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October 24th | Patch v4.0 | Halloween Event!

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Posted 24 October 2015 - 04:42 PM

[ General ]

  • Implement Halloween Event! This includes a bunch of quests, events and dozens of hats, the event will last for two weeks (until November 7th)
  • Costumes are no longer account-bound!
  • Dispel, Clearance and Inspiration no longer remove Genetic Potion buffs
  • Refreshed all PvP maps!
  • Removed helpmsgtable (the huge block of texts explaining basic commands every time you login)
  • Patched in the old Prontera Field maps around Prontera for the sake of consistency
  • Added noequipment and noconsumable mapflags to use for certain event maps


[ List of Headgears Available During Halloween Event ]

  • Fantastic Pumpkin Hat  [1] (5202) - Pumpkin Loving Gramps quest
  • Costume: Orange Halloween Hat (20174) - Gloomy Jack and Cool Deviruchi quest
  • Costume: Evolved Whisper Mask (19920) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: There's... Something... (20183) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: Happy Pierrot's Mask (20176) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: Diabolic Headphones (20175) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: Lude's Hood (20173) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Gloomy Pumpkin Hat [1] (18527) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist
  • Black Witch's Hat [0] (18883) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist
  • Witch's Shoes [0] (22067) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Normalized monster's MATK variation to be 20% just like ATK instead of old 30%, this should result in lower damage spikes
  • Amdarais (normal mode) now drops Rose of Eden (2192)
  • Amdarais (hard mode) now drops Giant Bow (18122)
  • Root of Corruption (normal mode) now drops Exorcist's Scripture (28602)
  • Root of Corruption (hard mode) now drops Gigantic Blade (21011)
  • Baphomet now drops Costume: Fluffy Baphomet Hat (20234)


[ NPCs ]

  • Implemented Heartring Pet quest, the NPC can be found on the second floor of Aldebaran's Alchemist Guild (thanks to Penciltea for the script)
  • The Moon is now a scripted map, a random mid-to-high tier MvP will spawn every 3 hours (after being killed) with a global announcement, PvP is enabled and so are branches, teleport is disabled. Accessed through Damaged Construct
  • Fire Basin now has its intended official flavor NPCs and warp, quests to follow soon. Guards will teleport monsters away and Fulbuks only spawn upon killing a Fire Pit (thanks to Vadertan for helping with translations)
  • Old Glast Heim (both modes) had its monster spawns during the second part normalized for both sides, edited map to remove certain abusable and bugged spots (thanks to Inzanity for the edit)
  • You can now buy up to 100 Guarana Candies at once


[ Classes ]

  • Critical Wounds, Death Hurt poison and Water Insignia Lv2 no longer affect SP recovery (this should be the correct behavior)


Rune Knight:

  • Concentration no longer incorrectly boosts Dragon Breath's damage


Royal Guard:

  • Shield Boomerang now correctly scales with shield's weight
  • King's Grace now works when hard statused, with the exception of Silence, Deep Sleep and Crystallization (client limitations)



  • Stasis now only blocks the use of magical type skills (until there's proper documentation available)
  • Release (Spheres) had its damage formula corrected, the damage of spheres now scales with Base and Job Levels
  • White Imprison had its success chance corrected (Job Level influence)
  • All Warlock spells had their ranges and interaction with Radius corrected to no longer exceed the maximum of 14 cells



  • Corrected the STR based duration reduction of Vacuum Extreme
  • Elemental Insignias now correctly increase elemental damage of all kinds by 25%



  • Keen Nose now correctly removes NPC_INVISIBLE


Wanderer and Minstrel:

  • Severe Rainstorm is no longer blocked by Land Protector


Arch Bishop:

  • Adoramus had its debuff application chance corrected (Job Level influence) and its range set to correct 12 cells
  • Judex had its range corrected to 12 cells



  • Gentle Touch: Cure now correctly costs 4 Spirit Spheres at all levels
  • Flash Combo's ATK buff no longer lasts longer than the actual skill duration



  • Magma Eruption's misc damage part can no longer miss
  • Hovering now only blocks ground-based effects and spells (traps, earth-element spells, etc)



  • Bayeri's Heilage Stange now properly works as a spell scaling off ATK
  • Eira's Eraser Cutter and Xeno Slasher now properly work as spells scaling off ATK
  • Sera's Poison Mist now properly works as a spell scaling off ATK


Guillotine Cross:

  • Oblivion Curse's duration is no longer incorrectly reduced by VIT and LUK
  • Meteor Assault had its damage formula corrected and is now a normal physical melee skill
  • Soul Breaker had its damage formula fully remade, now properly ignores DEF/MDEF and FLEE, benefits from EDP and weapon's element fully, magical part's formula is no longer halved due to EDP
  • Counter Slash now correctly ignores DEF and had its radius increased to 5x5 for smoother gameplay (monsters having melee attack range of 3 cells and such)
  • Hallucination Walk now reduces magical damage taken by 50% instead of granting dodge chance when used against monsters (experimental change to improve GX PvM capability)


Shadow Chaser:

  • Feint Bomb had its damage formula corrected (Job Level scaling)



  • Tracking now correctly bypasses Auto Guard and Parrying
  • Desperado and Fallen Angel are no longer incorrectly reflected by item melee reflect effects (Orc Lord Card, Naga Shield, etc)
  • Fallen Angel is now castable on occupied cells
  • Round Trip is now properly a fully ranged attack, benefitting from ranged % damage effect and no longer reflectable by items or Reflect Shield
  • Dragon Tail now correctly benefits from ranged % damage effects



  • Bakuretsu Kunai had its damage formula correct (Job Level scaling), no longer misses on Land Protector
  • Huuma Shuriken Ranka had its maximum range corrected to not exceed 14 cells, no longer misses on Land Protector
  • Cast-off Cicada Skin and Illusionary Shadow no longer incorrectly block Tracking, Ground Drift, Sprinkle Sand, Acid Demonstration (physical portion) and Reveberation (physical portion)
  • Cast-off Cicada Skin and Illusionary Shadow now correctly block Hell Plant


[ Items ]

  • Kagerou/Oboro and Rebel can now wear all Transcendent only gear and Temporal Boots!
  • Eclage's status removal herbs are once again target-casted
  • Mora Coins, Coagulated Spells, Corrupted Spells, Temporal Crystals and all our custom MvP misc items can now be added to Buying Store
  • Saint Frill Ribbon [0] (31124), Classical Ribbon [0] (31166), Gothic Headdress [0] (31134), White Rabbit Bonnet [1]  (20200) and Angel's Mini Silk Hat [1] (31167) had their price halved and will be removed from Cash Shop once Halloween Event is over
  • Nifelheim Bunny Hat [1] (5931), Pumpkin Headband [0] (20172), Whisper Tall Hat [0] (20130) and Dark Night Veil [0] (20220) have been added to Cash Shop during Halloween Event and will be removed once it's over!
  • Candy Hat [1] (18708) and Leopard Earmuffs Hat [0] (20196) have been permanently added to Cash Shop

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