Lazy Quartermaster

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The Lazy Quartermaster could be doing all of the Mission Board missions himself. But he'd rather send adventurers off to do the work for him and sit back and watch the fun. Knowing that adventurers have worked so hard in his stead, he has gathered a variety of items that he is willing to trade Proofs of Effort for. Some have asked him just what he plans to do with all of these badges, but he usually just smiles and shrugs, mumbling to himself. "Who knows?"


Item Proofs Required
Bag of Kawaii Coins (5) 1 Proof
Battle Manual 6 Proofs
Job Battle Manual 7 Proofs
Bronze Key 6 Proofs
Silver Key 12 Proofs
Golden Key 24 Proofs
Distilled Fighting Spirit 3 Proofs
Herb of Incantation 3 Proofs
Glass of Illusion 3 Proofs
Small Life Potion 4 Proofs
Gingerbread 4 Proofs
Acaraje 5 Proofs
Tyr's Blessing 6 Proofs
Mental Potion 8 Proofs
Manchu Han Imperial Feast 9 Proofs
Poring Box 10 Proofs
Flowering Branch 20 Proofs
Bloody Branch 40 Proofs