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multiple monitors - can only use one and only in Full Screen Mode

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Win 10 Pro, Compatibility Mode enabled for Patcher and LeikaRO.

2 Screens


I can only get Ragnarok to start if I start it in 1:1 screen resolution and Full Screen Mode. The game then starts on my second monitor and i can't even move it to my other monitor.


When i start Ragnarok in Window Mode it looks like this.



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solution: (thanks to Terpsichore)


- check the usual (run as admin + compatibility mode) //did not work for me

- start "opensetup" and check for resolution and correct gpu //did not work for me

- check windows setting for "main display" setting //did not work for me

- check graphics card driver for "main display" setting //did not work for me

- start ragnarok (in Full Screen Mode if needed) and move it to the main display (Windows default is [Windows+Shift+Arrow Keys]); close it properly (no alt+f4 or task manager kill); Windows will remember the Display for the process

  alternatively use Nvidia/AMD Software to set default display for individual programs

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To elaborate a bit more:


Normally the programs launch on your default monitor (the one you have designated for that), but if they're moved to another, Windows will remember that. Moving it back to the default monitor and closing it normally (NOT through ALT+F4) will make Windows remember the new position. The same applies to game's settings, don't ALT+F4 after you've changed something or it won't be saved.

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