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January 10th | Patch v1.4

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  • The Devil
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[ General ]

  • Disabled Xmas event and maps
  • Updated Refining System chances and values
  • Updated Item and Monster databases
  • Updated monster variables to fully support new modes
  • Monsters spawned by Bloody Branch and Dead Branch will no longer use an incorrect mode
  • Applied some basic Hercules fixes
  • Updated Old Glast Heim script to fix a few bugs
  • Added a Replay EXE to the game folder - NOT WORKING, apply -replay to the LeikaRO.exe shortcut instead
  • Adjusted Automated Event texts - Look forward to more automated events coming soon

[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Added Verus maps with their respective mobs
  • Updated EXP of all monsters to match the latest kRO values
  • Changed most MvPs to have jRO stat and EXP values
  • Re-added some fields and mob spawns that were removed in Renewal (High Orc field, west of Rachel, Veins fields, Payon fields)


[ NPCs ]

  • Fixed Mission Board party support (hopefully)
  • Tuxedo and Wedding dress will no longer be removed during marriage
  • Removed Beta Reward NPC
  • Added Reno, the Crystal Synthesis NPC to the second floor of Eden Group HQ
  • Added NPCs for some official headgear quests (Fairy Flower, Necktie, Hair Brush, Statue of Baby Angel, Frog Hat, Indifferent, Angry and Solo Hats)

[ Classes ]


  • Camouflage is now removed by all skills including mounts



  • Equipment Refine can now refine Shields
  • Fixed FAW - Silver Sniper and FAW - Magic Decoy


Guillotine Cross:

  • Hallucination Walk now correctly evades magic attacks


Arch Bishop:

  • Fixed Odin's Power Lv 2 to correctly reduce DEF & MDEF by 40


Royal Guard:

  • Prestige will now refresh its duration when recast



  • Volcano and Violent Gale will now give their correct bonuses



  • Eira's Silent Breeze no longer bypasses Silence immunity



  • Flash Combo now has a 2.5s Cooldown and 1s After Cast Delay
  • Pressure Point: Change will no longer incorrectly give too much ASPD



  • Corrected Mass Spiral damage formula

[ Items ]

  • Changed Santa's Bag to an equippable Armor
  • Increased the duration of Genetic +20 foods to 10 minutes
  • Added many new items
  • Removed Rebel's slotted weapons from the vendor and added them to socketing NPC
  • Silver Lockboxes will now correctly contain loot
  • Added Empty Bottle to Tool Dealer for 300z ea
  • Fixed Celestial Dark Flame to no longer crash the viewer
  • Fixed Cursed Water for good this time

[ Upcoming ]


  • Reworked Eden Group quests to properly support Extended Jobs
  • Improving Mission Board
  • Champion monsters
  • Nightmare Old GH mode and respective card set
  • Slotting NPC (Spiritual Auger)
  • Expansion of storage
  • Expansion of character slots
  • Gender-change NPC
  • Name-change NPC
  • More new content, from both kRO and jRO!
  • Updating monster's MATK formula
  • Eden (Paradise Group) Market
  • War of Emperium times!
  • PvP updates

End of January

  • Client update with new and fixed maps
  • New palettes and hairstyles


  • Client update to support new kRO features, such as in-game Achievement menu, slot machine, etc.

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Also be sure to update your kRO (Update-Ragnrok.exe) and kRORE (Update-Renewal.exe) to fully remove the Xmas official patch!

Especially those that get annoyed by that HUGE sock in Prontera!

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