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Welcome to the server! This is a guide to your first hour on LeikaRO.
You have downloaded the game and now you’re ready to create your first character.
Make sure to choose a name and gender you’re happy with, as name & gender change tickets are only accessible through Cash Shop.

Starting in Training Grounds

Completing the Novice training grounds is a fast way to power level new characters.

  • Speak to the NPCs and follow their instructions to get free level ups.
  • As soon as you are in the Combat Training Area, kill a Poring for the NPC Brade.
  • After that, you can accept quests from some of the Job NPCs (Swordsman Guide, Magician Guide, Merchant Guide, Thief Guide). This is recommended because you will later leave the Training Grounds with
  • Chief Baby Poring has a 9% drop chance for its card. It’s useful because you can put it in your Criatura Hat, which you will get after you leave the Combat Area.
  • Completing all 4 Guide quests will grant at least base level 20. Talk to Brade for a warp to town.

Arriving in Prontera

After completing the Training Grounds you are warped to the Utility Room.
This is where you find e.g. the Job Changer, a blue genie.
Talk to him to change your job.

When you step outside, you’re in Prontera. These are the most important NPCs:

Getting Equipment

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There is an easy way to get really good starter equipment, which is much better than buying weapons or armor from NPCs.

  • Use the Warper to get to the Eden Group HQ.
  • Speak to Secretary Lime Evenor and sign up to Eden. You will get an “Eden Group Mark” as confirmation.
  • Next, talk to Instructor Boya about equipment. Accept the quest she has for you and use the warper to go to the quest area.
  • Check iRO Wiki's Eden Equipment Quest to learn more about the equipment pieces and where to pick them up.
  • It is advisable to be at least level 20 before starting Equipment quests to get the Culverts quest, which you can fast access through the Sylph Cartographer.

Leveling up fast with Quests

To level up quickly, take quests from two places at the same time: the Mission Board and Eden Group. Quests are offered for all ranges from level 11 to 175.
Find the Mission Board left of the Prontera main square:

Find the Eden Quest Boards at the Eden Group HQ. You can find quests below level 85 on the first floor ...

...and up the staircase, you will find those for level 85 to 175. If you walk straight up on the second floor, you will find even more NPCs that will give you item hunting tasks.

Good to know: Rebirth

After playing only a few hours, you will hit base level 99.
When you’re ready to advance your job, make sure to select Rebirth at the Job Changer. The genie will then turn you into a High Novice. This step is important so you don’t lose any skill points and powerhouse class skills when you finally change into your third job.
This does not apply to extended jobs such as Gunslinger or Ninja.

Beginner FAQ

What’s the party share range?
The share range is 30 levels. It is recommended to clear Eden and the Prontera Board as a party as each person will have the full experience reward from quests. There is also no EXP penalty for level difference on Leika!

Where can I buy basic consumables?
Any "Tool Dealer" in town will offer these and many more useful consumables for your journey.

Where do I buy arrows, ammunition and other crafting supplies?
Talk to the Sylph Cartographer and select “The Item Mall”.

Where do I find player shops?
Talk to the Sylph Cartographer and select “The Marketplace”.

How do I find out if a specific item is sold by players?
Type in chat @whosells 1111
Replace 1111 with the ID of your desired item.

Which equipment should I get after I have all Eden gear?
Check the Jobs pages on the wiki. You can also ask in our #pvm channel on Discord for build advice.

How can I get items from the Cash Shop without spending money?
You can get cash points by voting. Go to Vote for Points on the website. Donators receive Leika Coins which can be used to trade cash points to other players.

Which monster drops a specific item X? Where do I find this monster?
Our website features a Monster Database and Item Database. You can also use @whodrops or @whereis to check the database ingame.

Which items should I always have in my inventory?