wiki/Stats for reference)



There are 6 status in the game the user can affect with "Status points" directly after levelling their "Base level". These status are:


1. Strength (STR)

2. Agility (AGI)

3. Vitality (VIT)

4. Intelligence (INT)

5. Dexterity (DEX)

6. Luck (LUK)


(Minimum on a status is 1, max is 99 at under Third class and 130 at Third class)



Each point put into Strength will add 1 status Attack (ATK), and can only be increased by status points and food. +0.5% Weapon (Neutral element) Attack (WATK) unless using Bows, Guns, Instruments and Whips, which then requires 5 points of STR for +1 status ATK.

1 point of into STR provides +30 weight limit. (Maximum weight limit is 8000)


2. AGI


Each point into Agility will increase your flee rate by 1 and attack speed by a very small percentage.

Soft DEF +1 for every 5 AGI status points.

AGI does not directly reduce after-cast delay, however it does improve ASPD, which does directly reduce after-cast for many skills. In other words putting multiple stats into AGI will indirectly affect your after cast delay.


3. VIT


Each point of Vitality will increase Max HP by 1% and healing items such as potions will increase in effectiveness by 2%.

stun chance, poison chance, deadly poison chance and all 3 status effects are reduced in duration. At the moment it's about 0.75% per stat point, capping at 90% (at 120), and status afflictions last a minimum of 10% of their original duration time if reduced. This is how most resistances work now.


Burning, Freezing and Mode Cold are decreased in duration by 0.1 seconds per status point.


For +2 points -

Soft Defense is +1


For +5 points is Soft MDEF +1 and HP Recovery rate + 1.


Every 200 of max hp provides 1 more HP regenerated during natural HP recovery (sitting or standing waiting for HP to restore.)


4. INT


Each point of INT will increase:


MATK +1.5 (Magical Attack)

Max SP +1%

SP healing items by +1%

Decrease cast time (however its half the effectiveness of DEX)

Alchemist potion creation is increased by 0.05%

resistance to Blind is 0.75% Sleep 0.75% and Chaos 0.75% (Caps at 120 at 90%)


With every 2 INT granting Soft MDEF +1

With every 6 points of INT providing SP recovery +1


5. DEX

This status affects Bows Guns, Instruments and Whips with +1 status ATK and +0.5% (Neutral) Weapon ATK per status. Anything else requires 5 points.


Hit Rate +1, Increases Attack Speed marginally, Decreases Cast Time significantly.

Thieves Steal success rate increases by 0.01%

Rouges Divest and Strip increases by 0.2%

Blacksmith forging and alchemist brewing increases by 0.1%

And cooking is increased by 0.2%.


6. LUK


Every point of LUK adds:


0.3% Critical strike rate

0.1% Blacksmiths Forging, cooking success rate and Alchemist Brewing (creating potions)

Blind, Frozen, Silence, Poison, Curse, Sleep, Stone Curse and Stun are all slightly decreased


3 points adds +1 ATK, MATK, Hit rate.

Auto Blitz increases by 1% as well as Warg Strike.

5 points for +1 flee and + 1% critical hit shield.

Every 10 adds +1 perfect dodge.


As you level up for class will naturally gain points in certain areas and Job levels also provide bonus status in certain areas.


Ok that was a lot of writing, I highlighted what you will be mostly looking at as for beginners. But some terms you won't understand are thrown around.


In basic terms:


Attack - physical attack

Weapon Attack - It will be displayed as " 220 +  350" . The first part is Status Attack, The second value is actually a sum of your weapon ATK and equipment ATK. Whilst they are shown added together for a final result, they are still calculated independent from each-other.


Magical Attack - Same for Weapon and physical atk, it works exactly the same but with Magic multipliers instead... 200 + 300 as an example. This is calculated the same as Attack.


Defence - Defence is made up of Soft Defence and Hard Defence. Example 20 +5. In this example Soft defence is 20 and Hard or "Equipment" Defence is 5. Hard Defence reduces the incoming physical attack by a percentage. Hard defence is affected by your gear and certain buffs. Hard defence has diminishing returns at higher levels (the more you stack, the less you get). Soft defence is affected by your level, status points and buffs. An example of this is a player with 275 Hard Def would reduce incoming physical damage by 1/3rd. 500 damage with 275 hard def and 100 soft def (275 + 100), would first be reduced by 100, and then cut by 1/3rd, giving us, (500 - 100) = 400. (400 / 3) = 133.3 400 - 133.3 = 266.7 Total damage.



Magical Defence - ^ Generally works the same, the first number being soft magical defence, the second being hard magical defence. The hard magical defence works slightly differently, however you will never actually reach something as high as 275  hard magical DEF. Each point of hard magical applies 0.75% resistance to frozen and stone curse.


Hit - Basically how likely you are to hit something. To calculate the chance of hitting in PvP, 80 + Hit - Flee, example: Your hit 300, your opponents flee 340. 80 + 300 = 380 - 340 = 40. 40% chance of hitting. If the opponent is a Monster its +100 instead of +80 and a 95% chance of hitting is calculated by the monster, Ratemyserver has all the Flees for this next to the individual monsters.


Critical Strikes - Increases damage by 40%, success rate doubled with Katar weapons. It ignores Flee rate and contrary to popular belief, it doesn't ignore DEF. Perfect Dodge can dodge Critical strikes. Crit works off a percentage basis, 50 Crit = 50% chance per auto attack of a critical strike. Some skills have the ability to crit, but most do not. Magic cannot Crit. 3 Luk status point = 1 Crit.


Perfect Dodge - Absolute dodge of auto attacks, that works off Percentage again, 100 PD means 100% dodge, however you will be hit by spells and skills.


ASPD - Attack Speed, 193 being maximum on this server and officials. Completely dependant on weapon class (and will drastically increase without a weapon), skills, stats, buffs. 193 is max before third class. 190 is maximum before 3rd class. ASPD will also reduce many skills after cast delay.





Job Classes




In Ragnarok online there are a world of classes to pick from, but how to choose? Well first you need to know what they are. In Ragnarok Levels are set out in [Base level]/[Job Level] e.g. 99/70. A job aka Class is something you gain after acquiring all of your Basic Skill points (Job level 10). As each base level allows status to be gained, Job levels allow skills to be acquired. The Job Changer on this server will automatically change your class in Prontera once you meet the specific criteria.

The attributes of a class is determined by their Damage, Tankness, the Supportive and the Debuffing abilities. But most classes have an amalgamation of many of these attributes, but excel in something more specific.



Class Details


A novice turns into a first class after 9 job points have been put into the "Basic Skill" skill.

At 40 to 50 Job level, any first class can change to Second job. At 99/50 a 2nd can either go 3rd job or transcend, meaning in exchange for 25% more HP and Sp, and a bonus 100 status points, then the player must start from level 1 and work themselves back to level 99/70. They gain bonus skills and skill points this way also. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend all "mains" (the class you play the most) transcend,as-well change class at the maximum job level.



For First Class you need 10 Job, 9 skill points into Basic Skill.

First Classes:

1. Swordsman - Great for tanking and high damage types with medium mobility. Makes a good damage soak. Turns into Knight or Crusader.

2. Archer - Long range high attack speed and DPS type with low HP. Very good for farming items. Turns into Hunter, if Male - Bard, if female - Dancer.

3. Magician - Powerful in Magical attacks and AoE nuking with many CC (Crowd control( using status affects to immobilise the opponent))) skills. Good for Nuking and High CC with low mobility and HP. Turns into Wizard or Sage.

4. Merchant - Powerful but expensive classes, with a range of both supportive and offensive skills. With the ability to sell items at a steeper cost for a lot of Zeny. Medium to High Damage potential with an average amount of HP. Turns into Alchemist or Blacksmith.

5. Thief - High DPS or Debuff types. Tend to be solo players requiring very little help from other classes till later levels. High mobility, medium to high HP and High single target Damage potential, or High CC with Low damage potential. Turns into Assassin or Rouge.

6. Acoltye - The healing class, turning into super high damage potential or complete support types (with many hybrids devised online). High Damage potential, High mobility, medium to high CC, low HP and sustain. Turns into Priest or Monk.


Extended Classes + Super Novice


1. Super Novice - Unlike all other classes, this class requires you to change at level 45/10 (base 45, job 10). The class can use specific first class skills from multiple first classes. Max level is 99/99. After 99/99 you can change to expanded super novice. This character can learn specific skills of second classes and it's max level is extended to 160/50. There are a few secrets about this class for you to discover.


2. Taekwondo Girl or Boy - Classes based off bare handed attacks. Not recommended to main until a new expansion class is available. Turns into Soul Linker or Taekwondo Master (otherwise known as Star Gladiator.) You can stay as the first class and use Taekwon mission to get a certain monster you have to kill 100 times. (Cant get mvp) IF you manage to do that, you get 1 fame point. (Similar to Blacksmith ranking) With "/taekwon" you can check your ranking.


  • If this skill is used while the player's Target Percent is at 0% (no monster killed yet), they have a 1% chance to receive a new random target.

  • The ten players on each server with the most amount of Fame points become TaeKwon Rankers (no effect if the player is already a TaeKwon Master or Soul Linker). TaeKwon Rankers can perform an infinite combo of all kicks - Tornado KickHeel DropRoundhouseCounter Kick - but they must prepare the stance of at least one of said kicks and spam the hotkeys when it triggers. Also, the kicks must be alternated; performing the same kick twice in a row ends the spam. The exception to this is Flying Kick, which cannot be used to continue a kick combo (but can be used infinitely without stance activation, as usual).

  • Level 90+ TaeKwon Ranker players receive tripled Maximum HP and SP, and are able to use all of the TaeKwon skills.

  • If your target is Goblin, any monster called "Goblin" will count toward the mission (All 5 "Goblin"s will count, but not Goblin Steamrider).

  • You can get a mini boss for target (ingame skill description says you can't).

Soul Linkers - Is a pure support class, gives you access to various buffs to each class in the game, and some more general buffs such as Kaahi. It can also deal moderate damage on it's own.


Star Gladiators - Star gladiators are straight up improvements of Taekwondo masters, they improve on their damage through gimmicky skills.


3. Ninja - High damaging magical, physical or ranged combat class, however only 1 can be picked. Versatile with good mobility and great CC. Turns into (if male) Kagerou or (if female) Oboro, both classes offer high damage and a range of CC. Both classes are for the most part, the same. However each class has 3 unique skills.

4. Gunslinger - High DPS or High Damage burst long ranged class with Low HP. Turns into Rebellion at 99/50. This class has the ability to disable targets from a long range with various abilities, with high DPS (comparable with 3rd classes), with medium mobility and low HP. This class can cause bleeding, it can bind you and overall has a lot of CC potential. It's max level is 175/60.



Below my "Examples" aren't thought out thoroughly or even tested, they are just a basic idea, you should explore your own builds to find out what works for you, this is just to help start it out. (Rating is to master the class compared to others based on skills and general difficulty (personal opinion btw guys xD) 0 easy, 5 intermediate, 10 hard - This is based off my own ideas on possible combinations, and amount of skills needed to be effective to use each class.)


Anything over a difficulty of 8 is not recommended to start with for beginners.


Knight -> Lord Knight -> Rune Knight. This class has a Dragon Mount.


Knights are strong all round PvP/WoE/MvP and PvE Classes. With High hp and High DPS they are sustainable in long fights and high mobility allows an easier time in weaving in and out of the battle field. This class is a front lines tank, although with capabilities for high attack speed, It is a much more rare sight. They use Spears, Swords and Shields most commonly.

Main focus are on Str/Vit or AGI/Dex in that order. 120 str/ 100 vit/ 90 dex example

PvP Difficulty Rating: 4/10 (Requires the attention of multiple allies to kill, however is very spam reliant and can run out of materials quickly, requires knowledge of runes and some decent reactions. Pretty easy to use though.), PvE Difficulty Rating: 3/10 (very tanky, but requires too much SP sapping to be called a great PvE class in general, however on this server you can heal your HP/SP very quickly, so it's actually not too bad.)


Core Skills:


Bowling Bash, Parry, Clashing Spiral, Dragon Breath, Hundred Spears, Ignition Break


Crusader -> Paladin -> Royal Guard. This class has a Gryphon Mount.


 With high PvP/WoE and MvP qualities. High HP with great tanking abilities, high sustain within fights, great mobility and damage potential, this class can also double up as a damage soak support type with "Devotion". This class is a nightmare for physical damage dealers with the reflect ability.

Main focus is Str/Vit /AGI or STR/DEX/VIT in that order. 110 str/ 100 vit / 90 dex/ 100 agi example

PvP Difficulty Rating: 1/10 (Very easy to use, the naturally tankyness of this class adds a huge buffer to new players who might take unnecessary damage. The classes support buffs are very strong followed by some very hard hitting DPS and mobility), PvE Difficulty Rating 5/10 (Leveling this class has changed. The moonlight dagger + reflect build was heavily nerfed (weakened), It's still pretty simple to PvE with this character now properly, by using AoE skills to pve with this character. I would recommend making a Soul Linker for Kaahi and making sure you have the money to sustain the potions required.


Core Skills


Holy Cross, Auto Guard, Reflect Damage, Banishing Point, Overbrand, Prestige, Inspiration


Hunter -> Sniper -> Ranger. This class has a Wolf Mount.


The most over used class in the game, having access to new equipment, this class got a major buff, being able to deliver high damage in both PvE and MvP situations. However the Long range damage reductions in WoE means it's only really viable for Trapping. With high mobility and super high attack speed, its great for "emp breaking" also, which means to destroy the opponents emperium in WoE.

