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Customes/head gear/instances

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i only need reply from gm or Admin not Random People thx.

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We already have Infinite Space Instance including custom additional weapons and buffed gears/enchants.

We will probably get Sky Fortress Instance eventually but I don't think it's on the radar right now.

Not really a fan of that sprite but considering we already have other wings they could be included to the Prontera Princess.

Would probably be implemented with bio 5, especially since I think it's normally obtained by a quest from there too.

Seems to me like it uses the same sprite as regular goggles(2224) which you can turn into a costume version with the help of the Costume Magician in the Item Mall.

Don't think they would be an issue until +10 but after that they quickly become the best option for every class and weapon type. They are also quite easy to obtain since they drop from regular monsters so no party or gear is needed to get the best weapons in the game.
Maybe we will eventually get customized versions of them but until then you could use Upraded Weapons from Lockboxes which are, until +10 refine, similar to crimson weapons.

Mad Bunny Special would probably be implemented in a customized way with Nightmare Toy Factory with similar reasons as Crimson Weapons. Even a base version would beat most of our custom shield options like Shield of Turbulent Current(28908) or Shield of Living Wildfire(28906) reducing the gear variety we currently have.

You can already obtain that by slotting the base version(5374) which you can get from the Sealed Shrine Instance.


Unlikely that we will get Gramps since it makes most other leveling options obsolete.

Will probably be included in the Verus Instance at some point but most likely with entirely different stats since it would be basically be a must have for CC builds and kill any alternative. Maybe lowering the stats could make it work but Terpsichore isn't a big fan of CC and it would probably be better to improve CC in general instead of rely on a single piece of gear to make it good.

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I edited your post and removed the broken hotlinks, RMS doesn't allow that.

As for the suggestions, Yako basically answered it all. Adding those costume wings (and other colors) might be a possibility. Dunno how people feel about those large sprites though, I don't like them much but I guess they don't interfere that much since they're sort of compact.




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No giant naruto wings please! 




Naruto Fan 2018

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