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November 27th | Patch v13.5

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[ General ]

  • It's been a slow year, and so these patch notes document everything which happened since the last batch.
  • Increased the inventory item limit to 150.
  • Fixed the issue which sometimes caused a skill to become stuck in a permanent Cooldown.
  • Added brand new pets: Lady Solace (31800), Tatacho (31801), Bard Pere (31802), Skald Pere (31803) and Skelion (9113).
  • Boosted the bonuses of some old Cute Pets, and gave one to Bacsojin.
  • Added many new items to the Buying Store list.
  • Cleaned up a bunch of system-related messages.


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Immobilized, melee monsters only use Teleportation from their idle skill set if there are valid targets in their view range, and all other idle skills when alone. They also use chase skills on valid targets.
  • Slaves of stationary monsters no longer copy master's Movement Speed, keeping their own instead.
  • Added NPC_KILLSLAVE for some monsters which may need to dismiss their slaves.
  • Maximized Pain signals its expiration with a red-colored text over the monster and in the chat box.
  • Self Destruction now correctly ignores Safety Wall and Elemental Shield.
  • Ice Mine is no longer incorrectly attackable.
  • Removed the white "bash" animation from the Breath skills which had it.
  • Darkest Illusion is a new Miniboss which resides in Nightmare Churchyard and drops the new items, Bloodied Athame (28761) and Darkest Illusion Card (31855),
    as well as Mental Destroyer (1661) and Costume: Light and Darkness Crown (31172).
  • Nightmare Amon Ra drops two new items, Scorpion King's Stinger (28047) and Royal Marksman's Cuirass (15386).
  • Nightmare Baphomet drops a new headgear, Golden Majestic Goat (31589).
  • Mutant and Ferocious Coelacanths now drop S Grade Coin Bag (12616).
  • Lady Tanee now drops Katar of Piercing Wind (1259).
  • Vesper now drops Costume: Vesper's Protector (19436).
  • Archdam now drops Rocket Helm (18622) instead of Vesper.
  • Detardeurus now drops Costume: Land Dragon's Skull (31811).
  • Memory of Thanatos now drops Costume: Thanatos' Zweihander (20514).
  • Boitata now drops Boitata Doll (18659).
  • Nightmare Dark Lord and Baphomet now drop Hideous Dream (7102) and Broken Large Horn (31264), respectively.
  • Fire Pit now drops Charcoal Stove (20480).
  • Wild Rider now drops Wild Cat's Knit Cap (19292).
  • Errende Ebecee now drops Bunny Headdress (20031).
  • Gemini-S58 now drops Costume: Gemini-S58 Eyes (19273).
  • Dolomedes now drops Costume: Spider's Temptation (31596).
  • Chimera now drops Costume: Mysterious Beast's Ears (31597).
  • Nightmare Dark Priest now drops Fermented Wheat Flour (6737), which is used for a certain recipe, and perhaps more in the future.

Crescent in the Noon Monster Changes:




[ NPCs ]

  • Tamer of Divinity is a new NPC inside Prontera's Church. She will help you obtain Taming Items for special Cute Pets such as Lady Solace and Bacsojin.
  • Malangdo Quests which award Malangdo Coins, require level 90 now.
  • Doha's Secret Orders quest now allows you to continue collecting the clues after giving some to Jahute HesLanta.
  • The DEX enchant requirement for Empowered versions of Wand of Affection and Mace of Judgement, now correctly accepts the 2+2 variant.
  • Mayomayo added Scorpion King's Stinger (28047) and Bloodied Athame (28761) to his list of eligible weapons.

Crescent in the Noon Changes:


Jitterbug's Nightmare Changes:

New Prontera Princess Articles:

New Headgear Connoisseur Articles:



[ Skills and Classes ]

  • Player-summoned monsters, such as those from Bio Cannibalize, Sphere Mine and FAW skills, log their kills as master's own, so count for quests and grant loot rights and don't trigger autocasts.
  • Multihit effects like Double Attack, Chain Action, Triple Attack and Fear Breeze, do not round down their activation chance when there's a decimal value.
  • Targets display the /panic emotion when inflicted with Deadly Poison.



  • Warp Portal: removed fields with MVPs on them from the /memo list.


Rune Knight:

  • Spear Stab had its damage increased slightly.
  • Joint Beat is able to critically hit, with an additional +20 CRIT.
  • Frenzy's status icon no longer shows an incorrect timer.
  • Deathbound now correctly inflicts 30% of the reflected damage back to the Rune Knight. Cleaned up the skill's visuals and made the damage instant so it always applies.
  • Lux Anima (Sowilo Runestone) was corrected to work properly, passing the correct buffs and values to everybody. Passes only defensive and utility buffs.