Main focus is Agi/Dex/Luk/Int or Str in that order. 125 agi, 110 Dex, 90 luk, 30 int example or for a spam build Dex/Int/Vit or Agi/ str. 125 dex/110 int/100 vit. For spamming Arrow storm. The strength is for the bonus weight limit to carry arrows.

PvP Difficulty Rating: 2/10 (This class basicly relies on 2 skills for damage, a few basic self buffs and a trap active (ankle snare). Very easy to use, the only reason it's not 1, is because it has serious HP issues, making it a prime target for other long range classes or invisible classes. Otherwise very simple) PvE Difficulty Rating: 1/10 (This is without a doubt the easiest class in the game to level up with. Highly recommended to those who have little MMO experience to play this class. You wont feel the grinding sting as much as most other classes will feel on their way to 175.)


Core Skills


Double Strafe, Attention Concentrate, Ankle Snare, Arrow Storm, Warg Strike, Unlimit


Bard/Dancer -> Clown/Gypse -> Minstrel/Wanderer.


Grouping them together because honestly, I have no clue about this class, and I'm not writing anything about a class I do not know. I can say this, their buffs are EXTREMELY underrated, with incredible buffs and debuffs useful in MvPing, Endless Tower, PvPing, WoEing, Battle Grounds, and any other situation, these classes are clearly the most underrated class in RO. The AoE damage potential is also good for this class, however suffers from no mobility and low HP. Best as a support class.

Main focus is Dex/Agi/Int for damage. 125 dex, 120 agi, 80 int. or VIT/AGI/INT for high survivability.

PvP Difficulty Rating: 8/10 (Honestly doesn't have that many options for damage, this class is much more support based, the only reason I didn't give it a higher rating is because It doesn't have that many skills to learn in terms of PvP compared to other classes. It's has pretty basic strategies, but I wouldn't recommend it for PvP unless you're in a party.) PvE Difficulty Rating: 4/10 (This class can level itself ok, as an archer, making it to 99 in a day really won't be a struggle for you if you put your mind to it. The class is a supportive time, however thanks to Severe Rainstorm, it does have some DPS for PvE and levelling itself, allowing it to mob and level at a reasonable pace)


Core Skills


Double Strafe, Various Songs (too many to name), Severe Rainstorm, Windmill Rush, Harmonize, Marionette Doll


Wizard -> High Wizard -> Warlock.


Super High Nuking class with low HP and suffers from lack of skill points for each useful skill. Many hard choices await. One of the best at PvE and WoE beable to pick off key targets at the back line in 1 or 2 hits. With also many CC abilities this class is not meant to be played in a linear fashion. However its MvP and PvP capabilities are somewhat limited. The MvP's tend to have High MDEF so almost no damage is caused and PvP leads to any strong "PvP" class and player simply out duelling Warlocks.

Main Focus is simple. Int/Vit/Dex/AGI, 120 Int, 100 vit, 110 dex, 100 AGI example, the dex can be substituted in gear and with Warlocks already naturally low HP, you need everything you can get, the cast time is good enough.

PvP Difficulty Rating: 9/10 (This Low HP and High DPS, it acts like a more versitile Ranger, dealing huge amounts of damage as long as you don't get killed by another or by a melee class who got too close. It's so/so to use, even with the most basic knowledge you can spam skills on this class and get some kills. However there's a lot of depth to this class to explore. To master this class takes a lot of time and effort, not just spamming.) PvE Difficulty Rating: 8/10 (Under the assumption you have very little money and other supportive classes, this class will be a pain in the neck to level. It will require many backs to heal and many flywings/potions to sustain. The cast time without proper gears stunts levelling growth enormously, and without proper damage equipment, you maybe require to stay in dungeons longer than other classes. Side note, this class does next to no damage to most MvP's)


Core Skills


Storm Gust, Lightning Chain, Earth Strain, White Imprison, Crimson Rock, Mystic Amplification, Reading Book Spell, Telekinesis


Sage -> Professor -> Sorcerer


If Warlocks are the Super High Nuking, Sorcerers are the Super High Crowd Control, these guys are the kings of PvP and extremely deadly WoE players and proficient PvE players. With brilliant buffing abilities for supporting without status changes, Sorcerers are scary beasts in the right hands. With a range of CC skills, debuff skills and High damage spells, they tend to not get the respect Sorcerers actually deserve in the pvp room. . They have various buffs such as Endowing and Striking to boost their own and others damage immensely. They can also summon their own minions to add element damage.

Main focus. Int/Dex/Vit, 115 Int, 120 Dex, 100 vit example.

PvP Difficulty Rating: 8/10 (To master this class requires an RO PHD. This class has a plethora of skills, some high DPS, others brilliant CC, but all the choice makes the class a bit crazy to use. You need plenty of experience and great reaction times to know what skill to use when. Wouldn't recommend it as your first class, but would recommend it when later on.) PvE Difficulty Rating: 3/10 (Very easy to level, just walk and cast while mobbing. Pretty simple.)


Core Skills


Free Cast, Dispell, Land Protector, Auto Spell, Psychic Wave, Summons


Blacksmith -> Mastersmith (whitesmith) -> Mechanic This class may wear a Mecha suit.


Once one of the most feared PvP classes, this class is now a Support type class, with technological based Buffs and debuffs, this class is something ignored by many for WOE purposes a bit like minstrel/wanderer. Most people don't know hot to react when faced against a support mechanic, and its unique buffs add a very decent edge to the battle field. With Medium level damage and High survivability potential, and one hell of a suicide exit from the battlefield, I would like to see more competitive Mech's. This class is good for Forging and as a Master smith as the upgrade rate is based on Job level, you must be job 70 to have maximum chance, aka the Transcendent. A job level 50 mechanic has the same refine rate chance. Note that forging now in renewal isn't actually very good. Since enriched and HD ori/elu's where introduced, their worth has dropped significantly, and I cannot recommend you create one unless you plan to upgrade in a massive bulk. You can upgrade both weapons and armours.

Main focus. This class has SO many versions ill just name a few. Forging - 125 dex 125 luk rest int, cart termo - 100 str, 120 agi, 90 dex, Mado gear - 110 str, 120 dex, 100 Int, some vit examples.

PvP Difficulty Rating: 8/10 (This class takes a lot to master, his Low DPS and all or nothing self destruct skill, makes it a pretty risky choice. Honestly it's meant to be a tech-support character. So it's PvP abilities aren't great, but still interesting in the right hands. Would not recommend for first timers.) PvE Difficulty Rating: 5/10 (Good amount of AoE clear, medium damage, medium to high HP, however requires a lot of pots to sustain. With new gear, this class can clear PvE very easily.)


Core Skills


Mammonite, Major Buffs, Cart Termination, Mado Gear Skills, Self Destruct, Axe Tornado, Axe Boomerang


Alchemist -> Biochemist -> Genetic This class may summon a Homunculus.


Extremely potent MvP, PvP and WoE players, with incredible damage potential. They use pets called Homunculus which help them battle. They have brilliant mobility and plant based skills with high damage, however as many DPS, suffer from average HP. Easily in the top 5 PvP classes, however very expensive as a price to pay. The class does have the vending ability with Blacksmith, so can be used as a vending alternate character.

Main focus. Str/Dex/Vit/Int. 100 str/ 110 dex/ 90 vit/ 110 int example

PvP Difficulty Rating: 7 (Highly Mobile, can have decent survivability, reliant on 3 skills, and has insane damage. The hardest thing about PvP for this class is getting the materials.) PvE Difficulty Rating: 5/10 (This class requires some gear to be affective in pve. It has decent aoe clearing and great single target damage for mvping however mvping can be hard early on because most strong weapons are 2 handed leaving you without a shield.)


Core Skills


Homunculus, Acid Demonstration, Plant Skills (too many to name), Cooking, Cart Cannon, Demonic Fire, Fire Expansion


Assassin -> Assassin Cross (SinX) -> Guillotine Cross


High DPS, high HP, high mobility, with many unique abilities to cause CC. The class is one of the easiest to control within PvP with very rewarding features. (Without trying offend any GX players) I'd put it with the Expensive noobtube category. However I would be lying if it isn't a fun class to play. The items required to reach its damage peak are very rare. With a variety of high damage skills and extremely high speed, killing becomes a matter of keeping count in PvP. However due to Flee in WoE being close to useless, most damage based GX swap to Health, making them pretty tanky, but unless you gear swap efficiently, you're still 1 shottable. This class can MvP surprisingly well, rivalling Rangers and Sura if geared correctly.

Main focus. Str/Agi/Dex, 125 str/110 agi/100 dex (double impact build), or 120 str/100 vit/110 dex/rest int (Normal build) example

PvP Difficulty Rating: 3 (Go invisible, pop out, instantly kill someone. Normally I'd give this class a 1, however to actually master this class, you need some skill under your belt. Impact Dancing and Backslide dodging are legitimately difficult to pull off. It's a fun class for newcomers and old veterans.) PvE Difficulty Rating: 6 (Requires some money to spam potions with and a few other classes to support it because limited options for reduction gears, but a very solid pve class. )


Core Skills


Sonic Blow, Hiding, Cloaking, Enchant Deadly Poison, Cross Impact, Rolling Cutter, Cloaking Exceed, Dark Crow, Poisons


Rouge -> Stalker -> Shadow Chaser


This class has incredible Debuffing skills, it's pretty much the only class that can dedicate itself to debuffing an opponent and leaving the rest to your guild mates / buddies.The character I would claim is the funniest in the game, with its range of completely unique abilities to surpress all opponents and make them useless no matter what the gear. The price is Low DPS in exchange for good mobility and high durability and an incredibly high skill cap, in order to lay down the skills necessary and survive it all. This class cannot MvP that well. This class has the ability to equip bows, although it's not very common as the skills they use with bows are considered underpowered (specifically triangle shot).

Main focus. Dex/Vit/Int/Str, 125 dex/ 110 vit/ 80 int/ 20 str example

PvP Difficulty Rating: 8 (This class has High HP, and depending on build, decent attack speed. However it's RO's debuffing class. You won't kill anyone, you will make them want to kill you; this is the troll class. Mastering this class is very hard, because you need to get into close range to cast your skills and you need to realise that you won't be killing them. This means if there are other people around, it leaves you open to getting back stabbed.) PvE Difficulty Rating: 6 (This class is a lot harder to level than many other classes, due to its complete lack of damage abilities. You will need to copy some skill and level using traps or bows. You will need to use the eden quests.)


Core Skills


Hiding, Strip Skills, Plagiarismn, Masquerades, Shadow Form


Priest -> High Priest -> Arch Bishop


This class is the ultimate support, with the ability to do real damage if you wish to build it that way, it shines most in its ability to buff and save your friendlies by using clutch safety walls/ pnuema and Lex/Divinia's. This is the White Mage of RO, with a place in every ET/MvP/PvP/WoE/BG party ever. nuff said. play it.

Main focus. Int/Vit/Dex. 100 int/100 vit/100 dex/60 luk example

PvP Difficulty Rating: 2 (Has a staggering amount of self buffs which are easy to understand. Relies on 2 skills for PvP, pretty simple.) PvE Difficulty Rating: 9 (If soloing) 5 (if in party) (This class, like SC, Maestro and Mechanic, is not built for levelling solo, you will find it very difficult to level it alone. However luckily, it happens to be one of the most popular classes to level with, because of its supportive abilities. It's also very key to defeating certain MvP's at the later levels, so if you are joining with friends, one of you should pick up this class.)


Core Skills


Heal, Blessing, Agi Up, Ressurection, Lex Aeterna, Aspersio, Assumptio, Sacrament, High Heal, Adoramus


Monk -> Champion -> Sura


Last but certainly not least is Sura. These beasts do the single most damage in the game. This class is one of the most versatile in the game, with a range of melee and long range damaging skills, as well as CC capabilities to deal with almost any situation. However a Sura can usually only go one way. (Same situation as warlocks) Almost all skills dependant on a limited exclusive resource - Spheres. Can be a very strong tank with highly limited mobility. Very item and skill dependant.

Main focus. Str/Int/Dex/Vit/. Str 120/Int 100/Dex 90/vit 95 example

PvP Difficulty Rating: 7/10 (This class is the most extreme of any class in the game. It's one of the easiest to pick up for PvP, but at the same time the hardest in my honest opinion to master. It huge variety of skills, and general build versatility makes it extremely adaptable to other players PvP strategies in the right hands. It also does the most single target damage in the game.) PvE Difficulty: 4/10 (The early levels are difficult until you pick up flash combo and rising dragon. It has great single target damage and built for MvPings, so that's how you'll be leveling. After a certain point, PvE will just be about gear, not levels.)


Core Skills


Asura Strike (iRO known as Guillotine Fist), Snap, Cursed Circle, Gentle Touch, Rising Dragon, Flash Combo, Gate of Hell








This one is short and sweet and can be applied to almost every class, the classes that can't tend to need a party which can anyways.




Levels 1-3 - Kill a poring west of Izlude, the town you will start in.

(This will get you job level 10)

Levels 3-9 -Once job changed, kill a few more porings.

(Just to build up some HP and hit rate before payon duneon)

Levels 9 -30 - Payon dungeon lvl 1.

(Your first dungeon, stay on the first floor)

Levels 30-55 - Orc Dungeon lvl 1

(Stay here until job change, then either go back or move onto the the next step)

If physical class - Orc dungeon to 70, if Magic/Long ranged - Geographer to 75

Glast Heim St.Abbey to 86 (Do repeatable Eden quests - evil druid and wraiths)

Dark Priests or Stapo to 99 (Eden quests included)


1-15 Anything 1 east of Prontera

Repeat process up top to 99.


