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December 21st | Patch v5.0 | Christmas Event

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[ General ]

  • Christmas Event is now up, for three weeks, and EXP is doubled as well!
  • Large variety of in-game events and content is available, look around Prontera and Lutie! (Thanks to FlashCombo and Penciltea for their help!)
  • Holly Land is the main attraction of this season, it involves multiple custom maps and monsters for different level ranges, a special boss, headgear crafting and EXP turn-ins
  • Dozens of skill, item and status icon descriptions fixes were added



[ List of Headgears Available During Christmas Event ]

  • Elder Crown  [1] (18812) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Angeling Knit Hat [1] (19047) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Christmas Hamster (31270) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Snowman Hat [1] (5738) - Santa Helper's quest reward
  • Antonio's Santa Hat [1] (5136) - Possible reward from Stolen Christmas Gift
  • Rudolph's Nose (5204) - Santa & Rudolph's quest reward
  • Rudolph's Santa Hat (5742) - Santa & Rudolph's quest reward
  • Red Twin Pom-pom Hat (5488) - Grinch's quest reward
  • Blue Twin Pom-pom Hat (5390) - Grinch's quest reward
  • Santa Poring Hat (5381) - Grinch's quest reward
  • Costume: Chocolate Mint Bonnet (20243) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Eclipse Hat (20241) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Mouton Earmuffs (19989) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Shining Santa Poring (19685) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Frozen Rose Band (20046) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Spiral Pierce used by monsters is now always treated as a ranged attack for the sake of consistency
  • Soul Breaker used by monsters had its level halved due to to the new official skill formula which made it deal absurd damage when cast by monsters
  • Bio Lab 3 and 4 monsters had their loot tables revamped and improved
  • Port Malaya instance bosses had their drop chances improved and normalized, EXP increased and they received MVP rewards as well
  • Bifrost Tower had its spawns rearranged for a better experience
  • Knight of Windstorm now drops Expert Ring and Eagle Wing
  • Amon Ra now drops Morrigane's Manteau
  • Turtle General, Lord of the Death, Zmey Gorynych, RSX-0808 and Bacsojin had their droprates increased for some items



[ NPCs ]

  • Two new Automated Events have been added!
  • Event Criers have been revamped for better functionality, offering warp only to the currently active event
  • Lazy Quartermaster now offers new wares and all prices have been adjusted
  • WoE Emissary now once again warps to the castle's entrance
  • Nurse now only removes basic debuffs
  • Port Malaya quests now always give VIP rewards
  • Port Malaya instances now have a normalized cooldown of 3 days and a half



[ Classes ]



  • You can now achieve 100% status immunity through stats, needing 150 of the correspondent stat, this is not a definite change and will be observed
  • Slightly corrected HP/SP growth formulas to be more accurate
  • Full Throttle is no longer dispellable


Royal Guard:

  • Pinpoint Attack now inflicts Bleeding with the correct duration



  • Fire Pillar now correctly only ignores MDEF and nothing else
  • Fire Ball had it's damage formula correctly increased
  • Frost Nova now has its correct area of 7x7
  • Earth Strain no longer divests if it no damage is dealt
  • White Imprison is now correctly removed by Napalm Vulcan



  • Dragonology now grants its correct bonuses (as stated on iROWiki)
  • Elemental Spirit Lv.1 Passive Mode now correctly increases the damage of Bolt skills and Spellfist
  • Crystallization now correctly blocks the use of all consumable items
  • Warmer now heals for the correct amount when Agni Lv.2 Passive Mode is active (x1~3)
  • Elemental Spirit and Insignia buffs are no longer incorrectly removed by clearance



  • Tiger Cannon no longer incorrectly splashes to hidden targets
  • Gate of Hell had its damage formula corrected (removed extra 100% portion from weapon part) and no longer incorrectly benefits from ranged damage % effects
  • Skynet Blow executed through Flash Combo now correctly splashes around the caster and not the target
  • Ride the Lightning now has its pre-nerf implementation, cast time is removed and damage scales with DEX, now correctly requires the correct amount of spheres to cast and has 5x5~7x7~9x9 cells area
  • Snap had its click range corrected so the character doesn't get stuck when clicked too far away
  • Knuckle Arrow now knocks-back in the opposite direction instead of to the west



  • Equipment Refine now also grants ranking points for armor refines



  • Alchemy now has the same success rate for transcendent Genetics as a job level 70 Creator would have, this doesn't scale further
  • Stomachache debuff from Black Mass now correctly reduces movement speed
  • Sling Item now deals correct damage with all the throwable items and scales with base level
  • Thorn Trap now has the correct debuff duration for all levels
  • Demonic Fire was corrected to only allow one instance


Guillotine Cross:

  • Poison Smoke had its duration correctly increased for all levels


Shadow Chaser:

  • Emergency Escape now correctly backslides instantly and has the correct range based on skill level
  • Plagiarise no longer incorrectly attemps to copy Homunculus skills
  • Reproduce now works with Jyumonjikiri and Setsudan


Wanderer and Minstrel:

  • Ensemble Songs from second jobs are no longer incorrectly removed by clearance



[ Items ]

  • Iron Nails now ignore half of target's DEF
  • Luxurious Western Food and Manchu Han Imperial Feast are no longer dispelled upon death
  • Clearance and Dispel no longer incorrectly remove Cash Shop buffs, buffs from Lazy Quartermaster's wares, Genetic potion buffs and cosmetic effects
  • Speed Potion's effect now correctly ignores slowing effects such as Quagmire and Decrease Agility
  • Corrected item scripts that deal with SP increasing/decreasing bonuses and physical damage increasing effects
  • Sound Amplifier now reduces global variable cast time
  • Bangungot and Buwaya Agimat Tattoos had their stats improved to be relevant
  • Mora Berry now has its correct buff, reducing damage taken from Bifrost area monsters
  • Greater Agimat of Ancient Spirit now has its correct buff, increasing physical and magical damage done to Demon race
  • Buche de Noel now has its correct buff
  • Malangdo Cat Can now has its correct buff
  • Cup of Boza now has its correct buff
  • Added Daehwandan and Taecheongdan consumables to Cash Shop
  • Slightly reduced prices of Bronze, Silver and Golden Keys
  • Snowysnow Hat (20242) and Snow Bunny Knit Hat (19990) have been added to Cash Shop during Christmas Event and will be removed once it's over!

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This is an awesome patch! Thank you for the hard work <3

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