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March 28th | Patch v1.8.3

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  • The Devil
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The reboot is mostly to make a backup and deal with certain small issues like dead cells in PvP rooms. It's been a whole month without any downtimes so things seem to be as stable as they can get.



[ General ]

  • Experience Rates will be doubled until the next Monday
  • Globally increased Kawaii Coin rewards from Automated Events, MvPs and Mission Board
  • Ice Wall was disabled in PvP Rooms as a temporary solution to the dead cells issue
  • Added and fixed many missing and wrong quest descriptions


[ NPCs ]

  • Enabled Researcher Zakline, who's able to craft Vesper Gears, he resides near the spawn point of Verus and can show you what those trinkets do
  • Added new quests to the Mission Board
  • Increased the experience gained from level 141 to 175 Eden Boards
  • Added @showzeny to Kafra's Login Commands
  • Fixed and updated many Port Malaya quests
  • Fixed Expedition Camp's Cat Hand Mining Agent
  • Updated whole Malangdo Island script to the latest version
  • Corrected Rune Knight's Job Change Quest text


[ Classes ]


  • Envenom now ignores flee


Lord Knight:

  • Frenzy lost its Job Level requirement


Shadow Chaser:

  • Mucha Nage can now be reproduced

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