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The Black Cat Order is recruiting - sorta, kinda

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  • Locationcurrently Wyszkow(Poland), but originally from Hungary

since there is no separate place for party recruitments, i guess this is the only way to do it. therefore...


We are looking for people to play together with, to spend time with, to have fun with, and to share on each other's burden if you're deemed worthy.




What we look for (requirement or at least highly recommended):

  • being willing to and preferably enjoy to play in a party, which involves choosing classes and builds that are suitable for the teams needs.
  • be willing to spend your time on tasks that benefit your team mates, in exchange of be able to expect the same from us.
    (means: you help us get equips/cards for our characters, and we also help you in getting your gear)
  • have some sensibleness when it comes to the way you play. don't overextend and rush, especially not if you cant handle it on your own, cos if you are reckless, you will die... a lot... and i wont even feel sorry for you... (if you go total ignorant, then i'm gonna make you refund the blue gemstones wasted on you)
  • be able to communicate in English at least in a basic way.
    English is not mother language for me either, so i know everyone has to start somewhere, and if you otherwise worthy of our time, i don't mind spending extra time in helping you practise English, i know it from experience its easiest to least a language if you do it while doing something you enjoy, because it doesn't feel like a burden that way. But please if you deliberately not willing to improve your ability of communicating with us, then spare me the trouble and play with people who speak your own desired language.
  • be able to take a criticism without getting offended, and going all butt-hurt.
    my way of speech can be intimidating, cold or ragesome for small reasons, but most of the time i weather i don't really mean it, or if i do, i do it for a good reason, because i care about you enough to waste time on helping you realize your own mistakes.
    / yeah, i come down as a himedere or a weirdo on first glance, but i'm all fluffy on the inside once you get know to me. /


as for info about us and what we have to offer


Black Cat Order


the guild consists of pairs of characters of 2 actual players for now.
Damian on the characters Melchior(Royal Guard), Phaleg(Archbishop), Kocur(Mechanic - Mastersmith of the guild)

Bogi (me ^.^) on characters Gratitude(Battle-bishop), Cica(Genetic-guild leader), Molly(Sorceress)
we have many more characters in the oven, so will update when they become relevant.
also new people will be added to the list once becoming permanent members of the team.

what we have to offer:

  • 2 players/team mates, for now, that are daily active, (not only comes online for woe, like some people on this server)
  • and active for real = NOT only online to be a prontera princess, without the slight intention of actually playing the game
  • we are co-op players so we are not really interested in pvp. (i would love to own a castle to have access to the schwartzwald guild dungeon, but to be honest, i am not eagering for the stress that comes with doing WoEs, and Damian outright has phobias towards WoE)
  • we are grinders, (maybe i am prone to whine on droprates and unluckiness, and i have my moments when i freak, but i always come back and finish what i started, no the other hand Damian is virtualy flawless, like an insane "spoiler", his resolve is like beyond all reasonableness, beating all odds...) proof of it is the 5k leopard skin in my storage for the sake of one single baby leopard card of our own.
    (i still want to make a coat out of them and stroll around like Cruella Deville!!! huaaahahaha)
  • we are party oriented, devoted and responsible towards people who earns our trust, and become our friend.
    if you become one of us, we are willing to go out of our way to make things happen, we are willing to adjust our schedule to be able to play together if needed, willing to hunt things for you so that you become more strong and benefit our team better, we just simply expect the same in return, cos that how friends work.
  • if you become our friend that is not going to be limited to the game, if you wish so,
    we will be more than glad to discuss virtually anything, from movies, music, other games, hobbies, food, even relationship troubles if you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to cheer for you.
  • also free refining and brewing from brought materials, cos we are a team, obviously we are there to help you when needed.
  • and as last but not least, we offer an elegant and intimidating black cat as for guild emblem!


well. i think that is all. in case you would like to give it a try to spend time and play together with us, then contact me on forum, or contact either me or Damian ingame (character names mentioned above) as for now that technically means any Black Cat Order guildmembers.
or find the LurchingElf on Discord.

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Hey, i wana join :3




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  • Locationcurrently Wyszkow(Poland), but originally from Hungary

looking for people to fill up our high tier party. non maxed out just lvl150+
seeking players with class either Sorcerer (or Archbishop), full devotion Royal Guard (or axe-Mechanic), Wanderer and/or Bard, buffer-Sura.
mvp hunt is an option in case of decently reliable team mates are available that the moment, but mvps are not the priority target of our interest.
we seek a team for exploring PvE content.

Level is not an actual criteria, just be enthusiastic and diligent about learning your chosen class, and dont act halfassed.
if you want to play with us, we will help with leveling (no, no leaching, i mean lvling together.)

what we offer: party oriented reliable and decent teammates,
sacrifical devotion royal guard (or axe mechanic with all the buffs they can possibly offer), and hybrid battlebishop of decently reliable skill.

if you want to play with us, and give party play a try then call me.
this offer stands indefinitely, we are still playing on the server till this very day, and plan to stay some more.

Edited by LurchingElf, 21 October 2016 - 11:09 PM.

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    RO OG

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  • LocationTejas, USA

Hi! I am a brand new player and I was excited to read your post. I am like minded in that I don't really care for WoE but I enjoy the company of others and I like having additional goals so farming for guildmates is right up my alley!  I have never played a Gyp/Wanderer before - because I never had regulars to party with.  If you are willing I would love to explore it with you guys - but I am wondering what times are you usually online?




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  • 36 posts
  • Locationcurrently Wyszkow(Poland), but originally from Hungary

i am really glad that you found our recruiting message. i thought people just plain ignore it these days >_>
i would be glad to get to know you better. i have sent you a few messages on the forum. feel free to reply to them or find me on Discord, or ingame.


Ps.: our ranks have expanded, currently we have 4 active members including the 2 of us mentioned above.

hope you will get along with all of us! :)

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