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When townsfolk have monster-related problems and need assistance, they often come to the Eden Group for assistance. The Eden Group is an organization where adventurers and heroes of all sorts can pick up all kinds of odd jobs. Often, these jobs involve sending adventurers into dangerous territory. In exchange for completing these jobs, adventurers get experience and monetary compensation.

The quests offered by the Eden Group are entirely optional but they allow players to gain good amounts of experience, especially in earlier levels. If players are unfamiliar with the world, the quests also give them a sense of direction in terms of where to gain levels and what dungeons are appropriate for their level. In addition, members of the Eden Group get access to free gear that can help them through most of the leveling experience until Zeny, Enchanting, and Refining methods are more accessible.

Accessing and Joining the Eden Group

To reach the Eden Group, simply speak to a Sylph Cartographer in any of the Leika Outposts and select "Eden Group" in the menu.

Joining the Eden Group is equally as easy. Simply speak to Secretary Lime Elenor and select "Join the Eden Group."

As a member of the Eden Group, adventurers gain access to all sorts of experience quests and equipment quests.

Equipment Quests

Experience Quests