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Blacksmiths can refine Iron Ore into Iron, Iron and Coal into Steel, and Elemental Ores into Elemental Stones. For material requirements, see Iron Tempering, Steel Tempering and Enchanted Stone Craft. Each attempt to refine material consumes 1 Mini Furnace.


  1. In order to refine materials into metals, you must have all of the necessary materials in your main inventory (not your cart). Then you use a furnace. The Mini Furnace will be consumed even if you quit.
  2. A list of items you can create will appear. Select the item you wish to refine and continue.
  3. A second window will appear detailing which items will be used up by the refining attempt. Even if the refining attempt fails the items on the list will be consumed.
  4. If the refining is successful the newly created item will appear in your inventory.

Success Rate

  • Success Rate is decided by Skills, DEX, LUK and Job Level.
  • The tempering skills, Steel Tempering, Iron Tempering and Enchanted Stone Craft improve the Success Rates of refining Steel, Iron, and Elemental Stones, respectively.
  • Each point of DEX and LUK is believed to add 0.1% chance to successfully refining a material. For example, a Blacksmith with DEX 19 and LUK 1 would gain an additional 2% chance to refine a material, after taking other factors into account.
  • Each Job Level is believed to add 0.2% to the overall Success Rate.


There is an NPC in Einbroch Uwe Kleine ( /navi 215/180 ) who can refine Coal at a price of 6 Large Jellopies. (Non-repeatable)

An NPC in Amatsu, Alchemist - Laspuchin Gregory ( /navi ama_in02 61/27 ) that will give players one of any type of elemental stone in exchange for a larger amount of another type of elemental stone.

Sorcerers can use Element Analyze to merge elemental ores into an elemental stone, or break down an elemental stone into ores.