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Couples that are married can choose to "adopt" another character. The adoption process turns that character into a Baby job, which are smaller versions of the normal ("adult") jobs. Parents can only adopt one child character.


  • Parent characters must be Base Level 70 or higher
  • Parent characters must be married
  • Parent characters must both have their wedding rings equipped
  • Adoptee must be a Novice or a First Job.


  1. The married couple create a party together.
  2. The prospective child joins the party.
  3. One of the parents will right click the child they wish to adopt and select the option called "Adopt <name>" that appears.
  4. The character selected will be prompted and asked if they want to be adopted by the parent who selected them to be adopted.
  5. Upon agreement, the character becomes a Baby job and the parents' adopted child.


Adopted characters and their parents gain access to new skills.

Skills for Children

Skills for Parents

Benefits of being Adopted

  • The child will be able to share EXP with either (or both) of their Parents at any given level, as long as the Parents are both 70+. This makes leeching from 1/1 to 175/60 possible. All members of the family must be on the same map to set party share.
  • The child is now Size Small. This renders Skel Worker Cards ineffective in PvP against child characters, as the only aspect of it that will affect them is the +5 ATK per card.
  • Since the child is Small sized, the Knight skill Pierce will only do 1 hit.

Limitations of being Adopted

  • Child's HP and SP are only 75% of Max HP and Max SP.
  • Adopted characters cannot increase a stat past a base amount of 80 (or 1117 if they are a Third Job)
    • Any stats over 80 will be converted to raw status points upon adoption.
  • Carrying capacity of adopted characters are lowered by 1200 compared to a normal character.
  • Adopted characters cannot Rebirth/Transcend (but can change to their respective Third Class upon reaching 99/50, missing out on Transcendent skills and the additional status points)
  • Adopted Blacksmiths' and Alchemists' respective Forging and Brewing skills rates are decreased by 50%.


  • Once adopted, a Baby character cannot be adopted again if one or both parents are delete, or the adoption is removed.
  • Parents may be able to adopt again if the adoption is removed.