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December 28th | Patch v1.3

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[ General ]


  • Characters on the same account can now be different genders (Clarification: you cannot choose your gender at Char Creation, it must be done via NPC which we will add shortly)
  • Updated Item and Monster DB
  • Fixed Xmas event - Mobs will now correctly spawn
  • Fixed Buying Store bug causing those who view it to become disconnected
  • Fixed a bug where Dead Branch/Bloody Branch summoned mobs that took 1 damage from everything
  • Changed Endless Tower's cooldown to 3 1/2 days (84 hours)
  • Really fixed Cursed Water so that it no longer Stone Curses the user
  • Adjusted Lockbox drop rates and contained items drop rates


[ Classes ]



  • Canto Candidus, Coluceo Heal, and Clementia can no longer be nullified by Holy armor


[ NPCs ]


Fixed inability to create a Guild at the Guild Manager if you met his party number requirements



[ Known Issues ]

  • Silver Lockboxes do not have loot
  • Olivia doesn't spawn in Payon
  • Lockboxes currently give some "Unknown Item" items. Do NOT delete these, they will be fixed next patch
  • Verus mobs aren't spawning in ver_tunn or ver_eju
  • Celestial Dark Flame's sprite crashes the viewer - DO NOT WEAR IT
  • Autoloot range is buggy



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It's a very quick maintenance, but I'm not at home and I wasn't been able to work as much as I wanted on Leika, sorry Guys =\

I'll be back on 3rd January.

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