100 - 108 - Ra_fild05 - Kobolds

(Lighthalzen, 2 maps north, 1 map west)

108 - 117 - Mag_dun02

(Try to mob sufficiently by using flywings, many classes may struggle and require many potions. Note this area is great for grinding Zeny.)

117 - 135 - Juperos

(The same as Magma dungeon. Note this is one of the best spots for grinding Zeny.)

135+ - Scaraba

(Just stay here until maximum level or until you feel your ready to MvP hunt.)








Warp to “Special Areas”, and talk to “Secretary Lime Evenor”. There you will sign up for the Eden quests, allowing you to get new equipment and access more quests to ease levelling. Novices should go this route.

Eden is also a very easy way to level. I would start using them at level 71-85, Evil druids and Wraiths are the quickest tasks to complete with the most pay out. From 86-91 I'd do the Turtle Island tasks. 91-99, all the Rachel/veins tasks first. Then all the turtle island quests, followed by the Dark priests/Stapo/Siroma/Roween/Soldier/Freezer/Heater. This should take you to 99. If not, you can either grind it, or just complete 1 or 2 of the other region quests. If you complete more than you need, you can turn them in once you rebirth for an extraordinary amount of exp.



For newcomers, for both equipment and exp, I highly recommend you follow the Eden quests for levelling. The exp reward is more than enough per hand in.

Assigning quests and handing them in for rewards is simple.




These monsters are hunted within places where you may often find yourself going back to for gear or quests, giving you a good foundation of the sorts of areas you will have to trek through, throughtout the game. However in all honesty 90% of people just go on http://ratemyserver.net/ or http://www.divine-pride.net/ in order to find what they are looking for.




Each hand in has a cool down, you can check them in the quest interface.





(The Power Source)



Ok, so In actuality each class has it's own specific set of gears. No other class will use a Katar like the assassins do or a Bow like the Rangers, Minstrels and Wanderers do. However there is some overlap. Some pieces of equipments which are valued as important across all classes. I will explain these gears, the gears which almost everyone should have in their back pocket anyway.


I shall also explain some gears which you may not have heard of and how to acquire them.









Raydric Card

Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%.

Used for defence in PvP

Thara Frog Card

Reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 30%.

Arguably one of the strongest defence cards in the game for PvP

Alice Card

Receive 40% less damage from Boss monster.

Receive 40% more damage from normal monster.

Used for defence against MvP's

Marc or Evil Druid Card

Gain protection from the Freeze status and increase resistance to Water Property by 5%. (Marc)

Enchant Armor with the Undead Property.

INT + 1, DEF + 1 (Evil Druid)

Marc will grant immunity to frozen status and dramatically reduce damage from water spells, however Wind spells will do 100% more damage. Evil Druid will grant immunity to Stone Curse and Frozen status effects, however Fire and Holy damage will do significantly more in the process.

Hydra or Zakudam Card

Increase damage on DemiHuman monster by 20%.

Increases magic damage against Demihuman monsters by 10%.

Hydra being the physically offensive card (this includes ranged physical like AD bomb and arrows), Zakudam being the magical.

Smokie Card

Enables use of Level 1 Hiding.

Use this for the Hide dodge manoeuvre which I will cover later, or for general hiding tricks.

Horong Card

Enables use of Level 1 Sight.

Reveals invisible enemies like Guillotine Crosses when the radius of Sight hits a target.

Scaraba Card/Golden Scaraba Card

MATK + 20, Max SP - 1% (Scaraba)

ATK + 20, Max HP - 1%. (Golden Scaraba)

Scaraba card is used for Magical attack, Golden Scaraba is used for Physical attack

Kukre Card

AGI + 2

A strong card for EMP breakers (see WoE guide), or anyone who wants maximum attack speed

Green Ferus Card

VIT + 1

Maximum HP + 10%

The important part of all this is the maximum HP, this card can be used on any character in order to improve survivability; apart from maybe ranger.

Abysmal Knight Card

Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%.

Extremely useful for contesting and killing MvP's, works with every class (just don't try to MvP with a magical class...)

Porcellio Card

ATK + 25 DEF - 5

Strong for physical attack


If there are any new cards added or anything I missed which is a staple, just let me know or if I remember/find out. I will add it later.



Other Gears To Check


Mora Gear, Vellum Gear (Not available on this server), New World Gear, MvP drops, WoE (Siege) (Not available here) Gear, Crafting and Battleground/KvM gear.



These are all "End Game" gear sets!






War of Emperium (WoE 1.0).


(WoE here is 2.0, however 1.0 may apply in the future so I'll leave it here,

also some of the fundamental mechanics still apply.)



(The End Game.)







Congratulations, you are levelled and geared. You guild is popular and vibrant, but what do you do with your time? Well there are 3 large End game luxuries to enjoy. First is PvP, Second WoE and finally Battle Grounds. These three events are designed for those close to or at the end of their characters build, and need to be tested to their very limits. Can your experience, gear and knowledge from level 1 to 175 save you?

So here I will speak of WoE:

1. Guild vs Guild, you cannot hit a guild member during woe. Alliances between other guilds can be created, these allies cannot be hurt either. Having Antagonist guilds does nothing but make the hatred or rivalry between guilds official.

2. There are 4 maps, with many castles on each. Currently this server is only using the Payon map, located north of East of Payon, and accessible through the WoE Sign post/NPC during WoE times.

3. The other maps are Prontera, Al de Barana & Geffen. WoE 2.0 is another version currently unavailable to the server, with other maps and different rewards and rules.

4. The aim? Break the Emperium, a giant golden crystal within the castles "Emp room", which can only be damaged with auto-attacks (Wargs/Falcons can hit it also however). Note. Specific sub-classes called EMP breakers, normally Guillotine Crosses, built for maximum attack speed are used in order to favour the guilds chances of breaking the Emperium.

5. Once the Emperium is broken, the guild which struck the final hit, will gain control of the castle. The combatants are warped out of the room and must re-enter to attempt to break it again.

6. The new owners of the guild have a special "flag warp" which warps them directly into the castle in order to prepare their new found castle & Emperium.

7. This goes on for 1 hour, whoever claims the castle last and successfully holds it till the end, keeps the castle until the next WoE comes around, where they must defend it again.

8. The rewards are some potions, access to a special "guild dungeon" with unique monsters and "treasure chests" which are gained through investment and spawn at specific times. These chests hold special Guild castle only treasures which can be forged to create "God Items", which are as strong as they sound. However it takes on average 2-3 months of holding a castle in-order to gain just 1 of many god items available.

9. The differences between WoE and PvP? Firstly certain skills are off limits, such as Ice wall and Backslide, to prevent a massive disadvantage between classes. Within WoE you cannot Butterfly wing or use @load to warp out, to prevent abuse to unfair dodging of skills on an even playing ground.

10. Flee is reduced by 20%, long ranged attacks by 25%, all skill-based damage is reduced by 50%, Traps last 4 times as long, all knock back effects are disabled, even if stated in skill or item descriptions. All equipment cast time preventing cancellation effects are disabled such as Orleans gown and Phen card.

11. /nc does not work, you must hold down the button to auto attack. Damage does not appear on the screen. Effects are automatically activated. The guild emblem is shown above each characters head. Death has no consequence, however you are automatically warped out, with no chance of resurrection.

12. Other investments can be made to the guild such as more guardians and emperium HP.

13. Guardians are monsters for the guild that will automatically attack the opponents.

14. Final note, the guild that claims and successfully defends a guild castle, are considered the strongest guild on 99% of all servers. For a group of people this is the highest reward.






Ok, that's all I'm writing for now, maybe I'll add to it later, I hope you all approve..... My fingers hurt... /yawn/


Enjoy and Welcome newbies.


(I'll add more to this guide in time. Special thanks to Inzanity for giving me specific information for this guide) /no1/

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#4929 Server changes and discussions/warnings

Posted by Scias on 04 February 2015 - 09:34 PM

While I agree with the direction the server is going in, I disagree with some of the methods it is using for applying these changes. In particular I will talk about MvP buffs/skills, specifically Lost Dragons Kaupe and Evil Land, which I'm told it now has. I did read this http://leika-ro.net/...-mvps-strength/ but wanted to make a new topic as a suggestion.


Bear in mind I am really posting this thread on behalf of a few quite a lot of players who have brought these changes to my attention, such as Hammer and Zandak among others. I didn't see a real suggestion to change this so I thought I would post it. I do feel that this is the opinion of quite a few players now but I'm told I'm known for being diplomatic so I thought I would represent these players by vocalizing this. Also feel free to correct any errors I have made, because I am going by what I'm told by those who surpass me in PvM endeavours so I don't necessarily have first hand experiences in the examples like fighting Lost Dragon.

The direction of the server:

The idea to make things more challenging, balance rangers back down to the level of other classes so that they can't solo things so easily, in effect prolonging the economy and reducing saturation of gears, is something I wholeheartedly agree with. I am on board.


The methodology of achieving this:

So far we have seen some instances where radical changes have been applied without prior public knowledge or discussion. Most recently Lost Dragon has been given skills which nobody imagined it would have, such as the linkers skill Kaupe, and it spams it quite alot from what I hear. We also had other changes such as Stonehard which took place in the sudden radical manner which thankfully is now removed from most MvPs that had it. To summarize, there are two parts of the recent mentality of server changes which I disagree with:


1: Lack of prior discussion or warning with the public about upcoming changes,


2: The degree of extremity and radical nature of these changes



My proposed solution:

Open discussions about changes that happen like these, prior to releasing them. This doesn't need to apply to every change to the server, but only the radical ones such as changing the skills of monsters and MvPs. The other thing to do would be to achieve a similar balance by changing MvPs in a different way, such as by changing their stats rather than skills. Remember Rangers are already getting hit fairly hard (arguably not hard enough yet, that's a different discussion, but still), so when changing MvPs you can change them universally, by increasing their HP (I hear this has happened already for some, which is a change I agree with). Changes in stats like this I wouldn't expect you to notify us of first tbh.


My suggestion is not to squarely prevent any new skills added to MvPs or monsters atall, but it is to give us a chance to discuss these changes first. The main reason for this, and this is a very big and important reason imo, is there should be a very real discussion on whether these changes will make the server feel too "custom". I understand things need to be changed and different from official in order to balance; like I said I agree with the direction the server is going in. But the changes that are too radical at least warrants some discussion with the public first. At the moment, I wouldn't say Lost Dragon encourages teamwork, as much as it completely changes the strategy of attacking it. I believe there are better ways to encourage teamwork, without changing the meta of the game to the point where it arguably feels so "custom" that you are constantly aware that this is nothing like the Ragnarok you know, compared to previous renewal servers (that were actually decent) let alone official servers.


Applying radical changes without any warning or discussion, could in rare cases hurt the economy, but more than this, could hurt the player experience, for example if people bought Mora gear for 20 coins, they would probably be disappointed now. "Test driving on the public" is going to be inevitable to a certain extent, but it can be minimized by considering some different opinions prior to applying changes.

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#4366 Hardware Upgrade | January 22nd | Complete

Posted by Rikter on 23 January 2015 - 02:50 PM

Hardware upgrade is almost complete, and server will be back in a few hours.

This will include a small patch to add some necessary fixes to current gameplay.

Changelog soon /ok

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#4307 Hardware Upgrade | January 22nd | Complete

Posted by NiHZ on 22 January 2015 - 01:37 PM

Heya, Leikans! The server has been pulled offline for its hardware upgrade. The maintenance may take anywhere between 12-48 hours.


In the meantime, join the IRC channel! You can join through the web IRC client from the main website, or connect using your favourite IRC client to:


irc.stormbit.net #leika-RO


Hang tight. c: We'll be back better than before. This should alleviate most lag related issues people are having. A bandwidth upgrade is also due. After this, Double EXP will start.

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#2991 Server Launch & Features

Posted by Byte on 18 December 2014 - 04:15 PM



LeikaRO is a new English Renewal Ragnarok Online server from the founder of CookieRO, dedicated to bringing you the best Renewal experience possible. We will be fixing bugs, improving upon original game mechanics, as well as implementing new official content and features very frequently. If you're looking for a long-term, corruption free Renewal server with NO imbalanced or overpowered donations, and the intention to remain accurate to the original game, but with what will be more subtle usability and quality of life tweaks, you've found what you're looking for. The main staff is comprised of highly experienced players, with active development taking place. Your unique experience begins here!


Launch Date: December 18th, 2014


= Main Server Features =

Renewal: Episode 15.1 Fantasmagorica

Main City: Prontera

Base EXP: 15x

Job EXP: 15x

Quest EXP: 15x

Drop Rate: 10x

MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x

Max Level: 175 Base, 60 Job

Max Stats: 130

Max ASPD: 193

Party Share Range: +/- 30 levels

Renewal EXP System: Bonus EXP: Yes -|- EXP Penalty: No

Renewal Drop System: No

War of Emperium Times: US and EU timezones, further information TBA

Instances & Dungeons: Endless Tower, Misty Forest Labyrinth, Bakonawa Lake, Bangungot Hospital, Buwaya's Cave,

Nidhoggur's Nest, Octopus Cave, Malangdo Culvert, Old Glast Heim, Nightmare Glast Heim,

Nightmare Scaraba Hole, Nightmare Clock Tower, Sealed Shrine available and working.

Horror Toy Factory, customized Endless Cellar, and more coming soon.

Newer Content: New World, El Dicastes, Malaya, Dewata,

Malangdo, Verus, Fire Basin all implemented and working.

Bug Tracker: Players can report issues and the Administration team

can track and verify these reports. Allows for extremely quick fixes.

