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Battlepriest revamp brainstorming (and general Priest stuff)

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I've seen many people trying to make such builds work over the years, but they always remained very mediocre due to being purely /noctrl attack oriented, while having inferior supportive abilities and nothing much to boost their damage.
It's time to change that, so help me out!
Here's what I have so far:
General concepts

  • Ability to deal reasonable damage while providing solid support.
  • Good self-sufficiency.
  • Emphasis on spending SP on supportive skills to maximize own damage output.
  • Need to actively attack enemies to maximize supportive output.
  • Efficient ways of recovering SP while actually smacking stuff.
  • Some additional utility not available to standard FS builds, and not abusable by those due to skill requisite and point requirements.
  • More effective against Demons and Undeads but still viable all around.
  • This should come with a small skill tree revamp, at least for AB, mostly making sense of Praefatio and Duple Light as requisites.
  • Equipment to better accomodate this build would be added, and some older pieces changed.
  • Access to very limited AoE potential, still a single-target oriented build but not completely neutered in the AoE deparment.

Basically, the idea involves a semi-tanky build that deals alright damage, pretty good damage against targets weak to Holy, can provide decent support and moderate healing. Sort of a melee equivalent of Sorcerer.
Below come some ideas for particular skills, it's all pretty vague for now and obviously not all the changes are meant to go together, if at all.
Castigatio (new skill)

  • Single-target melee skill that deals moderate to high damage, on a medium cooldown.
  • Self-cast buff, just like Exceed Break or Crushing Strike. Fits the BP's playstyle more than a targeted skill.
  • Additional damage to Demons and Undeads.
  • Follows weapon's property.
  • Able to crit and double-hit.
  • Portion of the damage is splashed to targets that are close. The theme would be basically splashing the weapon with holy water and smashing the target.
  • After a succesful hit, the next cast within a couple of seconds is instant. This would open many options, both offensive and defensive, since this build can't really pick Sacrament.
  • Boost the next healing ability after a succesful hit?
  • Refunds its SP cost if it kills a target?
  • Costs a Holy Water and/or a Blue Gemstone.


  • Has a new active portion, a temporary buff that increases its passive effects or does something else related to demon slaying.


  • Recovers a small amount of SP per hit to melee attackers, maybe at a chance, maybe more for skills and less for normal hits. The values would be based on skill's level and FS builds can hardly max it.
  • Recovers a moderate amount of SP to the AB which cast it upon killing a debuffed target.
  • Success chance and damage increase could be tweaked.
  • Some sort of splash damage around the affected target when the AB hits it with a melee attack.


  • Increases melee damage by a moderate amount, like a mini EDP, draining SP with every normal hit and increasing the SP cost of melee skills.
  • This build would have the ability to regain SP while smacking and killing stuff so it would be possible to maintain the buff for moderate periods of time while actively attacking.
  • Also directly increases supportive ability since heals are boosted.
  • I wouldn't want it turned into a permanent toggle while mashing SP recovery items though, so there must be limitations.

Mace Mastery

  • Increases melee damage based on max/current/missing SP.
  • The increase could be Mastery/Weapon ATK, magical damage (Enchant Blade style) or something else.
  • If it's based on missing SP (a percentage?), it would promote active use of supportive skills to increase damage since sitting at full SP wouldn't provide much of a boost.
  • Could also affect books.

Mana Recharge

  • Turned into a self-cast active buff, maybe retaining the current passive bonuses.
  • The active buff would reduce magical damage taken while recovering SP upon getting hit by a spell.
  • There's risk of FS builds picking this, but with all the requirements, it would leave a very dysfunctional build so it's ok I guess.

Magnus Exorcismus

  • Turned into a dual skill which deals both physical and magical damage, adding much needed scaling for battle builds.
  • This would mean great synergy with the instant-cast effect from Castigatio.

B.S Sacramenti

  • Probably the most underused skill in the game, especially with Piety and Robe of Affection around. Needs a complete rework, nothing much comes to mind though.
  • One idea is to turn it into some sort of short duration damage reduction buff, or absorbing shield for the caster and perhaps other adjacent Acolytes, or perhaps all players.
  • Can be cast by the Priest alone.
  • Would need a reagent cost.
  • Relocated in the skill tree so it can't be easily picked by FS/Caster builds.
  • Could also remain available to FS/Caster builds if the effects are moderate. Being a self-cast with a small area of effect around the Priest, I can't see how it could be abused, and it would be nice to have on FS builds.
  • Maybe it could be a small area debuff around the Priest that decreases damage done by enemies for a short duration.


