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Equipment is a fundamental part of Ragnarok Online. It gives you boosts to your stats, improves skill use and abilities, improves resistances to elements and status effects, and many other things. Many players strive to seek the best equipment they can get for particular slots and particular Jobs. Obtaining some specific equipment is also a mark of a huge accomplishment and so many players pride themselves on owning such equipment.

In order to equip gear, players can double-click on the piece itself or drag and drop the item from their inventory to the appropriate slot in their Equip window. In order to be able to successfully equip the item, players have to meet certain prerequisites, such as being of a specific Job and level. Some items are also exclusive to transcendent Jobs or to the Novice Job.

Beginner's Equipment

All new players in Ragnarok Online will receive the following upon completion of the training grounds:

From there, the Eden Group offers equipment quests, which provide "free" gear that can be used by players as they level up and gain funding to buy even better equipment. The gear that Eden Group provides is quite good, however, they are character-bound and cannot be placed into storage or moved around to characters of the same account. Each character in an account will have to complete the quests individually.

Once players are ready to move beyond the equipment provided by Eden Group, the vast amount of items available can be quite daunting! It's suggested to look around at various Job guides, asking other players for advice, or figure out what you enjoy doing in the game--whether it's PvP, PvM, WoE, etc-- and start finding the equipment that most interests you.

Mid-Game Equipment

End-Game Equipment

Undersea City - Gain access to a dungeon through a quest chain that rewards brave adventurers with high amounts of experience and all sorts of equipment. The dungeon is designed for players at Base Level 140+.

Heroic Gear - The Heroic Gear sets can be obtained through the instances in Episode 14.3. The challenges are great, designed for players at Base Level 160+, but the reward is worth it.

Luxury Equipment

Other Equipment