Regularly Hosted Events: Our Event GMs will frequently hold events for you to enjoy.

Custom Wiki: Community-driven Wiki documenting all of our custom changes, and more.

Searchable Item & Mob DB: Search our databases for mob information not available anywhere else,

or for exclusive item information only available here.

Pet System: Standard pet system with Pet Evolution coming soon.

Fully Working Rebellion: That's right. Fully coded and working Rebellion class.

Active Development: We're picking up where Renewal has been dropped, and bringing it upon

ourselves to implement content and features from officials, as well as balancing and fixing

them when needed. Bugs left in from the base emulator have and will be fixed in a timely manner.

If you're sick and tired of playing on the same broken servers, LeikaRO is perfect for you.



= Custom Server Features =

Improved Leveling: There are now more ways to level than before!

Refinement System Overhaul: Built and improved upon the older refining mechanics!

Lockbox System: Players can acquire extra rewards from enemies with our new Lockbox System!

Battlegrounds Adjustments: Improvements to all Battlegrounds, and their rewards!

Achievement System: Gain extra EXP and other rewards from completing in-game achievements!

Description Revamp: Every item name, item description, skill description, skill name and buff/debuff icon description

have been re-written for complete and total accuracy. No more wondering what a skill actually does! No more

incorrect or missing item descriptions! What you can read is now exactly what you will get.

Hats!: Nearly every hat ever made in the game will be available in some manner via the Cash Shop and

a custom NPC by exchanging a currency acquired in-game from events, drops, and other methods.

Some new official hats you've never seen before have also been implemented.

Skill Quality of Life Tweaks & Modifications: Weapon Refine changed to Equipment Refine (can refine armor), Mado Gear License is now

an Active skill that can be used to mount your Mado for the cost of 20 Mado Gear Fuel, with many more tweaks coming!

Updated Databases: Far from being an out-of-the-box server, we've manually updated all our item and monster databases to

accurately reflect the latest changes in kRO.

Automated Events: Automatically started events that players can acquire our in-game currency from.

Seasonal Events: Major seasonal US-based events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween during their local times.

Eden Boards up to 175: Paradise/Eden Board Board Quests have been increased from their max of 99, up to 175!

Homunculus Changes: Homunculi can now level to 175, gain 200% increased EXP, and have fitting Defensive Elemental Attributes.

Same Sex Marriage: Characters of the same gender can marry each other.

Character Bound Gender: Coming very soon.



= Featured NPCs =

Kafra with Universal Rental, Log-in Commands, and Repairs

Town, Dungeon, and Instance Warper

Job Genie which provides Platinum Skills

Reset Genie

Build Manager


Hat Costume NPC (costume any Headgear)

Stylist (47 Hairstyles, 263 Hair Dyes, 533 Clothes Dyes)

Card Remover

Guild Manager with Guild Storage

Basic Supply Dealers (Vendor items available in one convenient place)

Event Warper NPC



= Available Commands =



@time / @uptime




@mi / @monsterinfo

@ii / @iteminfo









@autoloot / @autoloottype / @autolootid

@autotrade / @at





@itemshortcut / @isc (Allows you to bind a consumable, Ex: "@isc 504")

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#9306 [Important] LeikaRO's Change of Direction

Posted by Terpsichore on 01 April 2016 - 07:12 AM


I'm proud to announce that after much pondering, I have decided to place the server onto a new path for everyone's benefit.

Here's a simplified list of the expected changes, effective very soon:

  • Suri will become the Server's Owner, I'm not really cut for this.
  • Byte is officially becoming our Community and Public Relations Manager, I think his skills and personality are just perfect for such position.
  • Hosting is being changed to a High Quality Professional Ragnarok Online Gaming VPS Hosting in the Philippines, it is only fair to provide the best possible experience to our loyal players.
  • We will get all sort of untested and unfinished content and features added as quickly as possible. Things such as stability and coherence are pointless, fun is more important.
  • New commands that everyone wants such as @go, @storage and @restock are being added! You're supposed to be having fun, not playing inventory simulator.
  • Rates will be increased to x150 EXP and x100 Drop, this is just the sweet spot for everyone. Zeny making drops won't be nerfed since inflation isn't a issue, as proved by Keynesian Economics.
  • Free stuff! Idle in Prontera, get free stuff!
  • We're also adding MvP Summoning Room and iRO's Weekly Turn-Ins as well as HE Battle and Job Manuals (300%) available in Cash Shop, so you can max in a few minutes yet still have a sense of accomplishment!
  • All the bug fixes, balance changes and quality of life improvements we implemented until now, will be undone. I know you guys hate that stuff.
  • Bug Tracker is getting removed. It is unjust to expect players to report their findings there, they should be able to randomly complain in Prontera instead. I will be sure to monitor the chat 24/7 and write down everything.
  • Battlegrounds will provide EVERYTHING, equipment, consumables, catalysts, kawaii headgears. PvM is for nerds anyway.
  • All PvM content will become soloable, no more having to worry about actually playing the game, nobody got time for that.
  • We're removing magical spells from monsters altogether, why should players have to respect them?
  • Entering a map with a MvP on it will automatically buff you with all Gospel effects and Performer's Songs.
  • All our jRO/custom gear is going away, as well as all the improvement to old gear and similar quality tweaks. I think it's a terrible practice to give choices to players, that stuff is just confusing.
  • Abyss Gate Investment and the respective Guild Dungeons will be open by default even though we've got no WoE FE. Honestly, who needs things like economy and build/gear variety? People just want to have fun, man.
  • Due to popular demand, we're expanding our Cash Shop with everything you guys asked for; Safe Refine Tickets, Bloody Branches, Bubblegums, Tokens of Siegfried, Cat Eat Berets, Immune Shields, Fallen Angel Wings, Shadow Sets, Drooping Eddgas, you name it!
  • Wide array of high-quality custom headgears will be added, such as Naruto Bandana and Demon Wings, finally!
  • Serious approach towards advertising and competition is being taken, what does this mean? It means that a professional shill team wil be hired to advertise the server everywhere and smear potential competition with lies. That's not all though, a capable Internet Security Expert will be employed to DDOS other servers into Stone Age, this is how things are done today and we aren't getting stuck in the past! Lastly, I will be personally purchasing a large list of updated proxies in order to write fake RMS reviews daily!

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#8660 January 11th | Patch v5.5 | Christmas' End

Posted by Terpsichore on 12 January 2016 - 06:22 AM

[ General ]

  • Christmas Event is over and all Cash Shop specific seasonal headgears have been removed
  • Added Infinite Space instance! The equipment has been expanded and customized (missing weapon types, higher ATK/MATK) and a couple of custom quests were added to spice it up
  • Champion and certain specific monsters now have their intended auras and other visual effects!
  • Lockboxes and Kawaii Coin Bags now drop to the floor instead of going straight into the killer's inventory for the purpose of party sharing
  • Removed dead cells in Aldebaran
  • Ally Channel's color is now easier on the eyes
  • @duel command now only works in towns and nothing else
  • Many skill, status icon and item description corrections were added, as usual
  • Added #bg channel that you can opt out from that has announcements for starting BGs


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Spiral Pierce used by monsters no longer goes through Cast-off Cicada Skin and Ilusionary Shadow
  • Rearranged Bifrost Tower spawns again for a better experience
  • Old Glast Heim (both modes) had the monster spawn amounts and intervals during the second part adjusted to be less overwhelming
  • Depraved Orc Hero (Orc's Memory instance) was adjusted to match the content's difficulty
  • Amon Ra now drops Bunny Slippers (2415) as a possible MVP reward
  • Great Demon Baphomet now drops Dusk Cloak (20769)
  • Eremes Guile now drops Assassin's Muffler (20714)
  • Gemini-S58 now drops Pauldron (2514) instead of Eremes Guile
  • Lady Tanee no longer teleports and now has a fixed spawn spot, drops additional loot and is a bit more challenging
  • Mistress no longer teleports while chasing and the idle teleport has a longer cooldown, she's now a bit more challenging
  • Maya's idle teleport now has a longer cooldown
  • Tao Gunka now drops Stone Buckler (2114)
  • Status Recovery no longer incorrectly drops aggro of boss-flagged, passive monsters
  • Monsters with cast sensor flag now react to offensive actions more consistently
  • Passive monsters no longer incorrectly drop aggro when affected by immobilization effects
  • Plants spawned through Dead/Bloody Branch can no longer attack


[ NPCs ]

  • Armor Craftsman Gyo now only asks for 15 Darkred Scale Pieces instead of 30 in order to craft Ninja Scale Armor (15054)
  • Corrected Artisan Tere's enchantment options to work properly
  • Prontera Princess' headgear preview option now works with costumes as well
  • Old Glast Heim's cases now drop equipment at an increased rate
  • Siege Quartermaster now sells Emergency Call Scrolls
  • Rewrote most of Battlegrounds NPCs, removing ancient ones, replacing them with better, custom versions, added better BG consumables, and other changes
  • Added 6v6 KvM mode and the reduced the buff timer of both modes to 30 seconds down from 60


[ Classes ]

  • Hiding now correctly avoids all skills and ground effects that don't specifically go through this status
  • Crystallization status now fails to apply entirely on targets with 0 SP or below 2% of Max HP instead of ticking once
  • All performer's songs now correctly update their duration and bonuses without having to step out and back in, the status will never cancel while standing inside the song's effect
  • Targets trapped in Manhole are no longer incorrectly affected by ground debuffs other than the Shadow Chaser's own
  • Full Throttle now increases Movement Speed by a correct amount and the rebound stat is signaled by an emotion
  • SC__CHAOS status effect (Chaos Panic and Genwaku) is now removed by all consumables that cure normal confusion

Rune Knight:

  • Spear Stab had its damage formula corrected
  • Tension Relax now correctly enables HP regeneration at a normal rate while overweight
  • Concentration's Endure effect now correctly cancels after the hit limit has been reached
  • Storm Blast now has its pre-nerf formula while retaining the 1 second cooldown


  • Hell Inferno now does a single, shadow property hit for full damage
  • Jack Frost now correctly fails on concealed targets
  • Frost Misty now correctly fails on concealed targets


  • Land Protector's level is now selectable
  • Elemental Spirits no longer disappear when entering a portal in Bifrost Tower and other similar maps


  • Casting Falcon Assault and Blitz Beat now correctly cancels Camouflage
  • Warg Dash had its SP cost increased to 20
  • Camouflage no longer consumes SP when used to cancel already active status

Minstrel and Wanderer:

  • Drum on the Battlefield now applies its correct ATK bonus
  • Echo Song now applies its correct Hard DEF bonus
  • Lover's Symphony now applies its correct Hard MDEF bonus

Arch Bishop:

  • Impositio Manus now correctly overrides its previous instance (lower levels can be used offensively)
  • Adoramus' status effect now correctly applies its Movement Speed penalty


  • Chain Combo had its damage formula corrected
  • Combo Finish had its damage formula corrected
  • Absorb Spirit Spheres and Assimilate Power no longer remove Kagerou/Oboro's charms


  • Self Destruction had its cast time corrected
  • Acceleration now gives the correct 25% movement speed bonus
  • Mounting Mado Gear now correctly removes all Movement Speed increasing effects and prevents their reapplication, with the exception of Speed Potion


  • Howling of Mandragora was corrected to longer reapply or drain SP while the status is already active
  • Painkiller's Endure effect now correctly cancels after the hit limit has been reached
  • Hell Plant now stuns properly
  • Wall of Thorns now has a more consistent behavior, the damage can't be dodged and the knockback is 1 cell to avoid the possibility of leaving the wall with double knockback, deals correct damage and you will escape the cage after 20 hits

Guillotine Cross:

  • Soul Breaker now has its correct range of 9 cells
  • Venom Pressure now correctly applies Oblivion Curse with the correct 95% base chance
  • Cloaking Exceed no longer drains SP and applies after-cast delay when used to cancel already active status

Shadow Chaser:

  • Deadly Infect no longer incorrectly works with certain status effects when used against boss-flagged monsters
  • Chaos Panic now can be correctly recasted, new instance removing the previous one
  • Body Paint's ASPD and Blind debuffs now correctly works on any affected target, regardless of being revealed
  • Manhole no longer incorrectly affects targets under King's Grace effect
  • Emergency Escape's trap can no longer incorrectly affect the caster
  • Bloody Lust had its cast time corrected and no longer sometimes leaves targets with 100 HP upon expiration
  • Auto Shadow Spell had its cast time corrected

Kagerou and Oboro:

  • North Wind had its damage formula corrected
  • Makibishi now correctly deals reduction and defense ignoring damage and can no longer be attacked or knocked around
  • Izayoi now shows the correct duration on the buff icon
  • Zenkai's 200 EATK bonus now correctly works with the forced endow from having 10 charms summoned and the benefitial status correctly ends upon stepping out of the unit instead of lingering
  • Zenkai is no longer stackable and the status application check happens every second
  • Genwaku no longer incorrectly works on stationary targets


  • Fallen Angel no longer works without the correct amount of bullets equipped
  • Heat Barrel's rebound state is now signaled by an emotion


  • Flying Side Kick now can correctly fail while used from inside Wall of Fog on a friendly target


[ Items ]

  • Disabled Butterfly Wings in GvG maps
  • Pussycat Bell (31284) was added to Cash Shop
  • Various Consumable Boxes for existing items were added to Cash Shop
  • Memory of Lovers (18937) is now correctly a middle headgear
  • Knit Cap of Raging Winter (18942) now correctly applies its intended Freezing status
  • Lux Anima Runestone now has its correct stack limit of 3
  • New item, Dusk Cloak (20769) was added
  • New item, Assassin's Muffler (20714) was added
  • New item, Bunny Slippers (2415) were added