  • Could be better in general.
  • Additional Soft DEF to the caster, and a bit more to the rest.
  • Could also boost Soft MDEF.
  • Reducing its maximum level to 5 while scaling down the bonuses.
  • Might be problematic when used by Suras with all the buffs, so perhaps the additional self Soft DEF would only apply to Priests.

Signum Crucis

  • While the skill is pretty amazing, no functional build can max it.
  • Reducing its maximum level to 5 and scaling down the values could work.
  • Infinite duration should go though, if it's made more usable, it should be actively maintained.

Divine Protection & Demon Bane

  • Pathethic bonuses all around, probably should be similar Ranger Main and Research Fire and Earth.
  • Demon Bane could also boost MATK.

There are also some general ideas when it comes to this class:

  • The skill needs an incentive to be leveled up, since its cooldown increases with every level.
  • Having it at level 5 as a requisite for everything doesn't make any sense.
  • Either a level selection toggle or normalizing the cooldown would help.

Impositio Manus

  • Extremely underwhelming in renewal.
  • Could either provide more damage (boring) or do something else, like increasing HIT and/or CRIT?


  • It's pretty awful to see FS builds pigeonholed into picking it, which doesn't really leave any build choices.
  • Maybe a general Fixed Cast Time revamp is in order, reducing all the long casts that are barely usable without Sacrament and some equipment.
  • With those very long cast times made manageable by default, Sacrament would no longer be an absolute necessity.
  • Sacrament could then work like Suffragium but for Fixed Cast Time, or perhaps both?
  • The effect would last for a set amount of casts, or the status itself could have a short duration, or both.
  • Loses cast time but gains cooldown.
  • Would lose its insane skill requirements to unlock.


  • If Sacrament is remade, this skill would be in a strange place.
  • Could affect Fixed Cast Time as well.
  • The reductions would be higher than those of Sacrament.
  • Would still last for a single cast.
  • Could instead reduce After-cast Delay for the next couple of casts.

I know all of this is pretty messy and vague, but that happens when the archetype doesn't have much holding it, so give me your ideas.




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Howdy Terp, as someone that has used BP on other server (Read official servers only) i can only give my ideas based on that. But this is my suggestions.


BP should in fantasy be the ultimate Demon/Undead/Shadow single target killer, and all suggestions are "complementary" of each other.


As Acolyte


Divine Protection and Demon bane are underwhelming. (Well, almost all of the similar skills are but this is for another topic)

The skill is dull and the almost complete dependence on it both being lvl 10 for later good stuff (this is for both jobs, Priests and Monks) is actually a retarded thing, being that you have to invest higher jobs points into Aco skills or even forego crucial stuff

Don't really helps all that much on later lvls, since the difference on dmg and defense is neglect-able at best

Possible solution: reduce the maximum lvl to 5, accommodating later skills to it (Blessing need it lvl 2, Bane, Angelus and Crucis just lvl 1) and give them a little boost (similar to what you did to RK and RG)

Make mastery atk stronger as a whole even perhaps make it go back to flat damage increase on the formula like it was pre-renewal 

Make all skills that are focused on "Evil" affect Shadow, Undead and Demon equally (instead of not having effect at all or being doubled down)


Signum Crucis

As you mentioned, change maximum level.

Make it a targeted skill with small AoE around the target (3x3)

Raise base Success Rate


Agi Down

Not mentioned, but highly useful skill, change it to have lower maximum lvls and fix the power accordingly

-9 Agi on lvl 5 (Max)


As Priest

Mace Mastery

Give it a little bump



Bigger stay duration, could leave damage as it is by changing how mastery atk works

Give it % Hit based on the caster lvl per lvl of the skill 
lvl 1 0.03% per base lvl

lvl 2 0.05% per base lvl

lvl 3 0.07% per base lvl

lvl 4 0.09% per base lvl

lvl 5 0.11% per base lvl



Make castable on self

Affect fixed cast time as well

Bigger reductions

Mutually exclusive with Sacrament



Make it work on monsters as it does on players (half duration on MvPs/Boss Protocol monsters)

Make it not drop on weapon change (only unequipping takes the buff and similar effect could be spread to endows raising the utility)

Change description to "accommodate" the change (like imbues the hands/spirit of the target to deal holy damage)



Cost 2 Holy Waters

Can be cast by priest alone

5x5 area on self

Makes the armor of all affected Holy 2

This can make a interesting combo for both BP and FS. Is costly to do it and the sudden shadow magic atk can mow you/party down even more, but can make tanking some stuff way more manageable IF you keep close tabs on both the Aspersio duration on target and BSS on self/party



