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January 20th | Patch v1.5

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With this patch comes a few staff and volunteer changes.
[GM] Prism and [Helper] Anxiety are both leaving us due to personal reasons. Good news is that we now have a Chief GM, [GM] NiHZ.
NiHZ is highly experienced and will be sure to make your stay here on LeikaRO a great one. We also have two new Helpers; [Helper]Halia and [Helper]Lyka.
[ General ]

  • #main is now enabled by default while #map is now disabled by default
  • Added @cddebug command for Chief GM and Admins to allow investigation into the known stuck cooldown bug
  • Adjusted commands for Helpers and GMs
  • Fixed a bunch of skill descriptions and names
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Login Commands menu
  • Fixed Eden Quest Rewards for Extended Jobs (really)
  • Adjusted all #channel colors for visibility
  • Many official pets are now available - Also added Sedora and Wild Rose as pets

[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Updated Mob DB to support Champion Mobs, coming soon
  • Fire Golem will no longer randomly become invincible to physical attacks
  • Incubus now drops Girl's Naivety
  • Corrected the warp from um_dun01 to umbala
  • Fixed a bug that prevented entry to Old Glast Heim
  • Various minor monster and mob skill updates


[ NPCs ]

  • Added Olivia to Payon who can use your Spiritual Augers to add slots to certain middle headgears
  • Added an option to Erundek to allow you to exchange BG Badges into KvM Points
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't bet in the Poring Race
  • Fixed an exploit involved with Reno
  • Added Pet Master Taini to Item Mall
  • Increased EXP values for certain level 150-175 Eden Board quests
  • Added a few new headgears to Prontera Princess
  • Added two new headgears to Cash Shop
  • Increased cost of items purchased with Mora Coins from 10 to 20


[ Classes ]
Archer & Rogue:

  • Lowered the range bonus on Vulture's Eye to match up with monster attack range


  • Disabled Vacuum Extreme in all instances, nightmare dungeons and certain maps


[ Items ]

  • Added MANY official taming items for pets, dropped by the respective mob
  • Added MANY accessories for these pets, dropped by MVPs
  • Fixed Peuz' set bonus
  • Fixed Blood Sucker's life leech effect
  • Fixed Earth Deleter Card to correctly disable natural SP Regeneration
  • Fixed Bradium Brooch to now give +4 CRIT at 120+ Base AGI
  • Fixed Floral Decoration Microphone and Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon so that it can correctly be equipped by Wanderers and not Minstrels
  • Fixed STR/AGI//VIT/DEX Supplement Device set bonuses
  • Fixed Malangdo Coins' descriptions to correctly indicate they are Account Bound
  • Moved Carga Mace and Elven Bow from Golden Lockbox to Silver Lockbox
  • Various minor item script and item description fixes


[ Upcoming Changes ]

  • More class-related fixes
  • Improving Mission Board
  • Nightmare Old Glast Heim mode and respective card set
  • Expanded Nightmare Clock Tower
  • Underwater City questline and items
  • Storage expansion
  • Character slot expansion
  • Gender-change NPC
  • Name-change NPC
  • More new content, from both kRO and jRO!
  • Updating monster's MATK formula
  • Eden (Paradise Group) Market
  • War of Emperium times
  • PvP updates

End of January

  • Client update with new and fixed maps
  • New palettes and hairstyles


  • Client update to support new kRO features, such as in-game Achievement menu, slot machine, etc.




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Hi guys,


Just going to introduce myself. Like Byte said, I'm the new Chief GM. I'll be hanging around all day every day, happy to try to answer your questions, keeping an eye on the GM team and running events. I will also be helping keep the Facebook page updated. A bit about me! I've been doing this for quite a long time, ever since I was an Admin on MicRO back in 2008ish. Other servers have included Head GM at AvidRO and more recently I was a council member at another server that's still running, and various other positions at random servers here and there. I've run and moderated a number of Minecraft servers.


I'm Canadian. I don't speak French, but I do love poutine and I say 'eh' a lot. I live in the EST time-zone, but I don't sleep human hours. I'm a college graduate in Multimedia Design and Production and 3D Character Design and Animation. I enjoy doing stupid little events and making people happy. I will probably harass you to review the server.


If anybody has any questions or concerns, or just wants to say hi, find me in-game. Use @request to ask questions, if I'm not on someone will be. Feel free to send me a PM on the forums, I'll be happy to respond.


Have fun, guys, that's why we play!


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  • Seraph
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I just want to mention to everyone that we're aware of the Mora changes (including the increase in price from 10 to 20 coins for eqs and removal of a bunch of gear) and this is definitely not fully intended. Will be fixed with the next patch. Hope you understand that with active development and changes will come a few bugs here and there.




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To clarify, the price increase is intended, AB and Warlock gear will receive the same treatment in the future, with no more randomization, since that's how it works on kRO since a long time. The removal of certain set pieces isn't.

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