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Job Base(s): Blacksmith
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Prontera
Number of Skills: 31
Total Skill Points: 102
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+9 +6 +8 +6 +5 +6


The Mechanic is the Third Job of Blacksmiths and Whitesmiths. They have developed their skills beyond forging and basic combat by concentrating on the creation of machines, powered suits, and also improvement on their Axe abilities. Mechanics are given two distinct sides on their skill tree: Mado and Axe. No side needs points from the other to be invested, so pure builds of either Mado or Axe are possible, as well as hybrids.

Mado Mechanics utilize a system called a Mado Gear, enabling them to use ranged damage, party support, massive damage AoE attacks, and a range of WoE skills that make the Mechanic a very formidable foe. The other path is the Axe / CT Mechanic, which continues to use the Whitesmith's buffs and skills to deal massive amount of single target damage, but now with AoE and ranged attacks to control mobs. It is worth mentioning that Cart Termination and Magma Eruption can be used with any weapon, but Axe Tornado, Axe Boomerang and Power Swing cannot. They also have the ability to create Fixed Autonomous Weapons (FAWs) which are capable of physical gunfire, magic attacks and detect hidden enemies.

As is the case with all Merchant Jobs, this Job can be very expensive to play and is not recommended as a beginning character.

Job Change Guide

As soon as a Blacksmith has reached 99/50 or a Whitesmith has reached 99/60, both can change to Mechanic on the Job Changer on Prontera, whoever, it is recommended to reach 99/70 as a Whitesmith to get max value on your skill points, and it's not recommended at all to go straight from Blacksmith to Mechanic.



The evolution of the old Cart Termination spam Whitesmith, thanks to skills like Axe Tornado and Magma Eruption, it is a lot easier to deal with MVPs, as you can easily get rid of the mob and keep focusing the MVP. FAWs can help you tank the damage of Earthquake and, in particular, Magic Decoy can detect hidden enemies around you, making it not only easy to kill monster that like to hide, but makes dangerous players like the Shadow Chaser have a real hard time, as you can Axe Boomerang then away from you and make it hard for then to come near you, as it can immediately be detected and attacked by Magic Decoy.

As Cart Termination is limited to the human capacity of keeping speed and rhythm, 186 ASPD is the maximum recommended. 120 STR is necessary for using the Temporal Boots of Strenght to get its full bonuses, Bear's Power is the preferable last enchant.

Mado Gear:

  • STR: 10x~12x
  • AGI: 54~64 + (6)
  • VIT: 92 + (8)
  • INT: 6x~8x
  • DEX: 100~120 + (5)
  • LUK: 1~44 + (6)

The new thing for the -Smith Jobs is Mado Gear, a power suit focused on support, ranged combat and enemies going "oh no". A high amount of STR is required, since your most important offensive skill, Arm Cannon, is heavily modified by ATK, while DEX and AGI helps Boost Knuckle, a fairly efficient single target skill. both VIT and INT can be boosted to 120~130 to help the skill Suicidal Destruction. Mado Gears cannot be healed by traditional means, so Repair can help a lot. 120 dex with the Temporal Boots of Dexterity will make this build a lot better reducing the fixed cast time of skills like Arm Cannon. Hawkeye is the preferable last enchant to go along spamming Boost Knuckle.

It should also be mentioned that Mado is better for endgame in general, namely things like Ifrit, Beelzebub or anything else that uses Earthquake/Hell's Judgement, the skill Neutral Barrier can block ranged damage, keeping squishier/support Jobs like Sorcerer, Arch Bishop and others safe.


As both Mado and Axe builds are very similar stat wise, talking about Hybrid is talking more about how you put your skill points. Even though Axe builds have an undeniable higher DPS, they're a close range Job that can be totally nullified by a simple Quagmire. With that in mind, you can invest on skills like Arm Cannon and Suicidal Destruction to help against Bosses that have the infamous NPC AGI Up. Other useful route is going to more support, having Neutral Barrier and Analyze can greatly help any party, with those skills and some help from Repair, you are always ready to most MVPs without having to modify your build at all, but that puts you at the mercy of your party, as it is hard to get offensive skills, you're reliant on your party members or Axe Tornado to defend yourself.




  • Airship Captain's Hat[1]: Prontera Princess item. Increases ranged damage by 7%, +1 DEX and +100 HP. An amazing item for Mado Gear builds that can be shared with a lot of other classes.
  • Rideword Hat: Cash shop item. Grants a 5% chance that 8% of physical attack damage will comeback as HP, also a 1% chance that 4% of physical attack damage will comeback as SP. Only really useful when mobbing, but still amazing.
  • Giant Helm[1]: Cash shop item. When equipped alongside Giant Axe[1], it grants an additional 15% damage on Cart Termination, plus +5% on every refine past 4+ the weapon has. Decent option for leveling with an Axe build.
  • Skymel Helmet[1]: Headgear Connoisseur item. +5 MDEF and +7% ranged damage. If refined +7 or more, adds +3% on ranged damage. If you can get it up +7, it's basically a straight upgrade from Airship Captain's Hat.