Higher stay duration

1s cast time (0.4 fixed)

Gloria is a very high priority buff to BP, giving crit chance and flat damage, but even on max level is almost impossible to keep a higher uptime due to SP cost and how little it lasts


Magnus Exorcismus

Can affect all targets (not only "evil" ones)

150% Matk+80%Atk

Deals 1.25* to "evil" monsters

Casting a new one on top of a existing one replaces it (This would make it so that you don't really need to wait for the skill to end before using it again, getting a better uptime on it)


As High Priest



Change it back to how it was on Pre-Renew (Not halving all damage but similar process, like 1/3 reduction)

The skill the way is it now, doubles the target Hard Def and Hard Mdef. This makes the skill almost useless on most classes instead of a massive useful skill that it should be, only really making it good for tanks.

Still keep that cannot stack with Steel Body/Kaite and such



Not sure if this is already like it works but, change the heal% to all heals similar to Healing Staff

And yes, i know that this would be a indirect buff to all Priests


Mana Recharge

keep as it is

if a FS want to sink 15 precious points for it to be maxed, be my guest xD


As Arch Bishop



Give base Atk+Def on all cases and 1.25* on "evil" monsters (Demon, Undead or Shadow instead of only Demon and Shadow)



Similar targeting/Area as Signum

Killing a monster affected by it recovers 30+2*Skill lvl SP (less SP recovered than it cost to cast it)

Success Rate on lvl 10 to 100%

Lower cast time


Duple Light

Equalize the damage to 300/300 instead of 200/400


General ideas


Be able to use higher grade ASPD potion (Awakening)


More weapons to chose from. Instead of putting power on the skill directly, put it on maces that have bonuses based on that skill and make it to be only usable by Priests/AB, it can even be made that multiple "changes" on the skill only works on those maces


Few ideas that come to mind.


AoE mace

Moderate Atk (120ish)

Lvl 3

2 card slots

For each lvl of Duple Light Learned, causes all melee/Duple hits to splash for 6% of the damage dealt to nearby targets (3x3 area, 60% of damage done having Duple maxed)

For each upgrade of the weapon, causes all melee/Duple hits to splash for 1% of the damage dealt to nearby targets (3x3 area, 20% of damage done if +20)

This weapon would be the go to choice for AoE/Control scenarios. Not the highest damage input but on a min/max situation, you can deal 80% of the damage dealt on Melee+Duple as splash


Exorcist Mace

Medium atk+matk (100+120)

Lvl 4

0 card slot (can be slot enchanted to 1)

Each melee hit, have a chance (1% base) to make your next skill have no cast time, delay or cost (SP or item)

If upgraded to +5 Base chance = 5%

If upgraded to +7 Base chance = 8%

If upgraded to +10 Base chance = 15%

This would be the mace to use for chance to deal big damages on ME while still keeping the idea of "Need to smack things to be useful" and since ME would cause damage on all monsters it can be used anywhere to great effect (but have most power against evil ones)


Need Mana Mace

Low atk (50 tops)

Lvl 4

0 card slot

Each melee hit, have a chance (10%) to cast lvl 1 or highest of Oration on target (same rules apply 3x3 centered on target, no cost or cast time).

Each melee hit recovers 3SP

This would be the weapon to use for reduction/SP recovery. Smack stuff with it until it procs, change to a real weapon to kill stuff/recover SP. Even if you get unlucky and have no procs, you still have recovered some SP on the process.



    Hunter Fly

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You won't succeed. Chaser/sorc are better equipped to do that with his ASS/Hindsight/Spellfist and they still have troubles tackling anything past 150 lvl reliably. Nothing besides steel body sura tanks on this server. In fact, existence of sura makes battlepriest kind of pointless in the first place, but whatever. I'd rather focus on making decent weapons. Nemesis, Grand Cross and other shit could be made worth anything.



It's a good skill. You can just move it somewhere else in the tree so it'd be in the battlepriest line, maybe pre-req. Something similar to Mana Recharge. If you want it to be battlepriest exclusive supportive buff, make it party skill, just in the battlepriest skill tree line. Also think whether it should multiply resistance you already have, or stack, adding flat 10% more resistance.



It's pretty good as it is. It has its uses for both reducing resistance and marking stuff. People don't max it only because there are other, good skills. Might as well stay with lvl5 and have only 10% reduction insetad of sacrificing Clearance or Sacrament.



