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Battleground Adjustments

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Battleground currency was combined:

  • Tierra and Flavius provide Battleground Badges while KvM provides Battleground Points, all of equal value
  • Battleground Badges can be converted to KvM Points so you can combine currencies for faster purchase
  • KvM Points cannot be used to purchase the "old" equipment


Updated currency gain table:

  • KvM: 9 for winning, 3 for losing
  • Tierra: 15 for winning, 5 for losing
  • Flavius: 18 for winning, 6 for losing


New Valorous and Brave gear prices:

  • Weapons: 200 points
  • Armors: 160 points
  • Garment and shoes: 100 points
  • Accessories: 1000 points

The goal is to shift attention from KvM, which is the most crude and simple of all battlegrounds and promote the forgotten old ones. Overall speed of obtaining gear was boosted for Tierra and Flavius.
With Tierra and Flavius badges being tradeable, there are more options and incentives, and with storageable gear and account wide KvM points, less annoyance and more enjoyment.
We also plan to add some sort of ranking system for KvM so it serves a different purpose.


  • Waiting rooms are back, with level brackets
  • Party queueing option in progress
  • IP check to prevent self farming with multiple clients in progress
  • No more complete buff removal upon entering, your foods, FCP and self buffs stay
  • Faster KvM timeout when one remaining player is sneaking around with cloaking just to be annoying
  • 5v5 and 10v10 modes for Tierra and Flavius
  • 3v3 and 6v6 modes for KvM
  • Global announcement (only in towns) for when a BG starts and announcer NPC you can use to recruit people
  • New battleground rewards to come

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