Guillotine Cross

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Guillotine Cross
Job Base(s): Assassin
Assassin Cross
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Veins
Number of Skills: 17
Total Skill Points: 78
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+6 +7 +5 +4 +7 +0


The Guillotine Cross is the third class counterpart for the Assassin and Assassin Cross. They retain their class-specific abilities of dual wielding and using katars while also gaining access to an improved stealth, unique poisons, and a wide array of offensive and defensive tools. As with their predecessors, they typically depend on a combination of speed, stealth, and decisive strikes in order to succeed.

Guillotine Cross is often shortened and abbreviated to "GX", where the "X" represents the Cross, much like it does with Assassin Cross's common abbreviation, "SinX".

Guillotine Cross has the potential to display the following strengths:

  • Extremely high physical damage output over time in both single target and AoE.
  • Unexpectedly survivable due to a combination of high base HP and passable defensive skills.
  • A built-in advantage in movement speed over most other classes.
  • Access to an array of unique poisons to target the specific weaknesses of enemies.
  • Offensive skills ranging from melee to 13 cell range.
  • The ability to pick and choose fights using their stealth.

While things may seem great for them, almost every strong point of the Guillotine Cross has a converse trade off:

  • Their high physical damage output is dependent on using both their weapon and shield slots on either dual wielding or katar, turning them into a glass cannon.
  • Accordingly, their high survivability is dependent on holding a shield, making them incapable of contributing meaningful damage while tanking.
  • The movement speed advantage rapidly consumes SP to maintain, and is lost when they are knocked out of Cloaking Exceed.
  • Their unique poisons are not universally useful, require preparation prior to use, and can be difficult to apply.
  • Their only truly long range skill is meant to function as a finisher rather than a primary damage skill, leaving them as mostly a melee and medium range specialist.

The Guillotine Cross's appeal lies in their adaptability as they have a theoretical solution for almost any problem. This adaptability is combined with their ability to freely observe the situation using their stealth, letting them make the necessary preparations to excel. Having more active skills available to them than their predecessors while dual wielding allows them to hyper-specialize their main hand and offhand weapons, yet still retain a degree of flexibility.

Job Change Guide

See Guillotine Cross Job Change Guide for detailed information.


Generally speaking, Guillotine Cross's primary stat is STR. After that, in order of importance comes DEX, AGI/VIT, INT/LUK.


The most important and desirable stat for Guillotine Cross, high STR is needed in order to increase damage output, reach an adequate weight limit, and hit required thresholds for bonuses from gear. It is recommended to aim for 120 base STR.


Increases ASPD, which in turn can mean a drastically increased DPS for Guillotine Cross. It's important to keep in mind that having too much ASPD can actually increase the difficulty of dancing Cross Impact. AGI directly boosts the damage of Cross Ripper Slasher, and resists both the Sleeping and Bleeding status effects, the former being highly lethal. At least 90 AGI is recommended.


A vital stat for every class, VIT resists an assortment of status effects and boosts general tankiness. As Guillotine Cross is often without a shield, they need high VIT to provide padding against lethal strikes, and to avoid being chain stunned. Having at least 90 VIT will allow you to survive many situations you otherwise would not.


A secondary stat for Guillotine Cross, INT is still useful for the increased SP pool and regeneration. It also aids in resisting Blind, Silence, and Chaos. The only skill where INT is a factor is Soul Destroyer, and even there, it isn't of great importance. However, it can be useful for PvP against other Guillotine Crosses, as INT is used to resist the Oblivion Curse poison. Having at least 30 INT will greatly help your SP pool.


The second most important stat for Guillotine Cross, a high DEX is needed in order to hit most targets, as well as decreasing the cast time on a few skills. It also slightly increases damage output, and boosts the success rate when using Create Deadly Poison and New Poison Creation. Around 90-100 DEX is generally desirable.


Provides slight resistances against many status effects, and boosts success rate when using Create Deadly Poison and New Poison Creation. Counter Slash is also capable of critting, increasing the value of the CRIT gained through LUK. It is recommended to have at least 30 LUK for general status resist and stat boosting purposes.