  • Angel/Evil Wing Ears: Quest item. +1 STR.
  • Crow Tengu Mask: Cash shop item. +2% physical damage, +1% physical ranged damage, if STR is 120 or higher it gives a total of +4% physical damage and +3% on physical ranged damage. Affordable option for any build.
  • Robo Eyes: Cash shop item. +2% physical and magic damage and +1 DEX.


  • Gangster's Scarf: Cash shop item. +5 ATK. Ideal choice for Cart Termination, but not much else.
  • Bloodsucker: Cash shop item. Recovers 5% of damage done as HP at a 10% chance, disables natural HP/SP regeneration. Ideal item for survivability and mobbing, it pairs really well with a Rideword Hat, like, a lot.


  • Pile Bunker: Quest item. The Mechanic's signature weapon, a mace with a massive 450 ATK. Required to use the skill Pile Bunker.
  • Tornado Axe [1]: Golden Lockbox item. Wind element, reduces the delay of Axe Tornado by one second. Best leveling/farming weapon for Axe Mechanics.
  • Pot Doffle's Axe [3]: Golden Lockbox/quest item. Due to it's (relatively) low ATK of 190, it should always be carded with +% cards like Hydra or Abysmal Knight.
  • Robot's Mechanical Arm [2]: Golden lockbox item. +20 Critical Rate. Decent weapon, but not ideal.
  • Giant Axe[1]: Orc Hero drop, 2H weapon. Increases Cart Termination's damage by 15%. Easy and cheap to get, helps a lot with leveling.
  • Hurricane Fury[1]: Boitata and Gloom Under Night drop, 2H weapon. Reduces damage from medium-sized foes by 10%. Heavy, good for Axe Boomerang.



  • Valkyrja's Shield[1]: Valkyrie drop (not the MVP). +5 MDEF, reduces damage from fire, water, undead and shadow properties by 20%.
  • Bradium Shield[1]: Bradium Golem drop. Provides an extra +500 HP and more defense than Valkyrja's, best paired with HP cards like Andre Egg to maximize Suicidal Destruction damage, it also goes really well with Penomena card.


  • Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1]: Nidhoggur's Shadow drop. Reduces damage received from all elements by 7%, increases the SP based on refine level (Base Level / 3) + (Upgrade * 10) and chance to recover SP by %1 of damage done. The standard "go-to" garment.


  • Variant Shoes: Beelzebub drop. 20% HP and SP. Somewhat expensive to get, but can be shared with multiple characters.
  • STR/DEX Temporal Boost Old Glast Heim tradeable reward. Best in slot. DEX boots can give you instant cast on Repair and make FAWs lightning quick to be deployed, while STR can massively boost your attack for Cart Termination, but they're still only worth it if you get higher levels of enchantments.


  • Upgraded Armors[1] Lockbox drop. There's a multitude of these. The only real use is to boost HP even further. Pair with a Peco Peco card.

Mechanic Set

The Mechanic set is a combination of Armor, Garment, Boots and Accessory that provides a high amount of benefits, it is not necessary to wear the whole set to get all the effects, as there are a lot of effects that only needs one or two pieces from the set to be active. All the parts are obtained from Verus monsters.

  • STR Supplement Device[1]: The armor. +5% physical damage, every 4 refines increases the damage the bonus by 1%.
  • VIT Supplement Device[1]: The garment. +6% HP, every 2 refines increase the HP bonus 1%. If refined 9+, it provides +50% HP recover.
  • AGI Supplement Device[1]: The shoes. +5% ASPD, every 4 refines increase the ASPD bonus by 1.
  • DEX Supplement Device[1] The Accessory. Variable Cast Time -10%, After Cast delay -10% and reduces SP consumption by 10%.

Possible bonus

STR + AGI devices: +30ATK

STR + VIT devices: Increases the damage of Axe Tornado by 25%

STR + AGI + VIT + DEX devices: Reduces the cooldown of Axe Boomerang by 2 seconds and increases it's damage by 100%.

