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Minigames are a fun way for adventurers to take breaks from quests, dungeons, and the like while still gaining rewards. Typically, minigames are small, multiplayer occurrences similar to events. The Leika Organization has invented new minigames which run on specific schedules.

All times listed below are server time.


Cluck! Cluck! Boom!

Event Times: ? Daily
Cost to Enter/Play: N/A
Reward: 40 Kawaii Coins

It's Russian Roulette... With a chicken! This unfortunate chicken has swallowed an item and hopefully you can scare it out of them. But be careful, because this chicken is mean! It can cast Freeze, Stone, Sleep, and more on those who mess with it. If you happen to be the lucky person who gets the item out, you win 40 Kawaii Coins!

Disguise Event

Event Times: ? Daily
Cost to Enter/Play: N/A
Reward: 3 Kawaii Coins per correct guess

Think you know your monsters? Come test yourself! A NPC will disguise itself as a random monster. The first person to correctly guess its name wins a prize!

Garden Invasion

Event Times: ? Daily
Cost to Enter/Play: N/A
Reward: 1 Kawaii Coins every three kills

A poor gardener needs help defending his flowers from invaders! Each Lunatic and Fabre that you kill gives you 1 point, but every bee that you kill removes a point! For every 5 points you get, the gardener will give you 1 Kawaii Coin.

Poring Race

Event Times: ? Daily
Cost to Enter/Play: 10,000 Zeny
Reward: 15 Kawaii Coins

Are you the betting type? Then take a chance with one of 6 Porings! It costs 10,000 Zeny per bet, and you can win 15 Kawaii Coins if your Poring crosses the finish line first!