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September 22nd | Patch v14.5

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[ General ]

  • The new Mado Gear sprites have arrived and are enabled by default.
  • Hi-tech Cart sprite is also available for Mechanics.
  • Updated the sprites of monsters inside of the Old Glast Heim instance.
  • Corrected the sprites of many instance-only monsters to feature sounds linked to all animations.
  • The skill descriptions of Ninja, Kagerou, Oboro, Gunslinger and Rebel were updated.



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Monsters which use Trample, now do it correctly while trapped, unable to reach the target and getting damaged.
  • Monsters which use NPC_DEFENDER, now do it correctly when hit by miscellaneous, ranged attacks.




[ NPCs ]

  • Headgear Connoisseur added Kublin's Mask (19027) to his catalogue.
  • Ninpou Dealer now sells Shuriken and Caltrops Boxes.
  • Seiyablem is now able to slot Wataru's Knife (28300) and Fuuma Jewel (28301).
  • Guards from Illusion Dungeons and Fire Basin no longer sometimes banish monsters summoned by player's skills.




[ Skills and Classes ]

  • Full Throttle now shows in the second skill tab for Rebel, Kagerou and Oboro, along with their other skills.
  • Autocast skills can no longer trigger other autocasts that proc on skill usage.
  • "Bomb" skills such as Venom Splasher, Spore Explosion and Howling Mine now detonate if the target dies while under their effect, damaging other enemies around.
  • The healing received from Vampire's Gift and Wide Blood Drain was halved when applied to players.
  • Hell's Judgement, Wide Blood Drain and Vampire's Gift now have a different AoE scaling for players. They're no longer full-screen by default.



Rune Knight:

  • Two-Hand Quicken's chance to dodge damaging spells was boosted to 25%.



Royal Guard:

  • Reflect Damage no longer triggers autocast effects, for the sake of both balance and server's stability.




  • Corrected the SP costs for level 5 of all Summon Elemental Ball skills.




  • Elemental Spirits now correctly default to Idle Mode after a relog.
    The SP cost of their offensive skills was reduced across the board.



Minstrel & Wanderer:

  • Marionette Control was corrected to not exceed the base stat limit, however, this now follows the character's current base stat limit (130 for Third Jobs for example).
    Skill's leash range was adjusted to follow the skill's actual cast range, so it doesn't fail when used from maximum range.
    It is no longer possible to allocate status points while this effect is active.




  • Change Cart now includes the Hi-tech Cart, available at level 101 and only to Mechanics.
    The default, Metal Cart was removed since space was needed for this new inclusion. Wooden Cart takes its place.
  • Mado Gear gained +4 cells range to its normal attacks as long as a weapon is equipped.
    This also deals with the "shooting" attack animations when wielding a weapon.
  • Geothermal Furnace received a new and much improved status icon.



Shadow Chaser:

  • Plagiarm and Reproduce now allow you to copy Throw Shuriken.



Arch Bishop:

  • Sanctuary no longer incorrectly heals players with Evil Druid Card equipped.



Kagerou & Oboro:

  • The broken Huuma Shuriken attack animation was restored and is now the default animation for melee attacks.
  • Shurikens are now catalysts instead of ammunition.
  • Throw Shuriken was reworked.
    Shurikens are now consumed as catalysts, based on the skill's level.
    The skill now hits targets in a 3x9 line.
    The damage was increased, going up to 225% of ATK.
    The Bleeding chance is the same across all levels.
    Its SP cost is 10.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Mist Slash had its maximum level reduced to 5, and the effects scaled down accordingly.
    The cast range is now 2 cells.
    Hiding will always activate even if you're taking damage during the animation.
    Has a short Cooldown instead of After-cast Delay.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Illusionary Shadow had its maximum level reduced to 5 and the effects scaled down accordingly.
    No longer consumes the active Soul buff upon cast but still requires it to be present.
  • Soul now also increases FLEE by up to +50.
    The duration was increased, going up to 3 minutes.
  • Throw Zeny has its maximum level reduced to 5 and the effects scaled down accordingly.
    After-cast Delay was lowered to 0.5s and there's a 3s Cooldown.
  • Throw Kunai now ignores DEF.
    Displays a visual animation upon impact.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Throw Huuma Shuriken had its AoE increased to 5x5 cells.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Shadow Slash's damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Final Strike's formula was remade entirely, resulting in much higher damage across the board.
    The damage is highly influenced by skill's level instead of being mostly static.
    Players take only a quarter of the damage.
  • Reverse Tatami had its damage formula slightly boosted, going up to 300% of ATK.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Shadow Jump's landing animation was restored. Now has 1s Cooldown instead of After-cast delay.
  • Lightning Crash now deals increased damagehas a Cast Time scaling with the skill's level.
    Also roots the affected targets by up to 0.5s.
  • North Wind now has a Cast Time scaling with the skill's level.
  • Falling Ice Pillar now deals increased damage and has a faster Cast Time.
  • Dohu Koukai, Kazehu Seiran, Hyouhu Hubuki and Kahu Enten now have two levels, with the second summoning all 10 charms at once, with a longer cast time.
    All charms last for 10 minutes (up from 5).
  • Dohu Koukai no longer endows the weapon when all 10 charms are out, instead there's 15% chance to halve any direct damage taken.
  • Happo Kunai now consumes 5 Kunais, down from 8.
    Deals x1.5 damage when used with a Huuma Shuriken.
  • Jyumonjikiri's damage formula was boosted, going up to 1200% of ATK.
  • Makibishi's damage formula was slightly boosted, going up to 150% of ATK.
    The layout is now fixed at all levels, a small square surrounding you.
    Consumes 8 Caltrops at all levels.
    The damage and Stun duration increase with skill's level.
  • Right Hand Mastery and Left Hand Mastery now greatly increase the damage of normal attacks while dual-wielding.
    The bonus goes up to 200% for main hand, and 150% for off hand.
    Those passives also boost the ASPD with Huuma Shurikens, by up to +15% and +10%.
  • Zangetsu's buffs and debuffs are signaled in chat windows, you're told if your ATK/MATK were increased or decreased.
    Now requires a Shadow Orb to cast.
  • Oboro Gensou now requires a Shadow Orb to cast.
  • Akaitsuki now can be used on non-Boss monsters.
  • Zanzou's Max HP scaling which is based off caster's Max SP, was increased.
  • Kagehumi's animation was corrected to always appear, revealed targets are signaled by a second visual effect.




