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Rachel Mysterious Instance Short Story!

Rachel Instance FanFiction Event

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                So, this is how it began…


                It was another sunny day in Prontera, we were hanging around as usual, yet not a great day I must admit, since for some reason I couldn’t find any arc bishop to give me their blessings for a little journey to get some valuable ingredients for elemental converters, after all we all need to make a living in the midgard lands and I’m supposed to be the best at elemental change, not in vain my name is Elemental Prescription. So as a matter of duty I was preparing my magic gems for the travel when some eerie sound struck the city as a thunder followed by an earthquake that shook the entire continent


                As the confusion raised my guildmate, Rikudo, tracked the origin of the noise from the sacred town of Rachel where an ominous and mysterious portal of has been open. There was no option but to go to the source yet the unfathomable deeps of the gateway were warning us of the greater dangers lying inside the place, swaging our will from stopping the inevitable destruction that was threatening within it.


                We ventured inside the odd portal with the utmost precaution we could take, I must admit I was pretty scared myself as I’m mostly a magic support more than a warrior. As a blinding light covered our team we found ourselves in a destroyed town, this wasn’t Midgard anymore. Weird markings, strange noises and an ominous feeling of death sentence stagnated the air of the place, yet there was no choice but to follow onwards. I was distracted trying to understand the purpose of the appearance of such place yet the foggy air made the task almost impossible and without any notice we were surrounded by hordes of creatures endangering our path.


                Clashing swords, striking arrows and powerful magic, we used every resource at our hands to keep our team alive but seemed that there was no end for the aggressive creatures that kept coming for every step we took forward, it was obvious the force that was ruling them didn’t wanted us meddling around. Thankfully Baskerville, the most powerful warlock, in the land aided us clearing our path as he felt the foul magic coming for the place was too dangerous for him to ignore.  Every area of the place was full of lurking creatures ready to attack us, wearing us down, yet we managed to clear the crumbling town of the brutes when suddenly the fog started to disappear and the shadow of a big structure started to become visible in front of us, it was a strange looking gloomy castle, with a big iron door with some weird shaped scriptures on it. The path to follow was clear now.


                The big doors opened and all I could see was a strange throne chamber that seemed too ancient to even track its origin without further investigation, and the most suspicious thing, it was completely empty. The stagnated air started to clear as we proceeded to the center of the chamber, monsters started to appear from all directions. As we cleared our path a great noise struck from the void shaking the entire room, when suddenly Awakened Ktullanux, a great creature of the ice lands, appeared in front of us challenging our way forward. My services were needed at last, so I prepared a special land protector spell to avoid the beast’s filthy magic to wipe our front line warriors in the midst of the battle as they engaged the monster. The strategy resulted in success but the battle was far from over, Vesper and Niddhhoggur's Shadow, creatures for other lands were there too. What kind of distortion could bring them to the same place at the same time? It was no time for research, we were completely surrounded and almost embracing doom.


                Susurro, our guild leader, figured the only way of coming out of it alive was splitting our forces in two teams. One led by Mila, one of the greatest arc bishops in the land, and the other led by himself. The battle was fierce but with our lives at stake we fought with all our might covering each other’s backs. We took some losses but we managed to be successful and prevailed to the almost unstoppable creatures attack. For some reason the remnants of the beasts faded into the darkness covering the place and as they dwindled away a strange mechanism activated from within the chamber and a secret door behind the throne in the chamber appeared upon us. A then a voice coming from everywhere warned us “-Only death is waiting behind those doors”.


                We were exhausted and some of our friends, Nalgy and Prower, were swallowed by the void, they couldn’t come back, yet we had to press onwards for their sake. In the instant I touched the door I was casted into a secluded area, it was beautiful garden with blooming flowers and big trees in the surroundings yet there was a suspicious smell I couldn’t describe at that moment. All my guild was summoned there after a few seconds, then the voice spoke again “-Your destiny is sealed now, you all are going to die”. I couldn’t imagine what was about to come.


                The garden shook and from above an odd sound was coming closer, I raised my head and then I saw Naght Sieger the great demon. At that moment I realized, the smell that surrounded the garden was blood. Afraid of the demon attacks I used land protector spell to help my mates not knowing that would only help the beast get his job done, many lives would have been loss at my stake if it wasn’t because Nyenna, our most experienced Sura, didn’t hesitate and took every strike of the monster granting us an opening to defeat it.


