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March 20th | Minipatch v1.8.2

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[ General ]

  • Halved default global skill delay (from 100 to 50ms) and global walk act delay (from 300 to 150), values below 150 cause glitches, this is done to provide a smoother gameplay

[ NPCs ]

  • Enabled St. Patrick's Event NPC, he's in Prontera and will be available until the next Monday
  • Implemented back the old Repeatable EXP Quests, the NPCs are located at the second floor of Eden Group HQ, inside the room north of the boards.
  • As a consequence, you can no longer purchase the required items for some of these quests from NPCs
  • Also implemented the Deadman NPC from the same list, EXP rewards have been changed to be x1.5 higher and the level range to 89-109, this NPC is located inside the Nifelheim Witch's Castle (the savepoint)


[ Classes ]



  • Charge Arrow now has a 1 second variable cast time instead of 1.5 second fixed, this is subject to change
  • Falcon Assault had its fixed cast time removed
  • Sharp Shooting had its fixed cast time removed and variable reduced to 0.5 sec


  • Dragon Combo had its after-cast delay correctly removed
  • Gate of Hell had its cast time updated, resulting in -0.2 second across all levels
  • Snap Dodge was re-enabled


Rune Knight:

  • Storm Blast had its after-cast delay correctly removed



  • Intense Telekinesis was updated to the latest version; duration was reduced from 3 minutes to 1, 0.5 second after-cast delay added  and it's no longer dispellable


[ Upcoming Changes ]



  • Friend Referral and Guild Packages
  • Turn-in quests on the Mission Board for level 100+ players


Next Weekend:

  • Doubled Rates Event!

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