  • Grenade Launchers have gained splashing damage, with a bigger area than that of Shotguns.
  • Grenade Spheres are now catalysts that you may click to load.
    Grenade Launchers use normal ammunition, like all other guns.
    The custom, elemental spheres were deprecated as they aren't needed anymore. You can safely sell them and the boxes to any NPC.
    Clicking a sphere will load it (signaled by a status icon) and you may alternate between them at will, but only one can be loaded.
    Having a sphere loaded, provides a large Mastery ATK bonus (100 for now) to all attacks made with a Grenade Launcher.
    Spheres also grant a medium chance to inflict various Status Effects (based on the sphere).
    Each shot/skill consumes a sphere, and the status is canceled once you're out of the loaded spheres.
    It is not necessary to have a sphere loaded to attack with a Grenade Launcher, although Ground Drift does require it.
  • Ground Drift now takes the element of your weapon/bullet, and the unit placed is based on the currently loaded Grenade Sphere.
    The mines placed by this skill double the sphere's status infliction chance.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Dust can be used with Grenade Launchers now.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Full Buster's damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Spread Shot had its SP cost reduced.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Rapid Shower's damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Tracking's casting animation was corrected.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Disarm's casting animation was corrected.
  • Triple Action deals x1.5 damage when used with Gatling Gun.
    The damage scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Gatling Fever provides a slightly bigger ATK bonus.
  • Flip the Coin no longer removes a coin upon failure.
  • Bull's Eye was remade.
    It is now a coin skill, requiring Madness Canceller and Triple Action to unlock.
    Instead of its old effect, the skill deals a base of 900% ATK as damage and roots the target for up to 3 seconds.
    Both the damage and the root's duration go down for every cell separating you and the target.
    The skill has a moderate Cast Time and a short Cooldown.
    Boss monsters are rooted for half the duration.
  • Howling Mine's explosion now takes the weapon's element.
    The chance to inflict Burning is boosted.
  • Dragon Tail no longer triggers its Cooldown if no missile is fired.
  • Fire Dance's damage formula was changed, the skill now inflicts higher damage at lower levels, having a more uniform scaling.
    The chance to Blind was largely increased.
  • Banishing Buster's damage formula was changed, the skill now inflicts higher damage at lower levels, having a more uniform scaling.
  • Flicker's detonation effects now work through obstacles.
  • Cracker, Dragon Tail and Fallen Angel had their animations updated.
  • Spread Shot, Disarm and Mass Spiral had their sound effects updated.
  • Eternal Chain and Heat Barrel received new animations and sound effects.




[ Items ]

  • Kublin's Mask (19027) was added.
  • Added Shuriken and Caltrops Boxes.
  • The weight of all Kunais was reduced across the board. This of course also applies to the Kunai Scrolls/Boxes.
  • Explosive Kunai (13294) had its ATK increased to 100.
  • Thorn Needle Shuriken (13254) had its Zeny cost reduced to 80.
  • Caltrops (6493) had their Zeny cost increased to 50.
  • Southern Cross (28201/28202) now autocasts Cross Ripper Slasher and Impositio Manus instead of its old bonuses.
  • Infinity Huuma Shuriken (13323) now boosts Setsudan's damage by 50%.
  • Burning Coat (20737), Violent Gale Cloak (20738) and Arctic Cloak (20737) had their autocast chances and skill levels increased.
  • Eden Group Boots (2456/2457/2458/2473) were buffed.
  • Most of Third Job Hats (those you get upon the job change) were slightly buffed.




Credits to Alice for creating the Kublin's Mask sprite, as well as the status icons for Grenade Spheres and Geothermal Furnace.

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