Royal Guard:

  • Grand Cross (and Grand Darkness) no longer incorrectly trigger autocast effects on self.
  • Sacrifice has a new formula which uses base physical damage of 100% and amplifies it by the consumed HP, that is further boosted by Base Level past 100.
    Ignores Size Modifiers, the damage is maximized and scales with all % effects.
  • Pressure's damage now scales with Max SP and Base Level past 100. Deals 25% of its damage to players, but never below the base.
    No longer incorrectly shows two visual hits when used against plants. Now correctly ignores Neutral Barrier from either side.
  • Ray of Genesis had its magical portion corrected to properly benefit from the Base Level bonus.
  • Rage Burst had its SP cost reduced to 40.



  • Sight Blaster no longer hits traps to avoid the damage looping issue.
  • Gravitation Field is now correctly of Elementless property. The damage also scales with a portion of Base MATK multiplied by skill's level.
    The damage to players is halved but never goes below the base. Duration is 9s at all levels.
  • Marsh of Abyss also decreases target's resistance to Shadow property damage, which also affects Bosses. Has a visual animation which repeats every 2s while active.
  • Elemental Balls launched through Release also ignore 50% of target's Hard MDEF.



  • Bolt Spells triggered by the Passive Mode of Adult Elemental Spirits, no longer trigger their After-cast Delay.



  • Steel Crow's damage bonus got corrected (it was halved).
  • Blitz Beat and Falcon Assault are now of Elementless property, and their damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Falcon Assault's damage is halved on players.
  • Cluster Bomb now correctly counts the weapon's refine bonuses for its damage.The same applies to Freezing Trap.
  • Electric Shocker traps all targets in its effective area when triggered, moving them to a random position on top, or 1 cell around the trap (matching the unit's visual).
  • Fear Breeze no longer consumes additional arrows when Double or Beast Strafing are triggered through it.
  • Keen Nose now has 1s After-cast Delay and 2s Cooldown.


Minstrel & Wanderer:

  • Adaptation to Circumstances now recovers half of the SP spent on the canceled song. Applies Cooldown upon its own cast instead of every song triggering it.
  • Metallic Sound now deals x1.5 damage to monsters and reduces their Hard DEF/MDEF by up to 30%, for 10s.
  • Improvised Song's list of spells is revamped, including most 3rd Job spells, and some 2nd/Transcendent ones. The spells are cast at their maximum level and don't trigger their own Cooldown.
    Can be cast while performing and skill's level decreases its Cooldown and SP cost.
  • Reverberations activated by Dominion Impulse, have their area of effect doubled.
  • Siren's Voice had its visual animation changed to not be a pixelated mess.



  • Full Adrenaline Rush now boosts CRIT with Maces and Axes just like normal Adrenaline Rush does.
  • Being in the Mado Gear, triples your HP Regeneration and enables Moving HP Recovery.
  • Mainframe Restructure increased Hard DEF and MDEF by up to 40%.
  • Magnetic Field is no longer canceled by Quagmire, and no longer cancels from Earth property damage taken by the caster itself.
  • Arm Cannon had its range normalized to 13 cells at all levels and the damage modifier is slightly boosted at all levels. The After-cast Delay of level 3 is decreased to 1.5s.
  • Knuckle Boost had its DEX damage scaling boosted to x3.
  • Cold Slower no longer incorrectly increases the Overheat counter per each enemy hit, does so on cast instead.
  • FAW - Silver Sniper scales its DEX off the master's Base Level.

Overheat Mechanic Changes:



  • Corrected Homunculus to not be fully healed upon relogging.
  • Cleaned up the damage formulas of Homunculus S "magical" skills to calculate properly off ATK. The damage is what you would expect now.
  • Bio Cannibalize has a total limit of 5 plants and those can be combined in any way. The duration of lower level is reduced. Monsters will attack the plants if possible.
  • Sphere Mine is immune to damage from allied players, and only takes 1 from the master. It will also begin the explosion cast if any enemy steps within 5 cells of it.
  • Poison Mist (Sera) had its damage formula and Base Level scaling increased. Ticks every 1.5 at all levels.
  • Blood Sucker had its base damage formula boosted and the INT scaling increased to x5. Drains 30% of the damage dealt at all levels, and duration is reduced for lower levels.


Guillotine Cross:

  • Venom Knife now correctly uses weapon's element.
  • Poison React was fixed to cast the correct level of Envenom, and its special hit to properly inflict the Poison status. Now only applies Deadly Poison if the damage actually connects.
  • Corrected the duration of all Guillotine Cross Poisons on monsters.
  • Soul Breaker no longer incorrectly shows two visual hits when used against plants.
  • Venom Pressure used on a target affected by Venom Splasher, triggers Venom Scourge instead of it normal effect. This consumes twice the normal SP and will use the skill's normal effect if there isn't enough.
  • Venom Scourge is a boosted version of Venom Splasher, which has an increased area, doubled chance to Poison and a Base Level/120 scaling.
    It also passes the Guillotine Cross Poison consumed by Venom Pressure.