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#7939 September 7th | Patch v3.5

Posted by Terpsichore on 07 September 2015 - 10:10 AM

[ General ]

  • Merged Leika with latest Hercules, this includes countless emulator-related fixes and improvements. Be on your watch for bugs though!
  • Dispel now works while in a duel
  • Added even more status icons
  • You can now use Teleport skill while on Mado Gear or riding a Warg


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Monster's spells no longer deal 1 damage under certain circumstances
  • Implemented new NPC_WIDE skills for future use
  • Added visual effects for certain monster specific skills, such as NPC_STONESKIN, NPC_ANTIMAGIC, NPC_MAGICMIRROR and all BREATH skills
  • All breath skills now cause status effects
  • Tao Gunka had its loot table updated, now drops Gelerdria (1414)
  • Doppelganger had its loot table updated, now drops Ebon Armor (15014) and Tjungkuletti (1416)
  • Dracula had its gear drop chances increased


[ NPCs ]

  • General update to many scripts, bringing countless small fixes
  • Mission Board was revamped, party EXP share now fully works, all quests were revamped and a dozen of new ones added. Quests now award Proofs of Effort
  • Lazy Quartermaster next to the Mission Board will exchange Proofs of Effort for various rewards
  • Nurse now buffs characters below level 100 with Increase Agility and Blessing
  • Updated Eclage and Malangdo quest scripts
  • Added Kagerou/Oboro Job Change Quest (report bugs!)
  • Added Eclage Interior "instance" (part of a quest)
  • Finishing Encounter in a Strange Land quest chain now awards 75 Splendide Coins
  • Fixed the Mysterious Robbery quest chain (Eclage)
  • Whole party will be teleported to the member entering the 7th floor of Thanatos Tower
  • Whole party will be teleported to the member triggering WoE SE Guild Dungeon Event
  • Corrected an issue with Malangdo coin exchange machine sometimes giving you no coins at all for your Silvervine Fruit
  • Mysterious Rocks on Manuk fields no longer get you suck with a cast time and can't be looted unless you're on a quest requiring them
  • You can now get Part of a Report upon killing a monster from Splendide fields as long as you're on the quest
  • Added a warper NPC that moves you to Byalan Dungeon level 3, she's next to Viewt and Archie


[ Classes ]



  • Corrected the duration of Burning status

Soul Linker:

  • Kaite now correctly increases damage taken from physical melee attacks

Rune Knight:

  • Giant Growth now grants the correct amount of ASPD
  • Stonehard Skin now correctly consumes Max HP instead of current

Royal Guard:

  • Moon Slasher now correctly roots affected monsters for 1~3 sec
  • Pressure now correctly triggers autocast effects
  • Shield Chain had its elemental interaction corrected
  • Shield Boomerang had its damage formula corrected
  • Smite now correctly takes element


  • Fire Pillar's damage formula was corrected, again
  • Gravitation Field now follows official behavior! It can trigger autocast effects but stops your damage from sources other than the autocast effects and the field itself. You can cast other skills while it is active and multiple fields can be placed, range is 14 cells and cast time was reduced to 2.5 sec
  • Ganbantein had its range corrected to 14 cells and cast time reduced to 1.5 sec


  • Warg Bite now correctly prevents the use of concealing skills and has its correct range of 14 cells


  • Cart Revolution now pushes in the correct direction
  • Stealth Field now correctly behaves like camouflage, affected allies can't be targeted
  • Flare Launcher no longer incorrectly requires Lv.3 Vulcan Arm to unlock

Guillotine Cross:

  • Pyrexia now applies unremovable Blind and modified Hallucination that only distorts damage numbers
  • Dark Claw's debuff now lasts for 15 seconds and correctly increases damage from all sources
  • Weapon Blocking no longer incorrectly blocks monster's spells when in melee range

Arch Bishop:

  • Epiclesis now behaves correctly and heals at a consistent rate
  • Renovatio is no longer castable on Boss flagged monsters except Barricades and Guardian Stones to avoid confusion


  • Wall of Wog now correctly blinds enemies standing inside


  • Cart Revolution now pushes in the correct direction
  • Lif's Mental Change no longer fully restores HP/SP but now has no cooldown

Shadow Chaser:

  • Double Strafe can now be plagiarised


  • Eternal Chain is now correctly cancelled if weapon is removed
  • Howling Mine explosion area is now 9x9 cells and if the charge isn't detonated in time, Projection Landmine will drop to the ground
  • Mass Spiral had its damage formula updated
  • Hammer of God impact area is now 7x7
  • Tracking now has 1 sec fixed cast time
  • Magic Bullet had its elemental interaction corrected
  • Quick Draw Shot had its damage formula and SP costs adjusted


  • Happo Kunai had its damage formula corrected


[ Items ]

  • Autocast effects that trigger renewal statuses such as Burning, Deep Sleep and Crystallization now have correct duration
  • SP Increase Potions now increase Max SP by the correct amount
  • Kagerou/Oboro and Rebel now receive Green Apple Ring upon job change
  • Hill Wind, Red Ferus, Pitman, Laurell Weinder and Death Word cards now grant +5% Magical Damage done to the correspondent element
  • Skeggiold Card now grants +5% Magical Damage done with Holy spells
  • Centipede Larva Card now grants 1 INT and 15 MATK
  • Ancient Dagger can now be used by Kagerou/Oboro
  • Ballista can now be used by Rogues
  • Dragon Manteau and Dragon Vest can now be worn by Extended Jobs
  • Added six new articles to Headgear Connoisseur, Black Feather Beret (18561), Black Musang Hat (18613), Drooping Dolor of Thanatos (5563), White Musang Hat (18612), Despero of Thanatos' Mask (18530) and Odium of Thanatos' Mask (5789)
  • Added Kunai Boxes to Ninpou Dealer
  • Added Special Ammo Boxes (Rebel) to Ammunition Dealer
  • Explosive Kunai is now equippable again (still not required to be equipped for Bakuretsu Kunai skill, just in the inventory)
  • Corrected cooldown reduction script to accept large values
  • Corrected Coat and Mink Coat's DEF values
  • Added our custom MvP misc items to OBB and OPB tables

On a side note, this update kept me very busy even though it isn't "mega" enough so I will be working on content and kawaii headgears during the following weeks. The changes will be applied instantly and this list updated to keep track of everything.

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#7681 July 16th | Megapatch v3.0

Posted by Terpsichore on 16 July 2015 - 04:47 PM

[ General ]

  • Extended Jobs can now reach level 175/60, this includes 130 stat cap and additional Job Level stat bonuses
  • Implemented many status icons, both newest official ones and some custom
  • Many skill, item and status icon descriptions were corrected and/or updated
  • Improved the quality of screenshot logo
  • Removed the spam messages when killing monsters in Endless Tower


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Implemented Nightmare Old Glast Heim, it can be accessed through Munin and his Steward offers White Knight card set
  • Expanded both Old Glast Heim modes with missing elements, such as traps, on-map Dark Grand Crosses and monster spawns during the final fight
  • Updated Nightmare Pyramid, this includes new cards, drops, monster stats, EXP values and quests. First floor is for level 120-40 range and second for 140-160
  • You can now choose which Guild Dungeon to enter
  • Memory of Thanatos was beefed up and now drops two new items, Crimson Poncho (2597) and Byeollungum (1140)
  • Egnigem Cenia (MvP) now drops Critical Ring (2616)
  • Takun now drops Tomahawk and Ankaa drops Kaiser Knuckle
  • Sage Worm now drops Small Book Pendant and Cendrawasih drops Quill Pen Ring (new accessory set)
  • Moved Baphomet to gl_cas02
  • NPC_STONESKIN now correctly reduces all kinds of physical damage
  • NPC_STOP no longer roots the caster


[ NPCs ]

  • Fixed Mailbox not working in some towns
  • Added new NPCs to Ninja's Hideout that craft and enchant gear
  • Alchemy Dealer now sells Throwing Bottles
  • Mission Board now offers 3 new quests, Nightmare Pyramid Level 1, Thor's Volcano and Cursed Abbey Level 3
  • Suspicious Cat inside Nightmare Pyramid Level 1 now rewards with increased EXP
  • Greedy Cat took residence inside Nightmare Pyramid Level 2 and offers EXP quests
  • Eden Board's (141-150) Nightmare Pyramid quests now grant increased EXP
  • Headgear Connoisseur now offers six new headgears and a new section, Recolored Headgears!
  • Prontera Princess now offers four new headgears!


[ Classes ]

  • Updated HP and SP tables of all jobs to reflect the latest, post-rebalance values
  • Kagerou/Oboro and Rebel can now learn Full Throttle and had their weapon ASPD penalties corrected
  • Super Novice/Extended Super Novice now correctly receives HP bonuses at level 99 and 150 as well as additional SP bonuses
  • Corrected ASPD bonuses and penalties from all passive skills (Riding, Dragon Riding, Advanced Book and Single Action)
  • Fixed some skills hitting twice under certain circumstances

Rune Knight:

  • Dragon Breath is now correctly reduced by DEF
  • Frenzy no longer removes Concentration
  • Refresh now correctly grants immunity to Leech End

Royal Guard:

  • Shield Spell is now properly cancelled upon unequipping shield


  • Fire Pillar's damage formula was corrected
  • Ice Wall is no longer attackable as a temporary workaround for the dead cells issue


  • Falcon Assault and Blitz Beat now correctly ignore DEF and Demihuman reductions
  • Falcon Mastery is now an active skill, much like Warg Mastery and requires Falcon Flute
  • Keen Nose now ignores flee and correctly reveals hidden targets
  • Camouflage now correctly makes the Ranger untargetable by non-area skills and is cancelled by all revealing effects
  • Warg Strike and Warg Bite now correctly ignore Demihuman reductions and no longer benefit from ranged % damage bonuses
  • Warg Dash now correctly benefits from Tooth of Warg ATK bonus


  • Axe Tornado received a new animation, you will now spin just as nature intended
  • Arm Cannon is now properly affected by Demihuman reductions
  • Neutral Barrier no longer blocks skills that can't miss
  • Hovering no longer requires the respective accessory equipped, just in the inventory
  • FAWs can no longer be damaged by allies or yourself

Guillotine Cross:

  • Status window no longer shows the additional crit from wielding a katar
  • Venom Splasher now correctly carries weapon's element

Arch Bishop:

  • Recovery now correctly removes Stasis debuff


  • Increased base stats of Elemental Spirits
  • Elemental Action now inflicts various status ailments based on the Elemental Spirit and its level


  • Metallic Sound now correctly deals x1.5 damage if the target is under Sleep or Deep Sleep status (this stacks with Deep Sleep's own effect)
  • Assassin Cross of Sunset now correctly increases ASPD


  • Smoke Powder now correctly affects both enemies and allies
  • Fire Expansion Level 1 and 2 now deal correct damage
  • Cart Cannon is now properly affected by Demihuman reductions
  • Alchemy can now be used to brew Condensed Blue Potions (31196), the recipe is documented in the respective book
  • Twilight Alchemy was revamped!
  • Special Pharmacy was expanded! You can now brew four new potions, recipes are documented in the existing Genetic books
  • Change Material was updated to include recipes for throwing versions of all Genetic items, scell + moth dust recipe was fixed and you can now purchase a book documenting all recipes from Alchemy Dealer

Homunculus Changes:


Shadow Chaser:

  • Reproduce and Plagiarism will now display a visual animation upon succesfully memorizing a new skill
  • Shadow Form is now correctly cancelled by all revealing skills at a chance equal to 90% -10% per skill level
  • Renovatio can now be Reproduced
  • Ignition Break can now be correctly used with bows


  • Flash Combo now correctly grants its ATK bonus and Tiger Cannon executed through it no longer benefits from the combo bonus
  • Earth Shaker now correctly deals additional damage to Camouflaged players
  • Rising Dragon no longer blocks HP/SP regeneration


  • All skills that lacked visual and sound effects now have one!
  • Tracking had its fixed cast time reduced, now ignores Flee and has a new visual effect
  • Piercing Shot now correctly deals additional damage when used with a rifle
  • Desperado now correctly benefits from ranged % damage bonuses
  • Flip the Coin can no longer fail once you've learned Rich's Coin
  • Increase Accuracy now lasts for 4 minutes
  • Rich's Coin now has its intended 3 sec cooldown
  • Platinum Alter now reduces damage taken from Demon and Undead monsters by 3% per skill level, can be refreshed, doesn't go away upon swapping weapon or ammo and requries at least one coin
  • Heat Barrel is now cancelled only upon swapping weapon and requires at least one coin
  • Eternal Chain now requires at least one coin
  • Round Trip had its DEX based part of the damage formula corrected
  • Quick Draw Shot had its DEX based part of the damage formula corrected
  • Banishing Buster now correctly dispels without a failure chance
  • Hammer of God now correctly requires at least one coin and consumes all available coins to deal increased damage accordingly
  • Fallen Angel now consumes the correct amount of bullets, has proper cooldown at all levels and Desperado triggered by this skill correctly benefits from bullet's ATK bonus. Updated SP cost.
  • Fire Dance had its damage formula corrected and now properly benefits from ranged % damage bonuses. Updated SP cost.
  • Slug Shot now correctly stuns monsters


  • Kagehumi now correctly stops movement, blocks all concealing skills and received a cooldown
  • Happo Kunai now properly carries element and benefits from kunai ATK bonus
  • Oboro Gensou should no longer cause crashes and now reflects magical damage in a correct way
  • Zanzou is no longer attackable by the caster or allies
  • Bakuretsu Kunai is now properly affected by Demihuman reductions
  • Throw Zeny and Mucha Nage are now properly forced neutral, ignore DEF and deal half damage to players and bosses


[ Items ]

  • Quill Pen Ring (2799) is now dropped by Cendrawasih
  • Small Book Pendant (2714) is now dropped by Sage Worm
  • STR Supplement Device (15110) now has a slot
  • AGI Supplement Device (22043) now correctly gives 1 ASPD per 4 refine levels instead of 1%
  • Critical Ring (2616) is now dropped by Egnigem Cenia (MvP)
  • Crimson Poncho (2597) is now dropped by Memory of Thanatos
  • Byeollungum (1140) is now dropped by Memory of Thanatos
  • Improved old weapons that autocast/grant spells (such as Ice Falchion and Zephyrus), they now have a base MATK and are a bit better
  • Improved most of old level 4/3 weapons
  • Improved Bloodied Shackle Ball's (2655) set bonus
  • Chrome Metal Sword (13431) and  Ruber (13421) can now be used by Thieves
  • Ixion Wings (1737), Double Bound (1736), Nepenthes Bow (1740) and Creeper Bow (18111) can now be used by Rogues
  • Explosive Kunai, Full Metal Jacket, Projection Landmine and Dragon Tail are now correctly misc items and had their descriptions updated to reflect it
  • Genetic-made potions, Poison Bottles and Holy Waters now carry the maker's name
  • Rebalanced and improved Rebel guns so higher level ones aren't worse than the cheap stuff
  • New cards!
  • New headgears from Headgear Connoisseur!
  • New headgears from Prontera Princess!
  • New headgears from Cash Shop!