Don't even think about changing this. It's fucking amazing. If you have good sp support, it can carry medicore players in better places, it can be used as emergency to save critical situations, also allows parties which don't have 2nd priest to exist in harder spots. Effects and tradeoffs are good.


Mace Mastery

Sounds good. I'd just change it to aspd/crit bonus, or equip atk so it'd stack with all the other stuff and be multiplied by %, or something instead.


Mana Recharge

This is the skill you could turn into missing mana > more damage. Renewal allows taking more stats into higher levels and Heal doesn't have cast so I doubt battlepriests would not get int, especially that Duple Light has magical damage part.


Magnus Exorcismus

Leave it the way it is. Maybe add some autocast for it on some high end weapon or something.


B.S Sacramenti

Additional holy damage? Holy/Shadow/Undead affecting insignia? Consuming holy water and requiring only 1 caster.



Seems decent as it is. Could probably be boosted even further due to damage we get here. Magical Kyrie sounds too strong for acolyte skill.


Signum Crucis

How about active buff that continuously drains sp (like striking), but allows 50% def piercing or gives high chance to inflict broken armor status on melee hit which reduces target def by 50%? Or small (3x3) splash damage on melee hits.


Divine Protection & Demon Bane

Reduce bonuses and make them %? Also add MAtk?


Impositio Manus

Seems fine as it is if it's multiplied by % modifiers. Maybe could go up to 50 Atk, but not too much, it's 2nd class skill after all. Or you could turn this skill into offensive physical skill for battle priest. Just make it scaled with level or something since it's available early on. Or small (3x3) splash damage on melee hits.


Sacra & Suff

Don't touch them without thinking about whole casting and delay mechanics. Both fixed casts and cooldowns are cancer so there is plenty of possibilities, but it requires further thinking. I think Suffragium could be turned into Sacrament, and Sacrament could be reworked to affect cooldowns only. Maybe they wouldn't stack, but overwrite. That's a possibility for option with no changes in casting mechanics themselves.-50% cast for a single skill is pretty underwhelming in general, and fixed cast is so annoying that whichever skill reduces it will be always desired. Might as well get it earlier to help with low level stuff, and Sacra reducing cooldowns would be pinnacle.



    Fu Mao/Sir Lothar/Cid FF

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Hello everyone,
Regarding what you alredy suggested Terp I guess some synergy between skills and Mace Mastery/Mana Recharge would be nice.
Please bear in mind that I didn't do a skill point check on the path.

Castigatio (new skill)
Max Level: 10, selectable
Cast Time: none
Cast Delay: 3 seconds
SP cost: 15+ 5×Skill_lvl
Target: Enemy
Range: Melee
Cost: 2 Holy Waters
Property: Weapon's element.
Damage (ATK) = [ ( 100 + Skill_lvl × 50 + Luk × 5 ) × (BaseLv ÷ 100 ) ]%
Deals 50% more damage against Demon Race and Undead element.
After a succesful hit on crit, the next cast within a couple of seconds is instant.

Mace Mastery (Weapon Mastery)
Max Level: 10
Increases physical damage done with weapons.
Grants bonus damage based on missing SP.
Mastery Atk = + ( 10 × Skill_lvl ) × ( 2 - ( Current_SP / Max_SP ) )
Mana Recharge
Max Level: 5
SP consumption on skills is reduced by Skill_lvl × 4
Recovers 5 SP per hit.
Besides current properties it recovers ManaRecharge_Skill_lvl SP per hit.
Imposito Manus
Mastery Atk + 5×Skill_lvl
additionally, extra crit based on Mace_Mastery_lvl
Crit + 2×Mace_Mastery_lvl
Magnus Exorcismus
"Turned into a dual skill which deals both physical and magical damage, adding much needed scaling for battle builds."
"This would mean great synergy with the instant-cast effect from Castigatio."

I've tied this to Mana Recharge so regular Ado ME can't get free damage without sacrificing some skill points.
Deals 150% MATK + ( 10 × Mana_Recharge_Skill_Lvl )% × ATK
B.S Sacramenti
Requirement Mana Recharge Lvl 5
Cast on self
Type: Supportive Skill
SP Cost: 40
Duration: (Skill Level × 40) seconds
Target: Ground
Range: 9 cells
Area of Effect: 3x3
Cost 3 Holy waters
Reduces incoming damage from Undead race and Ghost property attacks  by 5 × Skill_lvl%

Remember that values are just a reference point. Hope this ideas are useful in any way.
Thanks for reading.

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