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With the Veins update, players have been able to find various special books scattered across Midgard. These books are unique in that their contents can be read in their entirety by players.

Two icons on the top left corner of their item information window offer different ways to read books. The icon on the left displays the book reading interface window, where players can flip pages of the book and read at their own pace. Players can bookmark their current location in the book by clicking the Bookmark icon on the top left corner of the reading window. To close the book, players simply have to click the icon on the lower right corner of the window.

The right icon functions similarly to playing an audio book, where the book's contents are automatically narrated and displayed on the screen. The automatic narration can be turned off by clicking the icon again.


The list of readable books available in-game is below. A copy of each of the books' contents is written on their respective pages.





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