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June 23rd | Patch v14.0

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  • The Devil
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[ General ]

  • Two-Handed Staves now passively increase MDEF by 50%.
  • @iteminfo command now correctly shows the maximum drop chance of items.



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Instance-specific MVPs now have a Card drop rate ranging from 0.05 to 0.10, based on the Instance's Cooldown.
  • Lost Dragon now drops Balmung (1161) and Lost Dragon Card (31857).
  • Gloom Under Night now drops Brionac (1470).
  • Whitesmith Howard now drops Slaughter (1367) instead of Mysteltainn (1138).
  • Lady Tanee now drops Jeweled Sword (1142).
  • Maya now drops Gaia Blade (1143).
  • Faithful Manager now drops Rudra Bow (1720).
  • Mysteltainn now drops Mysteltainn (1138).
  • Executioner now drops Executioner (1169).
  • Tirfing now drops Tirfing (1139).
  • Gryphon now drops Bill Guisarme (1467).
  • Bomi and Bloody Murderer now drop Cleaver (1305).
  • Errende Ebecee now drops Slasher (1526).



[ NPCs ]

  • Added Healer and Repair NPCs to Tierra Gorge and Flavius Battlegrounds.
  • Ammunition Dealer (Item Mall) now sells Holy/Dark/Soul/Iron Cannon Ball Boxes (31879~31883).
  • Weapon Craftsman Ki can now create Kagekiri (13077) for you.
  • Seiyablem has added Gaia Blade (1143) and Jeweled Sword (1142) to his list of slottable articles.
  • Mayomayo now also enchants Gaia Blade (1143/13498), Jeweled Sword (1142/13499), Tablet (1552), Bass Guitar (1919), Ginnungagap (13002/13019), Magma Fist (1818),
    Icicle Fist (1819), Electric Fist (1820), Seismic Fist (1821), Kagekiri (13077) and Balmung (1161).
  • Eden Group now also offers Eden Group Crosier I/II/III (2041/2042/2043) and Eden Group Trident I/II/III (1475/1487/1488) to the appropriate classes.
  • Fixed various bugs involving Medgga and Eternally Hungry Dog in Crescent in the Noon.



[ Skills and Classes ]

  • All Strip/Divest skills had their success rate corrected to not overflow when the difference between caster's and target's DEX is too great.
  • Strip/Divest effects no longer have halved success rates against Boss monsters, only Break effects do.
  • NPC_MAGICALATTACK has been reworked. It buffs the caster for 10s, during which every normal attack will trigger additional magical damage. Monsters which use it, now do so much less often.
    The skill is now also autocast by Mysteltainn (1138/13453).



  • Napalm Beat is now level selectable.


Rune Knight:

  • Pierce, Spear Stab, Spear Boomerang and Brandish Spear now deal x2 damage with a Two-Handed Spear.
  • Charge Attack's Cast Time is now 0.15s plus 0.15s per cell, and ATK 100% plus 100% per cell, up to 12 cells.
  • Wind Cutter received a MATK portion (up to 630%) and the Fear chance has been slghtly increased.
  • Phantom Thrust received a MATK portion (up to 500%).
  • Fighting Spirit (Eihwaz Runestone) now applies it's full WATK bonus to other Rune Knights and no longer removes their own ASPD bonus, refreshing it instead.


Royal Guard:

  • Holy Cross now deals x2 damage with all Two-Handed Weapons and not just Spears. The skill gained a MATK portion (up to 450%) which cannot miss.
  • Grand Cross had its overall damage boosted to up to 600% ATK/MATK. The false "Shield Strip" status was removed. The skill doesn't reduce your defenses during its cast.
    "On damage taken" effects are no longer incorrectly triggered by this skill. No longer shows glitched damage numbers when cast by invulnerable monsters.
  • Spear Quicken now only grants FLEE while wielding a Two-Handed Spear and the amount has been doubled.
  • Pressure's damage was halved and reduced further (to it's minimum) in GVG. It no longers benefits from or breaks Lex Aeterna.
  • Overbrand now inflicts x1.5 damage with a Two-Handed Spear.
  • Ray of Genesis had its MATK portion boosted to up to 2250%.
  • Rage Burst now deals x1.5 damage with Two-Handed Weapons.
  • Earth Drive received a MATK half (same value as ATK).



  • Gravitation Field no longers benefits from, or breaks Lex Aeterna.
  • Magic Crasher now deals extra damage to monsters, scaling with their Base Level. The SP cost was increased.
  • Drain Life's damage formula was improved at lower levels and the drain chance is always 30%.



