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A party is when a group of people get together, typically to participate in PvE/PvM content. Up to 12 players can be in a party together.

To create a party, type '/organize "name of party"' or press the "party" button on the upper left menu of the game UI. Players must have at least Basic Skill Lv. 7 in order to create a party but there are no level restrictions to joining a party. Whomever creates the party is designated the party leader. Party leaders can invite people remotely ('/invite "name of player"') and change the party settings.

Changing the party leader

  1. Open the party window (alt-z for shortcut).
  2. If the party window is locked, unlock it by clicking the button with a padlock icon.
  3. Right-click on the player who you want to make the leader, then choose 'party represent delegation' from the menu.

To leave the party, type '/leave'.

Setup Options

PM Option

The lock icon on the bottom of the party window will toggle targeting of player names using skills without opening a PM window. When locked, this option is enabled. Each player is able to change this feature for themselves.

Item Setup

How to share items:

  • Each take: The acquisition of items is restricted based on drop priority.
  • Party share: Any party member can immediately acquire items, regardless of drop priority.

Item sharing type:

  • Individual: The player who acquires the item keeps it.
  • Shared: Acquired items are shared between party members.

Experience Setup

Party EXP sharing has been updated on LeikaRO to a range of 30 levels.

  • Each Take: Party members only gain EXP for monsters they do damage to.
  • Even Share: EXP is split between party members. For example, if a Wizard is sharing with a Priest and Monk, the experience gained by the monsters killed by all three will be equally distributed between the three of them. Only people within 30 Base Levels of each other can share.

Party Assessment

Often when a party fails or is not doing well, the blame can be put onto the Priest class. This can be an unfair judgement and the fault of it should not always be placed onto one person. Make sure a party is adequate before it even starts. Check to see if the party has at least one or two effective AoE killers, and at least one dedicated primary tank. For newer / less geared Arch Bishops or tougher battle situations, sometimes having another person also playing Arch Bishop is very nice as well. Communicating to the party or party leader is key here.

Here is a breakdown of a standard setup of an effective party:

Healer/Primary Support

AoE DPS An effective party typically has 2 or more primary AoE DPS.

Tanks Typically the party should have at least 1 tank (Typically designated as a "main tank"). If multiple are present, there will be a "main tank" and an "off-tank". Tanks are able to receive a lot of damage from monsters, typically through high defense (both DEF and MDEF), reduction equipments, and higher HP pools than other classes. Just about any class has the ability to tank, if they have good equipment and healing items available.

Good tanking classes include:

Secondary Support Secondary support characters typically can both DPS and support, depending on what the party needs at the time. They may not be as efficient at healing as the primary support role or the DPS roles but their adaptability to the situation makes them very useful party members. Players in this role can expect to help buff and debuff other party members, help with HP or SP regen (as class appropriate), and still dish out damage. The class skills tend to focus on helping others perform their own roles more efficiently, such as restoring SP or reducing cast times/delays.

Good secondary support classes include:

  • Sorcerers are popular because of Soul Exhale, which gives SP to party members, and other skills such as Striking
  • Minstrels can use Magic Strings on their party members, which reduces cast times and delays, which means healers and DPS alike will be able to cast faster and perform better.
  • Wanderers can help out their party significantly with Gypsy's Kiss, which increases max SP and SP regeneration while also reducing SP consumption. An Arch Bishop's best friend in many situations.


Perhaps the biggest pitfall for parties is the lack of communication. Sometimes players are really focused on their one task, or are busy with many other things. Sometimes players just stop paying attention. Your party may not know that you don't have any SP left to cast skills or maybe you want them to wait a few more seconds so that a particular skill you have comes off of its cooldown. The best thing you can do is to communicate with your party members and encourage them to do the same.

This is especially important when it comes to things like instances or fighting MVPs, because players need to work together in order to accomplish the task. If you haven't fought a particular MVP or been through the instance your party wants to go through, let them know. Nothing is more frustrating for party members than expecting everyone to know what they're doing, only to find out too late that people aren't familiar with the content and the party ends up dying as a result. It's okay to admit that you aren't familiar with the content. Everyone has to learn sometime. Save your party the headache and be up front about the situation.

Good things to tell your teammates:

  • I'm out of SP
  • Can you please buff/debuff me?
  • I need to stop for a moment, can you please wait?
  • My skill is on cooldown, can we wait a few moments before starting the fight?
  • I'm out of healing items/skill items/etc.
  • Can you tell me what to expect here?
  • Any advice for this monster?
  • I'm overweight and cannot cast skills