Job Data


Skill Description Levels Type
Antidote-icon.png Antidote
Can detoxify Guillotine Cross's poison status and 1 target. 1 Active
Cloaking Exceed-icon.png Cloaking Exceed
Cannot be found by Insect and Demon type monsters. Not released until the caster is hit 3 times. Increase Movement Speed according to Skill Level. 5 Active
Counter Slash-icon.png Counter Slash
Attack - Deals ATK * (4~8 * BaseLv / 120) damage to foes in a 1-cell radius around the user. Adds AGI * 0.02 + JobLv * 0.04 to damage multiplier. Can only be used after blocking an attack with Weapon Blocking. Half damage multiplier and double SP cost when used with Enchant Deadly Poison. 5 Offensive
Cross Impact-icon.png Cross Impact
Attack - Deals ATK * (12~14 * BaseLv / 100) damage to target foe, 3-cell range. Half damage multiplier and double SP cost when used with Enchant Deadly Poison. 5 Offensive
Cross Ripper Slasher-icon.png Cross Ripper Slasher
Attack - Deals ATK * (4.8~8 * BaseLv / 100) damage to target foe, has a range of 9~13 cells. Each Rolling Cutter counter adds AGI / 100 to damage multiplier. Consumes the rotation counters accumulated from Rolling Cutter (reset to 0). 5 Offensive
Dark Illusion-icon.png Dark Illusion
Instantly move to target foe, 3~7-cell range. Deals ATK * 1 damage. Has a 4~20% chance to trigger Cross Impact. 5 Offensive
Hallucination Walk-icon.png Hallucination Walk
For 60 seconds, you have +50~300 Flee and 10~50 chance of evading magic attacks. Using the skill consumes 10% of max HP, and when the skill ends your movement speed and attack speed are halved for 25 seconds. 5 Active
New Poison Creation-icon.png New Poison Creation
Create new poison from the list of possible poisons shown according to the level of New Poison Research and the materials you have. 1 Active
New Poison Research-icon.png New Poison Research
Allows creation of new poisons. Higher levels of the skill unlock new types of poisons and increases the probability of success. It is necessary to have a Medicine Bottle and a Poison Creation Kit. 10 Passive
Phantom Menace-icon.png Phantom Menace
Strikes from the shadows to hit all hidden targets in a 7x7 area for 300% damage. Cancels hidden status on all targets that are hit. 1 Offensive
Poisonous Smoke-icon.png Poisonous Smoke
With Poisonous Weapon activated, spread a poisonous smoke around 5x5 cells. Enemies in range have a 20% chance of getting poisoned every 2 seconds. 5 Active
Poisonous Weapon-icon.png Poisonous Weapon
For 60~300 seconds, coat your weapon with one of the Guillotine Cross poisons. 4~12% chance of applying selected poison to target with each attack. Does not work against Boss monsters. 5 Supportive
Rolling Cutter-icon.png Rolling Cutter
Katar Attack - Deals ATK * 1.2~2 damage. Hits foes within a 1-cell radius around you. Each rotation increases your rotation counter, which increases the damage of Cross Ripper Slasher. You can't have more than 10 rotation counters. 5 Active
Venom Impression-icon.png Venom Impression
Target foe has -10~50% poison resistance. 5 Passive
Venom Pressure-icon.png Venom Pressure
Attack - 75~95% chance to apply your coated Guillotine Cross poison to target foe if hits (+14~30 Hit). Your current poison coat ends if poison successfully applies to target. 5 Offensive
Weapon Blocking-icon.png Weapon Blocking
You have 12~20% chance to block short ranged physical attacks. Whenever you block an attack this way, you can use Counter Slash or Weapon Crush but unable to move or use normal attacks. While it's active it continually drains SP. Re-using the skill cancels the effect. 5 Active
Weapon Crush-icon.png Weapon Crush
When successfully blocking an attack with Weapon Blocking, you can counter using Weapon Crush. When used it divests the attacker's weapon. Increased skill level increases the success rate and duration. 5 Offensive

Job Bonuses

The job levels in which a Guillotine Cross receives a certain bonus:

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
STR 4 5 9 16 20 30
AGI 1 10 23 24 35 43 44
VIT 14 15 19 31 42
INT 28 29 41 48
DEX 2 11 25 36 37 49 50