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[Event Support] 2018 Gaming Marathon!

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    Steel Chonchon

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Les Doigts Souples is doing it again!

2018 Gaming Marathon


... and Leika-RO is launching #FreeWills campaign


What is this about?

Extra Life is a non-profit organization whose purpose is collecting donations to aid sick children across Quebec. One of their outlets to help this cause is the Opération Enfant Soleil, which requests its participants to do a 24 hours gaming marathon that is streamed for everyone to see. Spectators are encouraged to donate what they deem correct both during and before the process. Those funds are then transferred to the Extra Life organization, which distributes them across the hospitals of Quebec to be used in the treatment of infants in need.


Who's participating?
Les Doigts Souples is a team compounded by five friends engaged in the Audiovisual studies. This team compromises to employ their knowledge in order to host an adequate gaming stream and stay awake for the whole 24 hours, while keeping the viewers entertained. Prower (Wills/Ryu) is part of Les Doigts Souples team and a player at LeikaRO, so we decided to give his team a little coverage and hopefully help the cause.


Join #FreeWills campaign and receive rewards!

Recently, members of Les Doigts Souples have decided to corrupt and claim ownership over Wills. For this reason, Leika-RO is launching a #FreeWills campaign demanding the freedom of our beloved player. And well, during this campaign, you can support this cause right now or wait for the event to be active, you're able to make donations in either case. The gaming stream will begin March 14th at 6:00 AM EST and will continue for the full 24 hours. Please note that the team will speak mostly French, but English is also welcome in the public chat and they'll reply to everyone.

Below are the different ways that you can receive a reward:



  • Your action: Like Les Doigts Souples' Facebook page and write the following comment on their page: #FreeWills IGN: [Insert your in-game nick here]
  • Reward: 4979547365.png x1000 Leika Coins



  • Your action: Make a donation on this page with a note encouraging Les Doigts Souples to #FreeWills and send me a PM with a screenshot of your donation confirmation.
  • Reward: For every 5$ donated, you get 4979547365.png x2500 Leika Coins. Every 10$ donated, you'll additionally receive cdf9b89f9f.gif x1 Golden Key



  • Your action: Watch Les Doigts Souples on Twitch.tv and write the following comment on their box chat: #FreeWills IGN: [Insert your in-game nick here]. Send me a private message with a screenshot of the action above.
  • Reward: 4979547365.png x1000 Leika Coins


Bonus: If you complete all the goals from above you get to pick one of the hats below

  • Reward:
    - qb1WO13.png Trick Hat

    - 78ff6e539d.gif Showy High Cap


Deadline to participate: March 16, 2018 at 23:59 PM server time.




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If I missed the live Twitch event, but comment on the recording, would that count? I didn't see the event note until today and I can't comment on the stream until tomorrow. I did the other two and am trying for the hat reward, but, not begging, just asking.  /no1

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    Steel Chonchon

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The following silly people, please report yourself to Terpsichore to receive your reward:

  • Dan Shiro
  • Gethsemane
  • Nyenna

If you don't, I'll keep your prize >.>..

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