  • Spell Fist now deals extra damage on critical hits. Critical hits benefit from Critical Damage % effect, and multihits benefit from Multihit Damage % effects.
    Was fixed to correctly ignore DEF (the damage is reduced by MDEF).



  • Beast Bane, Beast Strafing and Ranger Main have been normalized. Those skills now work against Brute, Insect and Fish race monsters.
  • Beast Strafing now works vs Rangers riding their Warg.


Minstrel & Wanderer:

  • Apple of Idun's base and scaling healing was increased (up to 300). It also now correctly scales with target's VIT (VIT*2)
  • Infinite Humming now boosts EMATK instead of BMATK.



  • Power Swing now deals x1.5 damage with Two-Handed Axes.



  • Castling now completely swaps the aggro from caster to the homunculus and redirects any spellcasting in progress to it as well.


Guillotine Cross:

  • Cloaking's timer on the status icon was corrected to pass infinite duration.


Shadow Chaser:

  • Chase Walk's timer on the status icon was corrected to pass infinite duration. The STR buff now applies correctly in all cases.
  • Feint Bomb now correctly and completely wipes aggro from the caster. All the incoming spellcasting is interrupted and monsters are rooted for 1s till the explosion goes off.
  • Fatal Menace now interrupts incoming spellcasting.
  • Invisibility no longer leaves footprints. Now works versus Demon and Insect race monsters. Now shows the correct timer on its status icon.
  • Maelstrom's status icon no longer shows its incorrect duration.


Arch Bishop:

  • Sanctuary's Base Level bonus was reduced to x4.
  • Frepta Armaiti had it's AoE corrected to 7x7 cells.



  • Triple Attack, Chain Combo, Combo Finish, Tiger Knuckle Fist, Chain Crush Combo now deal x1.5 damage with Knuckle Class Weapons.
  • Fallen Empire deals x1.5 more damage with its base ATK portion when equipped with a Knuckle Class Weapon.


Kagerou & Oboro:

  • Setsudan's MATK portion was boosted to up to 720%.
  • Zanzou now completely swaps the aggro from caster to the clone and redirects any spellcasting in progress to it as well.
  • Genwaku now swaps aggro from caster to the target and redirects any spellcasting in progress to it. Also interrupts target's spellcasting (like Spell Breaker). Can be used on party members.
  • Zangetsu now boosts EMATK instead of BMATK.



  • Disarm had its success rate increased to to 25%. The success rate was minimized to 5% in most cases with the old formula.
  • Magical Bullet now deals extra damage to monsters, scaling with their Base Level.



[ Items ]

  • A large amount of both older and newer Weapons were buffed, revamped, or received additional slots. The list is too extensive to post so please use the @id command gratuitously.
  • The variety of Non-caster MATK Weapons (Swords, Daggers, Axes, Maces, Spears, Books and Knuckles) has been increased. Multiple weapons received a MATK bonus.
    The MATK bonus has been normalized based on the weapon type and various conditions.
  • Most Infinity Weapons were boosted in various ways.
  • Telos kai Arche (22142) now correctly updates its damage boost in real time.
    The penalty was changed, it now disables the SP Recovery by any means except consumable items and through the skills of other players. Also suspend status effects which decrease SP Consumption.
  • Updated the Solid Skin status from Incarnation of Morroc (Golem) Card (31860) to apply its bonuses/penalties in real time, and to persist through death.
  • Ginnungagap (13002/13019), Shadow Walk (2426/2486) and Shadow Guard (2135) were buffed, and now form a set.
  • Sucsamad (1236/13018) was buffed and now forms a set with Kandura (2388).
  • Corrected the "No HP/SP Leech" item bonus to still allow negative amounts.
  • Removing a piece of the Eidolic Infiltrator (28022) set no longer dispels Enchant Deadly Poison.
  • Mask of Bankruptcy (18824) no longer has a small Cooldown on its proc.
  • Sword Saint's Crown (18865) only takes the upper headgear slot now.
  • Destroyer (13160/13161) now correctly breaks equipment with ranged attacks.
  • Paragon of Papacy (2040) had its ATK slightly increased.
  • Gae Bolg (1474/1480), Tablet (1552) and Ginnungagap (13002/13019) were buffed, and their drop rate decreased.
  • Carga Mace (16003) was buffed and its drop rate increased.
  • Magma Fist (1818), Icicle Fist (1819), Electric Fist (1820) and Seismic Fist (1821) were buffed and their drop rates normalized.
  • Rosevine (1985) is now dropped by Little Fatum and Furious Little Fatum instead of Lost Dragon.

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