Shadow Chaser:

  • Reproduce allows the use of Power Swing, Axe Tornado and Flare Launcher.
  • Body Painting had its general chances improved across all levels and the Blind uses its own base duration of 20s, like most similar effects.


Arch Bishop:

  • Impositio Manus had its After-cast Delay reduced to 1s.
  • B.S. Sacramenti's healing effect can only trigger once per second. No longer works against Earthquake.
  • Frepta Armaiti now correctly counts the weapon's refine bonuses for its damage.
  • Vituperatum's cast cannot be interrupted by damage.
  • Silentium's cast cannot be interrupted by damage. No longer shows its visual animation on targets it didn't affect.
  • Oratio's Fixed Cast Time is halved.



  • Triple Attack is now a toggle, much like Double Attack  and Chain Action. Has a status icon.
  • Howlion of Lion had its INT damage scaling boosted to x5.
  • Pressure Point: Cure heals for much more, with the base formula being boosted, and an additional amount equal to that of level 10 Heal added on top.
  • Pressure Point: Silence is able to critically hit, with an additional +20 CRIT. Upon a successful critical hit, the chance to Silence is doubled.
  • Windmill debuffs the damaged targets for 5s, making them receive 40% extra damage from the next Rampage Blaster.
  • Crescent Elbow now deals the damage instantly so it applies in all cases. Has a visual animation.


Kagerou & Oboro:

  • Throwing Mastery now adds 10 Mastery ATK per level.
  • Wind Blade no longer has After-cast Delay, just like the other two "bolt" skills.
  • Jyumonjikiri had its damage formula boosted.
  • Setsudan had its damage formula boosted.



  • Hammer of God has its base damage modifier boosted and the skill triggers its Cooldown when it actually goes off.
  • Mass Spiral received a Base Level/130 damage scaling and had its SP cost decreased.
  • Quick Draw Shot inflicts 2 hits when used with a Revolver.
  • Anti-Material Blast received an INT x5 damage scaling and had its SP cost decreased.
  • Howling Mine received a STR x4 damage scaling.
  • Dragon Tail received a STR damage scaling based on skill's level. Had its SP cost decreased.
  • Banishing Buster now spends 5 bullets.


[ Items ]

  • Infinity Guns were revamped with new, cool effects.
  • Most Mado Gear related accessories had their weight halved or greatly reduced.
  • Telos kai Arche (22142) now properly boosts skills which add flat damage at the end of their formulas.
  • Malangdo Coins can be traded and placed in Buying Store now.
  • Costume: Nyan Fork (20576) may be obtained from A/S Grade Coin Bags.
  • All Pet Taming Items which come from normal monsters, had their drop rates increased.
  • Added the following Pet Taming Items: Stillborn Ish (31807), Natural Bird Perch (31808), Blue Music Sheet (31809) and Red Music Sheet (31810).
  • Added the following Pet Food Items: Seraph Down (31804), Zubrowka Mead (31805), Teufelwurst (31806) and Yummy Pork (11616)
  • Added the following Pet Accessory: Dark Mane (10040).
  • Oriental Lute (1918) and Queen's Whip (1976) had their drop rates increased.
  • Rites of Supremacy (28599), Sanctified Glaive (26008), Cherry Blossom Badge (28597) and Seastone Cuff Bracelet (28598) from Crescent in the Noon had their bonuses increased,
    while Rites of Supremacy also had its Coluceo Heal bonus changed.
  • Improved the following items: Valkyrian Helm (5171), White Snake Hat (5411), Ancient Dagger (13062), Alchemy Glove (2854), Mental Destroyer (1661), Tjungkuletti (1416), Krasnaya (1189),
    Royal Bow (18117), Black Rosary (2898) and  Eidolic Moonlight Dagger (13099).
  • Improved the set bonuses of Valkyrian Set, Zealotus Card (4277) + Injustice Card (4268), Ragged Zombie Card (4436) + Zombie Slaughter Card (4435) and Eidolic Moonlight Dagger (13099) + Eidolic Ancient Cape (20840).
  • Improved the following cards: Lesavka Card (27158), Flame Skull Card (4439), Hell Poodle Card (4437), Ragged Zombie Card (4436) and Zombie Slaughter Card (4435).
  • Reduced the cost of most Cash Shop cosmetic headgears.
  • Cash Shop's new articles: Onyx Dragon Armlet (28395), Beacon of Hope (28396), Beastmaster's Legacy (28397), Drooping Rusty Cat (31731), Maestro's Brush (31590), Siamese Cat in Mouth (19462),
    Dreamland Sheep (31616), Ba Gua Seal (19499), Gambler's Feather Hat (20483), Shih Tzu Wig (31797) and The Baby Desert Wolf (31686).
  • Cash Shop's removed articles: Charcoal Stove (20480), Wild Cat's Knit Cap (19292) and Bunny Headdress (20031).

Added the following new Cards:


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