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November 11th | Website 2.0

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Posted 12 November 2020 - 12:01 AM

[ General ]

  • Important: We have a new client and patcher! The old install will not work anymore. Please download and install the new client from our website.
  • Launched a new website.
  • Released a new in-game UI skin.
  • Released a new logo.
  • Added Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to the website. Please make sure to read them. If you disagree with them, you cannot play on LeikaRO.
  • Please do not donate within the first hour of this release. We are still testing!



[ Patcher and Client ]

  • A new client install has been released. It is now more lightweight and optimized. You can download it from the website.
    When removing your old game folder, make sure to save your screenshots and other custom files you might have.
  • Important: You may want to save your hotkey and homunculus settings. (AI and savedata folders)
  • Updating your kRO is no longer required as the Leika Launcher will take care of everything. Thus the irrelevant updaters have been removed.
  • The patcher design was reworked.
  • The patcher now has a newsfeed and direct links to “Vote for Points”, “Discord”, and “Wiki”.



[ User Interface Skin ]

  • Added a base UI skin for LeikaRO. This UI skin will be continuously improved to replace missing elements
  • Changed the new base UI skin to default. If you’re not happy with it, you can change your desired skin in the in-game settings.
    Simply select the 'Original Skin' option from the dropdown menu.



[ Website ]

  • Launched a new website with a complete visual overhaul.
  • Added Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to the website.
  • The item and monster databases now have pictures. There are some pictures missing still which we will add in the future.
  • The item database now contains item descriptions.
  • Some pages were moved from the forum to the website, such as “Points Explained”, “Report a Bug” and “Technical Help”.
  • Added a media page with screenshots and links to community videos.
  • The website now has mobile compatibility (albeit some improvements need to be made still).



[ Discord ]

  • #bug-reports channel was created. All bug reports should now be submitted in this channel instead of the old bug tracker.
  • Added some visual improvements to streamline with the server’s design.

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