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Homunculus QOL Improvements

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Hello Everyone,


We'd like to make some QOL improvements in regards to leveling and loyalty grinds for Homunculus (but not all the retarded changes kRO has made).


Below are just a few things being proposed. Please feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions.


Pre Homunculus S

  • Reduce EXP needed to max level
  • Increase loyalty gain or remove loyalty requirement to evolve.


All Homunculi

  • Homunculus will gain a direct amount of EXP for anything the player kills instead of "stealing" or sharing the EXP with the player.
  • Homunculus would gain a small amount of EXP from turning in quests.
  • Possible rework of skill point gain/allotment.


Discuss below!




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Idk how to forum,crap

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Glory of god YES! All the pre homunculus active leveling is useless in this exp rate because you still gotta wait for absurd slow intimacy to evolve. Basically punish you for doing it fast. Also, depriving yourself of third job job leves to level the homunculus S is just plain lame in my opinion. I welcome every change to it. Loyalty is left a bit aside tho (which i don't care too much, I hate the system), maybe homun or gene should have a bonus if you have max loyalty? Or something like that, idk, they're already pretty good as they are now but loyalty will become from "annoying and stupid" to "hardly any purpose".

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    Fu Mao/Sir Lothar/Cid FF

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Hello everyone,
Here is my proposal after having leveled a new Gene the past 2 days while trying to understand the current ratio between intimacy and levelling progression.


Intimacy Levels Background:
All this data was gathered while feeding the homunculus between 11 and 25 hunger rate which is the optimal feeding range.

  • 141 Intimacy by the time the homun got to lvl 99, alchemist was lvl 97 already,
     by doing Eden and Pront quest mostly by homun without a party.
  • 250 intimacy(Neutral) just a few minutes after I got my Creator to lvl 99.
  • 346 intimacy by the time I hit 99/70.

With this in mind, the homun is still 565 Intimacy points away of evolution, you get to feed the homunculus each 10 minutes and it gains 10 intimacy in the optimal range, this means that I would need to wait at best 9 hours 25 minutes to make it loyal. Then 15H 12M more for 2nd form loyal for a total of 24+ hours to get it to Homunculi S.



  • Modify the way intimacy is gained so reaching 3rd class and 2nd form loyalty occurs in a similar amount of time (up to 30 minutes difference).
  • Make intimacy gaining something more interesting than just feeding your homunculus as there is no much agency.


  1. Homunculus gain extra n (e.g. 15) intimacy each time they level up. In this way, homunculus would require 60 levels to get to 2nd form.
    They would get to loyal in 2nd form for the last skill from Intimacy gained by feeding from around 3H 30 M and homun level 99 .
  2. Additionally to 1, homunculus gain m (e.g. 3) Intimacy each time the owner levels up, to guarantee reaching Loyal after hitting lvl 99/70.
  3. If 1 or 2 were not possible, multiplying the current Intimacy Growth Rate by a factor between 6 to 10 so Homuns reach Loyal 2nd form in 3 to 5 hours after optimal fed.

       Proposals 1 and 2

  • Player's agency is higher and actively playing contributes to the whole process.
  • Making homunculus gaining xp from quests would contribute in gaining intimacy.
  • Option 1 would greatly help intimacy gaining if homunculus gained XP from quests.
  • We could keep the current system while having some extra benefits.

      Proposal 3

  • Abilities that consume intimacy are much more viable.
  • Easy to implement.


  • Option 2 can't be used as the main way to gain intimacy as owners still need a way to rise intimacy after hitting max level.
  • Option 3 still requires to passively wait at the designer's discretion for intimacy growth rate to get intimacy.




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