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January 23rd | Patch v1.5a Hotfix

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  • Seraph
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Quick hotfix with the server upgrade.


[ General ]

  • Added a consistency check for quest skills on log-in to prevent their loss when resetting
  • Fixed a bug that made characters face the wrong way when using skills

[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Mobs will now correctly react to Ankle Snare
  • Fixed a bug where mapflags, items, and skills could not be used on certain maps
  • Expanded Nightmare Clock Tower with 2 extra floors
  • Timeholder will no longer teleport
  • Nightmare Baphomet will no longer teleport



[ NPCs ]

  • Fixed Mora Coin NPCs to correctly offer the missing gear
  • Level 91-99 Eden Board should now give Job EXP up to Job Level 70



[ Classes ]

  • Full Throttle is no longer a quest skill:
    - Removed the required quest
    - Now requires Job Lvl 60 to acquire



  • Corrected Ankle Snare's minimum and maximum duration
  • All Traps have had their HP increased by roughly 400%



  • Fixed a bug where mobs would not ignore the caster under a self-casted White Imprison



  • Fixed Equipment Refine to correctly use the proper ores



  • Reduced Snake Eyes' bonus range to match up with monster ranges



[ Upcoming Changes ]

  • More class-related fixes
  • Improving Mission Board
  • Nightmare Old Glast Heim mode and respective card set
  • Underwater City questline and items
  • Storage expansion
  • Character slot expansion
  • Gender-change NPC
  • Name-change NPC
  • More new content, from both kRO and jRO!
  • Updating monster's MATK formula
  • Eden (Paradise Group) Market
  • War of Emperium times
  • PvP updates

End of January

  • Client update with new and fixed maps
  • New palettes and hairstyles


  • Client update to support new kRO features, such as in-game Achievement menu, slot machine, etc.

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