                Our celebration was short as Amdarais was waiting in the shadows for an opportunity to strike, knocking away half of our forces. The deep despair stagnated the air of the garden as we saw our teammates fall one after the other to the hands of the nightmarish creature. Susurro called for our final strike… if we were going to die then we were going to do it fighting until our last breath. I was lying of the floor when upon my gazed I saw Tepa in tears in front of the beast screaming “-I won’t falter” then started chanting a holy spell. It was Redemptio the secret spell of the high priests, she sacrificed all her life force to return all our guildmates back to life. We were severely hurt but the challenging voice didn’t stop, “Now come and face your end”.



                We fought with all our might, protecting our best damage dealers, the Rangers, no matter the sacrifices and we emerged victorious. Tepa’s sacrifice was not in vain. The garden room started to crumble and while we shed tears thinking our fight was finally over, the voice said “Challenge me” and a shadow began to materialize from the center of the room. The entity, who called itself The Devil, summoned an army of undead warriors with sympathetic appearance but deadly intentions. We were wear out, there was nothing else we could do in the battlefield but we didn’t feared death anymore and faced the creature not minding our own lives. The Devil charged unto us leading its army and when the final strike was about to land a blinding light covered us with a familiar feeling, the same sensation as we crossed the portal. My consciousness faded away as every sound was swallowed by the light.


                When we woke up we were back in Prontera, the portal was closed and all our guildmates were unscathed laying in the floor. The ordeal was finally over and no one besides us remembered the anomaly, but why. As a matter of obligation I researched all the area for any traces of the magic that summoned such a place, but there was nothing to be found. There are several mysteries in Midgard that I can’t even grasp with my imagination, I wonder why that entity was testing us, could it be a greater trial is coming for us? Yet it has no point trying to figure it now but when the time comes, Im sure my friends and me are going to be ready for whatever challenge the Devil has in store for us.



Attached File  Devil Challenge 5.jpg   293.2KB   1 downloads


                The End…


                Hey guys! Kuniko here /ok ,  I wanted to write this short story as a depiction of our last event, we stumbled a lot yet with our team effort we were able to overcome it and I’m sure every step was worthy of mention. All our guildies enjoyed the organization of the event and others felt very welcomed by it, personally I find new challenges quite amusing knowing that Ragnarok is a dynamic game and gets even better as long as we put some sweat into it.  For that reason we really want to show our deepest appreciation for the Leika staff and our comrade leikans that showed their endeavor for making this server a fun place to share our love for Ragnarok Online, Thank you very much!


              I'm new to this but I hope you liked it  /blush, sorry for any mistake you might find in there. Please don't forget to vote daily for our server and if you really like our community please leave a little review on RMS to help us make new mates join our forces /no1 . We are always with open doors and waiting for new friends to join our adventures and share our experiences. So come at us, we’re ready to accept any challenge that may come across because no matter the difficulties we are going to keep Midgard safe and sound /gg . Bye guys <3!!! and remember to always have fun :D 


PS: I've never edited a forum post neither /swt

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    Fu Mao/Sir Lothar/Cid FF

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This event was quite fun and the fights were really good.
Thanks everyone for making it possible.
I really recon that we should do events like this more often during weekends.


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I was going to thank you for your wonderful point of view, but then you wrote this horrible inaccurate garbage ???




                Susurro, our guild leader, figured the only way of coming out of it alive was splitting our forces in two teams. One led by Mila, one of the greatest arc bishops in the land, and the other led by himself. 



Either way I want to thank everyone for attending, it's going to be even better next time AND we are going to clean up all the baddies. Next event is by Angie, tomorrow, it's not gonna be as big or take as long. But you will want to be there! 









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Kuni, this was a fun read! Don't pay any mind to Chell's disgusting display of jealousy. I think you have more than enough reason to describe Mila as such.
The event was fun and it was a great opportunity to have a go at some MvPs that you don't usually get a chance to see. There are lots of things we can improve on but for our first time I think it went pretty good. 
Thanks for putting the time and effort into this, Kuni, and everyone who made the event happen!

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