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Defense is the total physical defense that is factored upon physical damage, which is generally based on ATK as whole or partially. However, there are exceptions.

The descriptions used here refer to Hard and Soft DEF. These names are used for clarity. The vast majority of players do not use these terms in general conversation, and instead refer Armor Def (hard) and VIT Def (soft). Hard DEF works as a relative reduction, whereas Soft DEF is a subtractive reduction.

To obtain the final damage,apply Hard DEF first and then apply soft DEF.

Hard DEF

Effects of Hard DEF on incoming damage

Hard defense, also known as "armor" or "equipment" defense reduces, incoming physical damage multiplicatively.

  • Damage after Hard DEF = Damage × [(4000 + HardDEF) ÷ (4000 + HardDEF × 10)]

For example, a player with a Hard DEF of 275 will have incoming damage reduced by about ⅓, and a player with a Hard DEF of 500 will have incoming damage reduced by half.

Hard defense has a base value of 0, and is increased by equipment, some skills, and items.

Additive Bonuses

  • Equipment bonus to DEF: +1 per point
  • Armor upgrades = Floor[(3 + UpgradeLv) ÷ 4]
Item/Skill Max Modifier Additional notes
File:4409.png Agav Card
-10 Armor.
File:4401.png Alicel Card
-5 Armor.
File:4240.png Arclouze Card
+2 Shield. Extra +2 if refined to +5 or lower.
File:4114.png Argiope Card
+1 Armor. Enchant armor with Poison property.
File:4075.png Argos Card
+1 Shield.
File:4032.png Ambernite Card
+2 Armor.
1160.png Broad Sword
1484.png Cardo
Var +Floor(UpgradeLv ÷ 2)
File:4041.png Coco Card
+1 Headgear.
File:4061.png Cornutus Card
+1 Armor. Makes armor unbreakable.
13003.png Cowardice Blade
1135.png Cutlus
File:4098.png Dokebi Card
+1 Armor. Endows armor with Wind property.
File:4141.png Evil Druid Card
+1 Armor. Endows armor with Undead property.
File:4250.png Executioner Card
+1 Shield.
13167.png Gate Keeper-DD
Var +UpgradeLv
File:4110.png Ghoul Card
+1 Headgear.
File:4150.png Goat Card
+2 Armor. Extra +2 if refined to +5 or lower.
File:4462.png Hardrock Mammoth Card
+5 Armor.
File:4322.png High Orc Card
+1 Shield.
1261.png Infiltrator
1170.png Katzbalger
1723.png Luna Bow
File:4046.png Martin Card
+1 Headgear.
File:4067.png Megalodon Card
+1 Shield.
File:4399.png Memory of Thanatos Card
-30 Weapon. Increases damage based on target's DEF.
File:4339.png Mineral Card
+3 Armor.
File:4090.png Munak Card
+1 Shield.
File:4150.png Mysteltainn Card
+1 Shield.
File:4254.png Ogretooth Card
+1 Shield.
File:4309.png Parasite Card
+1 Shield.
File:4099.png Pasana Card
+1 Armor. Endows armor with Fire property.
File:4337.png Porcellio Card
-5 Armor.
Remodel Mainframe-icon.png Remodel Mainframe
+100 [20 + (SkillLv × 20)]
File:4101.png Sandman Card
+1 Armor. Endows armor with Earth property.
1167.png Schweizersabel
+1 Wind property.
File:4220.png Solider Card
+2 Armor.
File:4039.png Stainer Card
+1 Headgear.
File:4150.png Stalactic Golem Card
+1 Headgear.
File:4042.png Steel Chonchon Card
+2 Armor.
File:4226.png Sting Card
+2 Shield. Extra +2 if refined to +9 or higher.
File:4089.png Swordfish Card
+1 Armor. Endows armor with Water property.
File:4304.png Tamruan Card
+2 Shield.
File:4302.png Tao Gunka Card
-50 Armor. Doubles Max HP.
File:4261.png Wootan Fighter Card
+1 Headgear.
File:4260.png Wootan Shooter Card
+1 Headgear.

Multiplicative Bonuses

Item/Skill Max Modifier Additional notes
Assumptio-icon.png Assumptio
1237.png Grimtooth
1165.png Masamune
Concentration-icon.png Spear Dynamo
-25% -(SkillLv × 5)%
1523.png Spike

Soft DEF

Soft defense, also known as "VIT" defense, reduces incoming physical damage directly.

SoftDEF      = (VIT ÷ 2) + Max[(VIT × 0.3), (VIT ^ 2 ÷ 150) − 1]
TotalSoftDEF = [(SoftDEF + BonusA) × (1 + BonusB ÷ 100)]
  • BonusA is the sum of additive bonuses.
  • BonusB is the sum of multiplicative bonuses.

At less than 50 VIT, every 10 points of VIT increases SoftDEF by 8. As VIT increases further, each point gives a larger bonus to SoftDEF.

10 8
20 16
30 24
40 32
50 40
60 53
70 66
80 81
90 98
100 115
110 134
120 155
130 176
140 199
150 224

Additive Modifiers

Item Max Modifier Additional notes
Divine Protection-icon.png Divine Protection
+30 +(SkillLv × 3). Only against Undead and Demon monsters.

Multiplicative Modifiers

Item Max Modifier Additional notes
Angelus-icon.png Angelus
+50% +(SkillLv × 5)%

Bypassing DEF

The skills and weapons below are known to either bypass DEF, or have a reversed effect, thus increasing damage from the amount it.


Skill Notes
Acid Demonstration-icon.png Acid Demonstration
Increases damage based on target's VIT instead DEF.
Battle Chant-icon.png Battle Chant
One of the negative effect against enemies.
Spiral Pierce-icon.png Clashing Spiral
Gloria Domini-icon.png Gloria Domini
File:Guillotine Fist-icon.png Guillotine Fist
Martyr's Reckoning-icon.png Martyr's Reckoning
Occult Impaction-icon.png Occult Impaction
Increases damage based on target's DEF.
Soul Destroyer-icon.png Soul Destroyer
File:Tarot Card of Fate-icon.png Tarot Card of Fate


Weapon Notes
1478.png Ahlspiess
1415.png Brocca
1265.png Bloody Roar
Only against Demi-Human targets.
1134.png Caesar's Sword
Only against Plant targets.
1228.png Combat Knife
Only against Demi-Human targets.
13001.png Dragon Killer
Only against Dragon targets.
1166.png Dragon Slayer
Only against Dragon targets.
1724.png Dragon Wing
Only against Dragon targets.
1169.png Executioner
Only against Demi-Human targets. Shadow property.
1233.png Exorciser
Only against Demon targets.
1474.png Gae Bolg
Only against Dragon targets.
1422.png Hunting Spear
Only against Brute targets.
1230.png Ice Pick
Increases damage based on target's DEF.
1559.png Legacy of Dragon
Only against Dragon targets.
1367.png Slaughter
Only against Brute targets.
1227.png Weeder Knife
Only against Plant targets.


Skills that work with the above weapons include:

DEF Reversal

In special conditions, such as for the Ice Pick weapon and Occult Impaction skill, the DEF formula is altered. These skills and items ignore defense, and also add additional attack depending on the target's defense.

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