Job Data

Leika Custom Changes

LeikaRO has some modifications on Mechanic's skills, a lot of them on either the emulators or official servers, present bugs or poor effects that makes them either bad or just plain useless. To help Mechanics have more combat options, the modifications are:

  • Mado Gear License: Now it's an active skill that lets the Mechanic mounts the Mado from anywhere, except PVP zones, by using 20 fuels. 5 minutes cooldown.
  • Axe Tornado: Can be used on Mado Gear.
  • Axe Boomerang: Can be used on Mado Gear.
  • Power Swing: Can be used on Mado Gear.
  • FAW - Silver Sniper: Increased HP, damage and HIT, uses Gunslinger's skill Tracking from time to time (ignores Flee), cannot be damaged by self or allies and can be used from Mado.
  • FAW - Magic Decoy: Increased HP and damage, detects hidden enemies, cannot be damaged by self or allies and can be used from Mado.
  • Arm Cannon: The official bug that allowed to stack Endow plus Cannonball's element for doubled damage was fixed.
  • Weapon Refine is renamed Equipment Refine and can be used to refine armor as well, going all the way up to +20 (using Bradium and Carnium from +10 and up).


Skill Description Levels Type
Acceleration-icon.png Acceleration
Increases the Mado Gear's movement speed for a short duration. 3 Supportive
Analyze-icon.png Analyze
Analyze the target's status and decrease its DEF and MDEF 3 Active
Arm Cannon-icon.png Arm Cannon
Fires upon an enemy using a large cannon mounted on the mado gear. 3 Offensive
Axe Boomerang-icon.png Axe Boomerang
Throws an axe at long range dealing damage and knockback. The weight of your axe increases your damage. 5 Offensive
Axe Mastery (Mechanic)-icon.png Axe Mastery (Mechanic)
Increase ATK up to +50 and HIT up to +30 when having an Axe weapon equipped. 10 Passive
Axe Tornado-icon.png Axe Tornado
Spins rapidly like a whirlwind with an axe striking all targets around you. 5 Offensive
Back Slide (Mechanic)-icon.png Back Slide (Mechanic)
Move the Mado Gear quickly backwards. 1 Active
Emergency Cool-icon.png Emergency Cool
Prevent Overheat status from the Mado Gear. 1 Supportive
Divest FAW-icon.png Divest FAW
Allows the user to remove a FAW from the ground. 1 Active
Elemental Shift-icon.png Elemental Shift
Change the Mado Gear's elemental property. 4 Active
FAW Magic Decoy-icon.png FAW Magic Decoy
Construct a FAW which will use long distance magic attacks against enemies. 5 Active
FAW Silver Sniper-icon.png FAW Silver Sniper
Construct a FAW which will use long distance attacks against enemies. 5 Active
Fire Earth Research-icon.png Fire Earth Research
Increase ATK up to +50 and DEF up to +30 against Fire and Earth property monsters. 5 Passive
Flame Launcher-icon.png Flame Launcher
Set enemies on fire with a flamethrower, has a chance to cause Burning status. 3 Offensive
Front Slide-icon.png Front Slide
Move the Mado Gear quickly forward. 1 Active
Hover-icon.png Hover
Make the Mado Gear hover over the ground to avoid traps and magic attacks. 1 Active
Ice Launcher-icon.png Ice Launcher
Shoots very cold gas onto enemies to deal damage, has a chance to cause Freezing/Frozen statuses. 3 Offensive
Infrared Scan-icon.png Infrared Scan
Reveals all enemies in a large area, and may decrease their FLEE. 1 Active
Boost Knuckle-icon.png Boost Knuckle
Shoot a rocket fist at a far away enemy 5 Offensive
Lava Flow-icon.png Lava Flow
Fixed damage, Stun and can cause Burning. 7*7 area. 5 Offensive
Mado Gear License-icon.png Mado Gear License
Mount the Mado Gear. Decreases the movement speed penalty when operating a Mado Gear. Increases ATK by a small amount. 5 Passive
Magnetic Field-icon.png Magnetic Field
Immobilizes all enemies in an area and continuously drains their SP 3 Active
Neutral Barrier-icon.png Neutral Barrier
Protects against ranged physical and magical attacks in an area around the caster. 3 Active
Pile Bunker-icon.png Pile Bunker
Attacks the target with many drills to cancel defensive magic. Requires a Pile Bunker. 3 Offensive
Power Swing-icon.png Power Swing
Strikes a target with an axe dealing damage and stun. There's a low chance to invoke Axe Boomerang. 5 Offensive
Remodel Mainframe-icon.png Remodel Mainframe
Increases DEF and overheat limit while mounted on a Mado Gear. 5 Passive
Repair-icon.png Repair
Allows the user to recover HP of any allied Mado Gear user. 5 Supportive
Stealth Field-icon.png Stealth Field
Gives all targets around the caster Cloaking status. Does not affect the caster. 3 Supportive
Suicidal Destruction-icon.png Suicidal Destruction
Detonates the mado gear causing horrific damage to the surrounding area. Has very long cooldown. 3 Offensive
Vulcan Arm-icon.png Vulcan Arm
Attacks enemies using a large caliber gun mounted on the Mado Gear. 3 Offensive