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Backslide Visual Bug

Posted by Sardrellas on 02 June 2018 - 08:25 PM

So here's what's going on.

When backsliding into an area, no sprites are loaded for characters or NPC's. If someone walks into my field of view, they become visible. However, anyone else that was already there when I backslid into the area won't be able to see me or my text boxes from chat.

Bug features:

When you backslide into an area, you...
1) cannot see or interact with other sprites.
2) are still capable of taking damage via AOE. However, no animation is played at all and no damage is shown; your HP just disappears instantly.
3) GX cannot fix the bug unless they leave the field of view and return via walking, not backsliding or log in and out/teleport.
4) Mechanic's Mado Gear experiences the same effect when using back and front slide. However, unlike GX, they can fix the bug simply by walking around a bit.

Other notable features:
1) So far, this only happens to backsliding and backslide/frontslide. This didn't happen with Suras using snap/body relocation.
2) Your aspd/the speed you slide with makes no difference in this bug. The skill itself is what's causing the issue.
3) Unequipping/reequippnig the mado gear does not change how this bug works on Mechanics. This leads me to assume that the bug is tied to backsliding itself, for the most part.
4) However, by contrast, if you backslide into an area (meaning you're "invisible" to other players and they're invisible to you), on a GX, if you use the Halter Lead (mount) and start moving, you will become visible to other characters, but everyone else will still be invisible to your GX. In this state, your GX is shown on foot to other players, even though you're actually on your mount. You can only fix this by reusing the Halter Lead twice again (you'll still be unable to see other sprites, but other players will now see you on your mount as you should be), or leaving the area and returning without sliding. This means that every time you "reappear," you'll likely be shown or in your mado gear. No way to test if this happens with swordsman tree mounts atm.
5) Not too worth mentioning, but having a pet did not affect this bug, so I don't think their sprite being way offscreen changes anything.

changed status to: Fix Pending

changed status to: Fixed

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