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#7333 May 23rd | Megapatch v2.0

Posted by Byte on 23 May 2015 - 11:48 AM

[ General ]

  • Implemented Undersea City update, including new quests and many new items - a post further introducing the content will be made shortly, players can access this by the eastern part of Izlude for now
  • Consumables can no longer be used while afflicted by certain status effects
  • Player ATK and DEF formulas have been corrected to be more accurate
  • Corrected Weapon Size Modifiers
  • @duel can no longer be used while performing songs and dances
  • Increased script event queue size and timeout, reducing the amount of bugs potentially encountered in quests or through NPCs
  • Temporarily disabled Achievement System while we work out some potentially harmful bugs and introduce a new client for official support
  • Reduced defense investment based HP of Emperium
  • Battlegrounds Rewards have been increased:
    KVM: 9 per win, 3 per loss
    Tierra: 13 per win, 4 per loss
    Flavius: 17 per win, 6 per loss


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Fixed a bug with GvG flagged maps not using GvG-specific rules
  • Updated Item Mall and Prontera utility room maps
  • Updated all Monster ATK and MATK values - they will now deal less damage on average, aside from "caster" type monsters
  • Low level monsters have had their spell levels reverted back to normal following the above update
  • Monsters not flagged as Bosses or inside of instances have had their Waterball replaced with Falling Ice Pillar
  • NPC_SLOWCAST will no longer incorrectly persist through death
  • NPC_EARTHQUAKE now has proper behavior and damage formula
  • Added Swift Mantis and Elusive Mantis to dic_fild01 and dic_fild02
  • New monster drops:
    Nightmare Dark Priest now drops Revised Great Encyclopedia [ID: 2186]
    Ifrit now drops Kaunaz Knife [ID: 13085]
    Kraken now drops Laguz Knife [ID: 13080]
    Vesper now drops Hagalaz Knife [ID: 13087]
    Golden Scaraba Queen now drops Eihwaz Knife [ID: 13084]
    Vesper now drops a new misc item: Runic Magic Essence [ID: 6604]
    Kraken now drops a new misc item: Bottle of Kraken's Ink [ID: 31235]
    (New Miniboss) Siren drops Flow Shoes [ID: 22057]
    (New Miniboss) Poseidon drops Flow Manteau [ID: 2593]
    (New Miniboss) Abyssal Merman drops Flow Shield [ID: 2163]
    (New Miniboss) Baby Kraken drops Crystallized Water Bead [ID: 2994]
    Sropho, Sedora, Pot Dofle, and King Dramoh drop various new misc items used in the Undersea City update


[ NPCs ]

  • Various quest description and NPC dialogue fixes updates
  • Added a bunch of new quests to Eden Group, Prontera Mission Board, Nightmare Glast Heim, and Malaya - Undersea City includes many new quests as well
  • Fixed an exploit involved with the Poring Race
  • Added Identity Dealer to Prontera utility room - he will take your Name Change Token (10,000 CP) to allow you to change your character's name
  • Headgear Connoisseur now has 6 new hats for you to create: Aura Quartz Crown [ID: 18723], Skymet Helmet [ID: 18726], Jolly Roger [ID: 18847], Dragon Knight's Eyepatch [ID: 5924], Monstrous Fish Gills [ID: 5921], and Pirate's Dagger [ID: 5532].


[ Classes ]


  • Various skill and skill icon description fixes and updates
  • Status effects have been fixed to apply at the proper success chance as well as their proper duration
  • Burning, Freezing, Deep Sleep, and Crystallization will now correctly always have a minimum duration
  • Deep Sleep and Crystallization can no longer be reapplied to keep someone permanently disabled under the same status
  • Safety Wall formula finally fixed, will now cancel after its HP is depleted or a certain number of hits is reached - this also affects Elemental Shield and Stein Wand
  • All healing skills have had their formulas fixed to properly reflect the correct stats the user has


Rune Knight:

  • Concentration no longer cancels upon swapping equipment
  • Frenzy now regularly checks for the permanent Endure effect to correctly apply during the duration
  • Ignition Break now works with any weapon
  • Wind Cutter now works with any weapon
  • Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath - Water now have a 0.2s cooldown and are now correctly affected by ranged damage bonuses as well as reductions - they are unaffected by Wall of Fog
  • Refresh can now correctly be used under any status, no longer removes Cash Shop food and buffs, and grants immunity to Chaos and Hallucination
  • Hundred Spears will no longer incorrectly automatically cast Spear Boomerang twice
  • Storm Blast now has 1 sec skill cooldown to prevent wasting runes and no after-cast delay



  • Fixed Fire Pillar's activation area and removed the catalyst cost
  • Fixed Napalm Vulcan damage to be more official
  • Fixed Gravity Field damage to be more official
  • Fixed White Imprison success chance and duration
  • Fixed a bug where Earth Strain sometimes hit twice, and added a consistency check to the damaging portion of the skill



  • Fixed Camouflage to prevent logging out
  • Fixed Unlimit to no longer incorrectly cancel upon removing or switching equipment other than weapons, fixed the cooldown to 5 minutes
  • Fixed All damaging traps to be considered melee and thus blocked by Safety Wall and not Pneuma
  • Fixed Electric Shocker's SP drain to be 5% per skill level every second
  • Fixed Sandman, Freezing Trap, Blast Mine and Flasher to have the correct chance to apply status ailments (40% + 10% per skill level)



  • Fixed Hovering to properly avoid all ground-based skills and effects
  • Fixed Flame Launcher area of effect range
  • Fixed Arms Cannon to properly apply weapon element
  • Fixed Power Swing range to 2 cells
  • Magma Eruption damage now scales with level, Stun chance is flat 90%, the initial slam now applies weapon element, and range was fixed to 2 cells
  • Updated FAW - Silver Sniper and FAW - Magic Decoy stats; SS will now use a low level of Tracking and Magic Decoy is a Detector type



Guillotine Cross:

  • Improved Enchant Deadly Poison to give a higher overall damage boost
  • Fixed Cloaking Exceed to correctly give the proper Movement Speed bonus per level
  • Fixed Hallucination Walk to correctly apply the debuff after the duration ends
  • Weapon Blocking now correctly activates the proper stance duration and its attack and movement delays have been reduced
  • Soul Breaker no longer misses Ghost property enemies
  • Fixed Oblivion Curse poison application chance
  • Fixed Venom Dust to now properly apply Poison regardless of resistance


Arch Bishop:

  • Fixed Offertorium to correctly remove negative status effects
  • Activating Offertorium will now cancel the caster's Magnificat, and activating Magnficat will cancel the caster's Offertorium
  • Fixed Clearance for good, it no longer removes random stuff it shouldn't
  • Fixed Renovatio damage formula on Undead to be more official
  • Fixed Adoramus to properly apply the correct debuff success chance and duration


Royal Guard:

  • Reworked King's Grace:
    Effect added
    Properly grants invulnerability and untargetability
    Cures and prevents Masquerades, Blood Lust, and all pre-Renewal statuses - will not affect targets under White Imprison or Devotion
    Stasis prevents King's Grace from being cast
  • Shield Press now correctly uses weapon element
  • Inspiration no longer removes Cash Shop food and buffs
  • Exceed Break correctly restores the user's Movement Speed if interrupted while casting and will now only cancel upon weapon switch
  • Fixed Cannon Spear damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Overbrand damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Prestige to be more official
  • Fixed Shield Spell to be more official
  • Fixed Ray of Genesis cast time



  • Fixed Elemental Analysis to correctly use the proper Red Blood recipe
  • Fixed Poison Buster damage to be more official
  • Fixed Varetyr Spear damage to be more official
  • Fixed Diamond Dust damage and success chance to be more official
  • Fixed Psychic Wave to correctly apply the damage boost and elemental imbue from Elemental Spirits
  • Fixed Vacuum Extreme to correctly suck in only one target at a time
  • Re-added Warmer status icon
  • Fixed Elemental Action skill properties
  • All Elemental Spirits have received stat boosts and all of their skills will now work 100% correctly
  • Warmer will not longer heal Emperium under certain circumstances



  • Fixed Poem of Netherworld's success chance, duration, and animation
  • Fixed Harmonize to correctly apply its debuff to the caster



  • Fixed Cannonballs to no longer be removed upon login
  • Fixed Acid Terror damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Acid Demonstration damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Cart Cannon damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Cart Boost to grant the proper amount of Movement Speed per level
  • Fixed Crazy Weed damage formula and damage spread to be more official
  • Fixed Fire Expansion to correctly apply its effects at every skill level
  • Fixed Demonic Fire to properly be removed by Fire Expansion, and corrected its effects
  • Fixed Spore Explosion damage formula to be more official
  • Hell Plant now has a 0.2s cooldown
  • Fixed Sling Item:
    Banana Bomb now correctly reduces LUK by 20
    Melon Bomb now correctly reduces Movement Speed and ASPD
    Mysterious Powder now correctly reduces Max HP
    Black Mass now correctly reduces all stats by 5~10

Homunculus Changes:



Shadow Chaser:

  • Fixed Manhole to no longer incorrectly affect Barricades and Guardian Stones - only Shadow Form can be used on Manholed targets
  • Fixed all Masquerade skills' success chances
  • Emergency Escape is now a ground-targeted ability, improving usability



  • Improved combo handling
  • Fixed Throw Spirit Sphere damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Call Spirits cast time to be more official
  • Fixed Asura Strike damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Gate of Hell damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Skynet Blow damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Fallen Empire damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Windmill damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Ride the Lightning damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Rampage Blaster damage formula to be more official
  • Pressure Point: Energy Gain will now acquire up to 15 Spirit Spheres if Rising Dragon is active
  • Fixed Pressure Point: Silence damage formula to be more official



  • Fixed Gatling Fever will now override Platinum Alter's effect, formula corrected to be more official
  • Platinum Alter will now override Gatling Fever's effect, ATK and DEF formulas were corrected
  • Heat Barrel will now override Platinum Alter's and Gatling Fever's effect, ATK formula was corrected
  • Eternal Chain now actually increases the damage of Chain Action based on skill level and the amount of Coins spent
  • Fallen Angel had its damage formula and functionalities corrected
  • Fire Dance had its damage formula corrected, number of hits increased and gained appropriate coooldown and after-cast delay
  • Shatter Storm had its damage formula corrected
  • Banishing Buster had its damage formula corrected
  • Mass Spiral had its damage formula and cast times corrected
  • Anti-Material Blast had its damage formula corrected
  • Hammer of God had its damage and stun succes chance formulas corrected
  • Quick Draw Shot had its damage formula corrected and will no longer remove Crimson Marker from affected targets
  • Howling Mine had its damage formula corrected
  • Dragon Tail had its damage formula corrected
  • Fire Rain had its damage formula corrected
  • Round Trip had its damage formula corrected
  • Bind Trap detonated through Flicker will now properly deal damage



  • Fixed Happo Kunai damage formula to be more official
  • Fixed Throw Zeny and Mucha Nage interaction with 1-damage property and Plant types
  • Fixed Makibishi to correctly deal damage
  • Fixed Oboro Gensou completely - Temporarily disabled due to a serious issue
  • Fixed Setsudan to correctly deal additional damage to targets with a Soul Link applied
  • Fixed a bug where Huuma Shuriken Ranka sometimes hit twice, also completely removed its After Cast Delay
  • Fixed Bakuretsu Kunai damage formula to be more official, and it will now properly apply weapon element
  • Fixed Zanzou's HP to scale with caster's Max SP
  • Fixed Zenkai's success chances to be flat regardless of the amount of charms used

[ Items ]

  • Various item description and script fixes and updates
  • Sadagui Herb, Yggdrasil Dust, Peony Mommy, and Snow Flip usability improved
  • Chemical Protection Scrolls and Repair Scrolls no longer require reagents
  • Fixed Violet Fear and both Twin Edge of Naght Sieger defense bypassing ability, and added a visual notification to alert players to its activation
  • Added Mega Resistance Potion (100 CP) to Cash Shop
  • Added Name Change Token (10,000 CP) to Cash Shop
  • Fixed Vitata 500 to correctly increase Max SP

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#6569 Our Fancy New Loot

Posted by Terpsichore on 11 March 2015 - 06:12 AM

As you probably already know, we've implemented quite a large amount of official jRO headgears, weapons and armors as well as certain custom items.

