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Leveling spots are places that, typically, players will go to in order to level up throughout the game. Some classes can do well playing by themselves (soloing), but other classes may find that they can struggle to kill monsters effectively. If you find that killing monsters becomes difficult, find another player to level up with, or better yet, a party!

Leveling Spots

Levels 1-11

General Information: Complete the novice training ground/tutorial process. Not only do players level very quickly due to higher EXP rates, but they also get good starting gear that will help them out at the early levels. Once players hit Job Level 10, they can change to their first class. It's recommended to come back and level up a little with these lower-leveled monsters to build up extra HP, get skill points, and such.

Map Name Avg. Lvl Monsters
prt_fild08 1 Porings, Lunatics, Fabres
moc_fild07 2 -
prt_fild01 3 -
gef_fild07 4 -
prt_fild06 6 -
pay_fild01 8 -
moc_fild12 9 -
prt_fild05 11 Thief Bug, Thief Bug Egg, Hornet

Levels 12-30

General Information: Go join the Eden Group, especially if you are a new player. Not only do you get great gear that can serve you for most of your leveling experience, but you also level very quickly from the leveling quests the Eden Group provides. Players can also enter their first dungeons at these levels, typically the first floor of Payon Dungeon or the Prontera Culverts.

Levels 30-55

General Information: You'll still want to continue with the Eden Group leveling quests, making sure to take the equipment quests at the relevant levels to keep your gear up-to-par. A popular place to go for grinding is the Orc Dungeon, as it has the Eden Group equipment quest, and can see players through to their next job. Once you've changed jobs, you can come back to the Orc Dungeon to get some quick and easy job levels, or you can continue on to other areas. Physical classes typically prefer staying at the Orc Dungeon until they hit level 70. Magic and ranged classes may opt to go hunt Geographers in the maps outside of Yuno until they hit level 75.