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Open Beta Information

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  • The Devil
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Introduced features:


  • Achievement System.
  • Mission Board.
  • Hat vendor with an extensive inventory, accepting Kawaii Coins as currency. Coins are available from various in-game sources. Every existing headgear will be available in some form from various sources.
  • Costume Maker NPC that can convert any headgear into a costumed one.
  • Lockbox System. (TBA)


Featured changes:


  • Vast majority of skills and effects fixed to properly work according to latest kRO changes. Rest to come soon.
  • Tweaked resistances to old status ailments (Stun, Silence, Poison, etc) to require 130 instead of 100 in the corresponding stat to achieve immunity (base+job bonus+gear, excluding buffs).
  • Corrected bonuses of many items.
  • Revamped Battlegrounds.
  • Revamped Refinement System.
  • Revamped skill, icon and item descriptions.
  • Overhauled Leveling System.
  • Overhauled Malangdo Island.
  • Tweaked drop chances for certain items and added new ones.
  • Fixed all homunculus and most of spirit skills, updated homunculus stat growth table.
  • Revamped many NPCs.
  • Added a set of Leika-specific NPCs.
  • Disabled certain MvP cards on GvG maps.
  • Revamped Mystical Card Album.
  • All MvPs up to level 125 now drop Enriched Elunium and Oridecon by a chance based on level bracket and respawn time. MvPs above level 125 drop HD Carnium and Bradium. Instance bosses (them being low level minibosses and all) are adjusted to drop those as well.
  • Updated pathing, movement and attack behavior to official. This should alleviate position lags.
  • Updated monster AI to official behavior.
  • Corrected monster MATK formula.
  • Modified Deep Sleep success and duration formulas.