Majority of those jRO items are cash-shop exclusive or come with seasonal packages, which include merchandise and other similar stuff, so we've had a to find a way to implement them in-game,
New zones such as Verus, Fire Basin, Nightmare Clock Tower and Glast Heim are rather bland and fairly pointless on kRO, with barely or no loot related to them (or Eden Quests to this matter),
so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to both implement the gear and make our new content more relevant.

Since many people felt overwhelmed by the amount of this new stuff and asked for a comprehensive list and what drops what, I'm making one.

Note that this list only adresses jRO exclusive and custom items. As for headgears, only those that are dropped by monsters, crafted by NPCs or contained in lockboxes will be listed since the
rest is either sold by Prontera Princess or in Cash Shop, there's quite a few, and accessories as well.

This doesn't include stuff from Headgear Connoisseur.


  • Costume: Ifrit's Breath (19817) - Ifrit
  • Costume: Fluffy Baphomet Hat (20234) - Baphomet
  • Costume: Silver Strand of Commandment (20406) - Fallen Bishop Hibram
  • Costume: Rainbow Feather Decoration (19650) - Leak
  • Poring Boss Hat (18802) - Golden Lockbox
  • Thornwood Band (18804) - Entweihen Crothen
  • Ignis Cap (18651) - Golden Lockbox
  • White Snake Hat (5411) - White Lady
  • Yggdrasil Herald Crown (18898) - Golden Lockbox
  • Sedora Hat (18727) - The Person Who Loves Sedoras quest from the Undersea City update
  • Laser Eye (19111) - MRPD-0700
  • Costume: Morroc's Faithful Servants (20430) - Desperate Morroc
  • Ferlock's Spare Hat (19145) - Enraged Captain Ferlock
  • Drooping Nine Tail (5252) - Moonlight Flower
  • Drooping Lady Tanee (5526) - Lady Tanee
  • Drosera Hairpin (18704) - Atroce
  • Costume: Believer's Cap (31033) - Gloom Under Night
  • Costume: Squirrel Hood (19140) - Rata
  • Necromancer's Hood (5502) - Necromancer
  • Costume: Angel's Veil (5915) - Sentinel Dame
  • Costume: Pig's Nose (31029) - Gullinbursti
  • Majoruros Horns (18749) - Majoruros
  • Drooping Eddga (5497) - Eddga
  • Costume: Beelzebub's Crown (20302) - Beelzebub
  • Costume: Woodie Hat (31324) - Woodie
  • Octopus Hat (5554) - Giant Octopus
  • Campfire Hat (5414) - Imp
  • Angeling Hairpin (5153) - Angeling
  • Yao Jun's Hat (5367) - Yao Jun
  • Costume: Vampire's Hairband (20098) - Bomi
  • Butterfly Wing Ears (18782) - Menblatt
  • Wind's Guide (5466) - General Egnigem
  • Dark Age (18605) - Nightmare Amon Ra
  • Costume: Drooping Zealotus (5975) - Zealotus
  • Costume: Prairie Wind (20048) - Gryphon
  • Costume: Khalitzburg's Helm (20432) - Crystal Case (Old Glast Heim)
  • Costume: Nidhoggur's Wig (31395) - Lost Dragon
  • Costume: Shaloshi's Headdress (31396) - Soaked and Dusty Jitterbugs
  • Costume: Jitterbug Cap (31674) - Gift from Roel
  • Puppy Ears Hat (18681) - Houndmaster
  • Costume: Sakura Cap (20284) - Laurell Weinder
  • Costume: Spare Card (5536) - Joker
  • Costume: Angel's Headphones (20493) - Valkyrie
  • Costume: Tipsiness (31439) - Samurai Specter
  • Ancient Dragon's Jeweled Crown (19262) - Gelid Specter
  • Costume: Water Stream (20448) - Gelid Specter
  • Costume: Clay Poring Jar (31542) -Takun
  • Costume: Evil Snake Lord Stall (31611) - Evil Snake Lord
  • Costume: Erurava Hat (31543) - Red Eruma
  • Costume: Sheep Horns (31567) - Goat
  • Costume: Alice Doll (19029) - Alice
  • Rocket Helm (18622) - Archdam
  • Papal Tiara (20489) - The Pope
  • Sitting Pope (19172) - Shohreh (Crescent in the Noon)
  • Drooping Pope (18673) - Shohreh (Crescent in the Noon)
  • Costume: Drooping Pope (Casual) (31031) - Shohreh (Crescent in the Noon)
  • Costume: Drooping Loomin (31032) - Shohreh (Crescent in the Noon)
  • Costume: Vesper's Protector (19436) - Vesper
  • Costume: Land Dragon's Skull (31811) - Detardeurus
  • Charocal Stove (20480) - Fire Pit
  • Wild Cat's Knit Cap (19292) - Wild Rider
  • Bunny Headdress (20031) - Errende Ebeceee
  • Costume: Gemini-S58 Eyes (19273) - Gemini-S58
  • Costume: Spider's Temptation (31596) - Dolomedes
  • Costume: Mysterious Beast's Ears (31597) - Chimera
  • Golden Majestic Goat (31589) - Nightmare Baphomet



  • Various Upgraded Weapons - Lockboxes, WoE Treasure Chests
  • Alca Bringer [2] (21004) - Golden Queen Scaraba, Seiyablem's slotting
  • Exorcist's Scripture (28602) - Nightmare Evil Druid, Root of Corruption and Silver Lockbox
  • Flash Claw (1833) - Excavation Robot, Champion Chen and Golden Lockbox
  • Hrist's Sword (13428) - Golden Lockbox
  • Iron Nails (1837) - Fire Golem and Silver Lockbox
  • Katar of Shiver (1298) - Big Bell and Golden Lockbox
  • Magical Blade [3] (13448) - Timeholder and Stalker Gertie
  • Magical Blade [2] (13438) - Kraken Tentacle
  • Snake Encyclopedia (1590) - Arc Elder, Professor Celia and Golden Lockbox
  • Undine Spear (1494)  - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Takohiki Knife (13081) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Pot Dofle's Axe (1318) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Royal Bow (18117) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Heitaroi's Sword (21013) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Barbed Wire (1993) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Wizard's Greatsword (21012) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Onimaru (21019) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Shadow Staff (1682) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Aion Staff (2028) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Meteor Strike (16043) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Giant Conch (1940) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Thunderclap (18133) - MRPD-0700
  • Soul Cutter (13098) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Exodus Joker XIII (28214) - Enraged Captain Ferlock
  • Erhu (1943) - Dracula
  • Jiangshi Bell (1999) - Moonlight Flower
  • Huuma Honootsuki (13318) - Weapon Craftsman Ki
  • Huuma Kaminaritsuki (13319) - Weapon Craftsman Ki
  • Huuma Koritsuki (13320) - Weapon Craftsman Ki
  • Kagekiri (13077) - Weapon Craftsman Ki
  • Holy Dagger (1244) - Bacsojin
  • Telescopic Hand (13464) - Mistress
  • Payon Guard's Spear (26003) - Payon Guard and Veteran Payon Guard
  • Irene's Family Treasure (1842) - Lord Doyen Irene
  • Weeder Knife (1227) - Houndmaster
  • Guns & Roses (13133) - Loomin
  • Sanctified Glaive (26008) - Reflection of Ktullanux
  • Paragon of Papacy (2040) - The Pope
  • Bloodied Athame (28761) - Darkest Illusion
  • Mental Destroyer (1661) - Darkest Illusion
  • Scorpion King's Stinger (28047) - Nightmare Amon Ra
  • Balmung (1161) - Lost Dragon



  • Various Upgraded Armors and Shields - Lockboxes, WoE Treasure Chests
  • Armor of the Wicked Dragon (15145) - Nightmare Baphomet
  • Assassin's Muffler (20714) - Eremes Guile (normal mob)
  • Bunny Slippers (2415) - Amon Ra
  • Crimson Gaiters (22034) - Naght Sieger
  • Crimson Poncho (2597) - Memory of Thanatos
  • Dusk Cloak (20769) - Great Demon Baphomet
  • Laphine Shield (2198) - Fire Pit
  • Oxygen Tank (20759) - Takun and Ankaa
  • Revised Great Encyclopedia (2186) - Amon Ra and Nightmare Dark Priest
  • Rider's Suit (15058) - Fulbuk
  • Rose of Eden (2192) - Nightmare Chimera and Amdarais
  • Rune Boots (2490) - Wounded Morroc
  • Thorny Boots (22064) - Nightmare Baphomet
  • Wanderer's Haori (2584) - Nightmare Wanderer and Swift Nightmare Wanderer
  • The Black Book (2176) - Nightmare Dark Lord
  • Flow Shoes (22057) - Siren
  • Flow Manteau (2593) - Poseidon
  • Flow Shield (2163) - Abyssal Merman
  • Blaze Shoes (22055) - Vassal of Illusion
  • Blaze Manteau (2595) - Vassal of Corruption
  • Blaze Shield (2159) - Vassal of Destruction
  • Hyuke's Clothes (15123 ) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Angeling Suit (15171) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Aegir's Helm (18728) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Aegir's Armor (15061) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Aegir's Mantle (20700) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Aegir's Shoes  (2495) - Istan's Workshop from the Undersea City update
  • Medical Boots (22100) - Archangeling
  • Stoicheia Boots (22039) - Brinaranea
  • Vafthrudnir's Cape (20745) - Brinaranea
  • Rosevine Robe (15115) - Woodie
  • Shield of Fruitful Soil (28909) - Woodie
  • Shield of Living Wildfire (28906) - Boitata
  • Shield of Turbulent Current (28908) - Garm
  • Shield of Subtle Breeze (28907) - Knight of Windstorm
  • Burning Coat (20737) - Armor Craftsman Gyo
  • Violent Gale Coat (20738) - Armor Craftsman Gyo
  • Arctic Coat (20739) - Armor Craftsman Gyo
  • Angel's Dress (2358) - False Angel
  • Pure White Apron (15057) - Alice
  • Scutum (28903) - Orc Hero
  • Crimson Stole (20778) - Gloom Under Night
  • Elemental Tights (19048) - Faithful Manager
  • Hunter's Cloak (20723) - Zmey Gorynych
  • Polyhedron Shoes (22082) - Kraken
  • Martial Shoes (22072) - Lord Doyen Irene
  • Torrential Cloak (20713) - Awakened Ktullanux
  • Ivory Breastplate (15168) - Nidhoggur's Shadow
  • Drake's Coat (15209) - Drake
  • Scaraba Queen's High Heels (15368) - Scaraba Queen and Golden Scaraba Queen
  • Fall from Grace (22120) - Pharaoh
  • Shoes of Little Hopes (22038) - Loomin
  • Steredma ton Ouranon (28940)  - Reflection of Ktullanux
  • Telos kai Arche (22142) - The Pope
  • Drape of Wayward Divinity (2583) - Shohreh (Crescent in the Noon)
  • Royal Marksman's Cuirass (15386) - Nightmare Amon Ra
  • Agricultural Clothes (15144) - Silver Lockbox
  • Dragon Clothes (15135) - Silver Lockbox
  • Natural Clothes (15140) - Silver Lockbox
  • Orca Clothes (15142) - Silver Lockbox
  • Shepherd's Clothes (15139) - Silver Lockbox
  • Vernon Clothes (15143)- Silver Lockbox
  • Vicious Clothes (15134) - Silver Lockbox
  • Botanist's Mail (15122) - Golden Lockbox
  • Dragon Mail (15130) - Golden Lockbox
  • Engineer's Mail (15106) - Golden Lockbox
  • Entomologist's Mail (15107) - Golden Lockbox
  • Excusia's Mail (15113) - Golden Lockbox
  • Fisherman's Mail (15104) - Golden Lockbox
  • Grigori's Mail (15109) - Golden Lockbox
  • Hunter's Mail (15102) - Golden Lockbox
  • Military Mail (15112) - Golden Lockbox
  • Priest's Mail (15124) - Golden Lockbox



  • Haunted Heart (2893) - Naght Sieger
  • Vesper Gear 01 (28352) - Researcher Zakline in Verus
  • Vesper Gear 02 (28353) - Researcher Zakline in Verus
  • Vesper Gear 03 (28357) - Researcher Zakline in Verus
  • Vesper Gear 04 (28359) - Researcher Zakline in Verus
  • Wizard's Left Eye (2914) - Nightmare Dark Lord
  • Crystallized Water Bead (2994) - Baby Kraken
  • Quill Pen Ring (2799) - Cendrawasih
  • Small Book Pendant (2714) - Sage Worm
  • Divine Glove (28323) - Errende Ebecee
  • Hraunskrida (2877) - Muspelskoll
  • Hildisvini's Tusk (28521) - Necromancer Mors
  • Wataru's Knife (28300) - Armor Craftsman Gyo
  • Fuuma Jewel ( 28301) - Armor Craftsman Gyo
  • Hand of Glory (28314) - Fallen Bishop Hibram
  • Devil's Wing (2948) - Wounded Morroc
  • Green Surgical Glove (28313) - Weird Old Man (Biolabs 4 item exchange)
  • Rites of Supremacy (28599) - The Pope
  • Cherry Blossom Badge (28597) - Shohreh (Crescent in the Noon)
  • Seastone Cuff Bracelet (28598) - Shohreh (Crescent in the Noon)



