Ice Cave

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A small cavern in the very northern parts of the Arunafeltz States, home to all sorts of Water and Wind elemental monsters. The deeper levels are carefully guarded by the fierce monster Ktullanux.

Background and Lore

In the furthest reaches of the Arunafeltz States, across the great plains and scorching deserts, the world grows incredibly cold. A small cavern can be found in the northern walls of the canyons, entirely made of ice. It is so cold there that you can easily see your breath. There are rumors among the locals that there is a fierce monster in the cavern's depths. It is said that the dreadful monster is made entirely of ice and guards some object or location fiercely. So far, none have dared to face the beast.

Related Quests

  • Eden Group Equipment Quest
  • Rachel Sanctuary Quest


  • 06/17/2009 - Renewal Update
    The Ice Cave was modified to be a 95-110 zone with the new level cap of 150. Originally, this area was a level 40-99 zone.