  • Vassal of Morroc Card (31443) - Vassal of Flame, Vassal of Destruction, Vassal of Illusion and Vassal of Corruption
  • Sky Petite & Penomena Card (27050) - Unrecognized Artist
  • Anubis & Teddy Bear Card (27051) - Unrecognized Artist
  • Orc Warrior & Rafflesia Card (27052) - Unrecognized Artist
  • Alnoldi & Bigfoot Card (27053) - Unrecognized Artist
  • Khalitzburg & Thara Frog Card (27054) - Unrecognized Artist
  • Woodie Card (31326)
  • Valkyrie Card (31354)
  • Gelid Specter Card (31444)
  • Temple Guard Card (31454)
  • Freyja's Bishop Card (31455)
  • Loomin Card (31456)
  • Reflection of Ktullanux Card (31457)
  • The Pope Card (31458)
  • Fire Pit Card (31850)
  • Repair Drone Card (31851)
  • Exploration Rover Card (31852)
  • Excavation Robot Card (31853)
  • Recon Robot Card (31854)
  • Darkest Illusion Card (31855)
  • Incarnation of Morroc Card (Angel) (31859)
  • Incarnation of Morroc Card (Golem) (31860)
  • Incarnation of Morroc Card (Undead) (31861)
  • Incarnation of Morroc Card (Ghost) (31862)
  • Lost Dragon Card (31857)


Pet Accessories:

  • Afro (Stone Shooter) (10033) - Egnigem Cenia
  • Beautiful Badge (Goblin Leader) (10028) - Orc Hero
  • Black Butterfly Mask (Succubus) (10037) - Zealotus
  • Fashionable Glasses (Loli Ruri) (10024) - Lord of the Death
  • Golden Earrings (Mao Guai) (10022) - Valkyrie Randgris
  • Green Jewel Bag (Leaf Cat) (10023) - Lady Tanee
  • Hairband of Stars (Marionette) (10025) - Dracula
  • Horn Barrier (Imp) (10038) - Hardrock Mammoth
  • Horns of Hell (Nightmare Terror) (10036) - Nightmare Baphomet
  • Jade Trinket (Wicked Nymph) (10029) - Maya
  • Masked Ball (Incubus) (10034) - Zealotus
  • Pet Soul Ring (Whisper) (10027) - Dark Lord
  • Queen's Coronet (Medusa) (10032) - Mistress
  • Ring of Death (Dullahan) (10031) - Memory of Thanatos
  • Spring (Golem) (10035) - Timeholder
  • Summer Fan (Miyabi Ningyo) (10030) - White Lady
  • Tassel for Durumagi (Shinobi) (10026) - Samurai Specter


Pet Taming Items

  • Meowfish (31193) (Wild Rose) - Sedora
  • Royal Shrimp (31198) (Sedora) - Kraken
  • Jug of Steamy Milk (31302) (Hillslion) - Tendrillion
  • Natural Bird Perch (31808) (Tatacho) - Hardrock Mammoth
  • Stillborn Ish (31807) (Lady Solace) - Tamer of Divinity
  • Gingerbread Cookie (12357) (Bacsojin) - Tamer of Divinity
  • Blue Music Sheet (31809) (Bard Pere) - Melody Jack
  • Red Music Sheet (31810) (Skald Pere) - Melody Jack



  • Heartring Egg (31249) - Quest from Former Researcher inside of the Aldebaran's Alchemist Guild
  • Wild Rose Egg (31194)
  • Sedora Egg (31197)
  • Hillslion Egg (31301)
  • Tatacho Egg (31801)
  • Lady Solace Egg (31800)
  • Bacsojin Egg (9039)
  • Bard Pere Egg (31802)
  • Skald Pere Egg (31803)
  • Scatleton's Cage (9101) - Scatleton Pet Quest
  • Skelion's Garden (9113) - Skelion Pet Quest


Some existing gear, mainly from end-game MvPs received a slight buff as well, here's the list:

  • All Two-Handed Spears grant +25% DEF and have increased ATK in most cases
  • All Two-Handed Staves grant +50% MDEF and have increased ATK in most cases
  • All Two-Handed Axes grant a x1.6 Critical Damage modifier and have increased ATK in some cases
  • Many existing pieces can be obtained from multiple additional sources, or their drop rates are increased
  • Diabolus Armor (2375)
  • Diabolus Boots (2433)
  • Diabolus Manteau (2537)
  • Valkyrian Shoes (2421)
  • Survivor's Rod (DEX) [1] (1618)
  • Survivor's Manteau (2509)
  • Thorn Staff of Darkness (1636)
  • Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (Red) (13413)
  • Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (Blue) (13412)
  • Violet Fear (1185)
  • Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger (2542)
  • Morroc Seal (2730)
  • Rune Spellstone (2731)
  • Death Loop (2732)
  • Bloodied Shackle Ball (2655) (set bonus)
  • Safety Ring (2615) and Improved Safety Ring (2956)
  • Skin of Ventus (2536)
  • Tournament Shield (2133)
  • Heavenly Maiden Robe (2513)
  • Pauldron (2514)
  • Eagle Wing (2515)
  • Meteo Plate Armor (2364)
  • Ebon Armor (15014)
  • Kandura (2388)
  • Improved Tights (2390)
  • Life Link (2391)
  • Chameleon Armor (2386)
  • Armor of Naga (2389)
  • Sprint Mail (2387)
  • Black Cat (2747)
  • Cold Heart (2746)
  • Dragon Manteau (2553)
  • Dragon Vest (2399)
  • Lord's Clothes (2318)
  • Robe of Casting (2343)
  • Mage's Coat (2334)
  • Blessed Holy Robe (2356)
  • Divine Cloth (2366)
  • Most New World pieces (Splendide, Manuk and Bifrost)
  • All Heroic Armors
  • Ferlock's set
  • All Infinite Space weapons, and there's a lot of custom ones
  • Most of Mora sets
  • Old weapons that autocast/grant spells
  • Almost all bows and whips/instruments
  • Most of old level 3/4 weapons
  • All Huuma Shurikens
  • Mora sets
  • Biolabs 3 and 4 gear
  • Many cards, both old and new are either improved or revamped entirely to stay relevant
  • Many older cards are also improved and some of the new ones are drastically changed
  • DEF bonuses on equipment, cards and set bonues (not innate DEF) were increased, MDEF too in some cases
  • A lot of additional gear can be slotted
  • Mayomayo (Malangdo) enchants many more weapons
  • Many more I'm probably forgetting, check it ingame with the @id command if you're interested

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#2971 what to main

Posted by Syncope on 18 December 2014 - 06:22 AM

Play sorc so i can tell you how bad you are at it
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#8571 December 21st | Patch v5.0 | Christmas Event

Posted by Terpsichore on 21 December 2015 - 11:33 PM

[ General ]

  • Christmas Event is now up, for three weeks, and EXP is doubled as well!
  • Large variety of in-game events and content is available, look around Prontera and Lutie! (Thanks to FlashCombo and Penciltea for their help!)
  • Holly Land is the main attraction of this season, it involves multiple custom maps and monsters for different level ranges, a special boss, headgear crafting and EXP turn-ins
  • Dozens of skill, item and status icon descriptions fixes were added



[ List of Headgears Available During Christmas Event ]

  • Elder Crown  [1] (18812) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Angeling Knit Hat [1] (19047) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Christmas Hamster (31270) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Snowman Hat [1] (5738) - Santa Helper's quest reward
  • Antonio's Santa Hat [1] (5136) - Possible reward from Stolen Christmas Gift
  • Rudolph's Nose (5204) - Santa & Rudolph's quest reward
  • Rudolph's Santa Hat (5742) - Santa & Rudolph's quest reward
  • Red Twin Pom-pom Hat (5488) - Grinch's quest reward
  • Blue Twin Pom-pom Hat (5390) - Grinch's quest reward
  • Santa Poring Hat (5381) - Grinch's quest reward
  • Costume: Chocolate Mint Bonnet (20243) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Eclipse Hat (20241) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Mouton Earmuffs (19989) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Shining Santa Poring (19685) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Frozen Rose Band (20046) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Spiral Pierce used by monsters is now always treated as a ranged attack for the sake of consistency
  • Soul Breaker used by monsters had its level halved due to to the new official skill formula which made it deal absurd damage when cast by monsters
  • Bio Lab 3 and 4 monsters had their loot tables revamped and improved
  • Port Malaya instance bosses had their drop chances improved and normalized, EXP increased and they received MVP rewards as well
  • Bifrost Tower had its spawns rearranged for a better experience
  • Knight of Windstorm now drops Expert Ring and Eagle Wing
  • Amon Ra now drops Morrigane's Manteau
  • Turtle General, Lord of the Death, Zmey Gorynych, RSX-0808 and Bacsojin had their droprates increased for some items



[ NPCs ]

  • Two new Automated Events have been added!
  • Event Criers have been revamped for better functionality, offering warp only to the currently active event
  • Lazy Quartermaster now offers new wares and all prices have been adjusted
  • WoE Emissary now once again warps to the castle's entrance
  • Nurse now only removes basic debuffs
  • Port Malaya quests now always give VIP rewards
  • Port Malaya instances now have a normalized cooldown of 3 days and a half



[ Classes ]



  • You can now achieve 100% status immunity through stats, needing 150 of the correspondent stat, this is not a definite change and will be observed
  • Slightly corrected HP/SP growth formulas to be more accurate
  • Full Throttle is no longer dispellable


Royal Guard:

  • Pinpoint Attack now inflicts Bleeding with the correct duration



  • Fire Pillar now correctly only ignores MDEF and nothing else
  • Fire Ball had it's damage formula correctly increased
  • Frost Nova now has its correct area of 7x7
  • Earth Strain no longer divests if it no damage is dealt
  • White Imprison is now correctly removed by Napalm Vulcan



  • Dragonology now grants its correct bonuses (as stated on iROWiki)
  • Elemental Spirit Lv.1 Passive Mode now correctly increases the damage of Bolt skills and Spellfist
  • Crystallization now correctly blocks the use of all consumable items
  • Warmer now heals for the correct amount when Agni Lv.2 Passive Mode is active (x1~3)
  • Elemental Spirit and Insignia buffs are no longer incorrectly removed by clearance



  • Tiger Cannon no longer incorrectly splashes to hidden targets
  • Gate of Hell had its damage formula corrected (removed extra 100% portion from weapon part) and no longer incorrectly benefits from ranged damage % effects
  • Skynet Blow executed through Flash Combo now correctly splashes around the caster and not the target
  • Ride the Lightning now has its pre-nerf implementation, cast time is removed and damage scales with DEX, now correctly requires the correct amount of spheres to cast and has 5x5~7x7~9x9 cells area
  • Snap had its click range corrected so the character doesn't get stuck when clicked too far away
  • Knuckle Arrow now knocks-back in the opposite direction instead of to the west



  • Equipment Refine now also grants ranking points for armor refines



  • Alchemy now has the same success rate for transcendent Genetics as a job level 70 Creator would have, this doesn't scale further
  • Stomachache debuff from Black Mass now correctly reduces movement speed
  • Sling Item now deals correct damage with all the throwable items and scales with base level
  • Thorn Trap now has the correct debuff duration for all levels
  • Demonic Fire was corrected to only allow one instance


Guillotine Cross:

  • Poison Smoke had its duration correctly increased for all levels


Shadow Chaser:

  • Emergency Escape now correctly backslides instantly and has the correct range based on skill level
  • Plagiarise no longer incorrectly attemps to copy Homunculus skills
  • Reproduce now works with Jyumonjikiri and Setsudan


Wanderer and Minstrel:

  • Ensemble Songs from second jobs are no longer incorrectly removed by clearance



[ Items ]

  • Iron Nails now ignore half of target's DEF
  • Luxurious Western Food and Manchu Han Imperial Feast are no longer dispelled upon death
  • Clearance and Dispel no longer incorrectly remove Cash Shop buffs, buffs from Lazy Quartermaster's wares, Genetic potion buffs and cosmetic effects
  • Speed Potion's effect now correctly ignores slowing effects such as Quagmire and Decrease Agility
  • Corrected item scripts that deal with SP increasing/decreasing bonuses and physical damage increasing effects
  • Sound Amplifier now reduces global variable cast time
  • Bangungot and Buwaya Agimat Tattoos had their stats improved to be relevant
  • Mora Berry now has its correct buff, reducing damage taken from Bifrost area monsters
  • Greater Agimat of Ancient Spirit now has its correct buff, increasing physical and magical damage done to Demon race
  • Buche de Noel now has its correct buff
  • Malangdo Cat Can now has its correct buff
  • Cup of Boza now has its correct buff
  • Added Daehwandan and Taecheongdan consumables to Cash Shop
  • Slightly reduced prices of Bronze, Silver and Golden Keys
  • Snowysnow Hat (20242) and Snow Bunny Knit Hat (19990) have been added to Cash Shop during Christmas Event and will be removed once it's over!

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#7691 July 16th | Megapatch v3.0

Posted by Singularity on 16 July 2015 - 11:03 PM

For what it's worth, seeing that the server is not completely dead is very reassuring to me, as someone who just joined.  The fact that you're still updating makes it such that my wife and I are likely to stick around and recommend it to any that would join us, and I'm sure we're not the only ones.


On the whole, I'm fairly impressed with this server so far; everything (to date... not done everything yet, of course!) seems "just right" overall.  Thanks to the admin here for your dedication to your server!  Keep it up and I'm certain population will  come back up in due course.

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