Rune Knight

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Rune Knight
Job Base(s): Knight
Lord Knight
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Glastheim
Number of Skills: 11
Total Skill Points: 75
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+3 +3 +5 +10 +7 +3


Rune Knights are the final evolution of the Knight Job. Their name is often abbreviated and then referred to as just "RK". They have traded in their Pecos for new dragon mounts and are ready to do some serious damage with an arsenal of new powerful attacks while also having the highest HP pool compared to other classes.

Rune Knights have a slower startup leveling-wise, but through persistence and dedication, they can become one of the most versatile and powerful Jobs in the game. For early levels Wind Cutter and Sonic Wave are the best option when used with Two-Handed Swords and the Peuz's set. The aim should be to max Ignition Break later on.

The other option is to go with a Dragon Breath build early on, but it won't be very strong in the first 20-30 levels. Rune Knights aspiring to have a Dragon Breath end-game build without using a skill/stat reset may resort to being mainly a party tank for 20-30 base levels until their HP and SP pools are higher for better damage, as that is how the Dragon Breath skill formula is calculated. The upside is that Bowling Bash is one of the most powerful non-Third Jobs AOEs and can be used until level 110-120 or so, but does require a good weapon and some practice with the gutter lines. Dragon Breath ignores reductions in PVP / WoE and is one of the main killing skills, but is dependent on party buffs such as Magic Strings and Sacrament.

And then of course there is the reason why they are called RUNE Knights: the runes themselves. Players that choose the Rune Knight Job are introduced to a new system of buffs and attacks in the form of rune stones. These stones provide the user with immensely powerful buffs that ranges anywhere from a large increase in DEF/MDEF, potting ability, and massive damage increase. Creating runes does consume materials unfortunately, but the sheer power of these runes makes it worth the cost. It is highly recommended that every Rune Knight should get Rune Mastery for end-game use.

Even though the Rune Knight Job sounds like a lot of work, many players that choose to go this route find themselves falling in love with their character and losing interest in all other Jobs.

Job Change Guide

See Rune Knight Job Change Guide for detailed information.

This test is very easy, but it is strongly recommended to have high dex (70 dex is recommended) or use a high level of Spear Dynamo for the final part due to the mobs having such high flee rate. You will be pitted up against three very powerful minibosses. You must time the use of your runes accordingly to allow yourself time to heal/get in hits.




Skill Description Levels Type
File:Enchant Blade-icon.png Enchant Blade
Enchants your weapon with magic, allowing you to deal additional magic damage with your physical attacks.. 5 Supportive
File:Sonic Wave-icon.png Sonic Wave
Slam your weapon into the ground to unleash a shockwave that strikes an opponent at a distance. Has a range of 11 cells. 5 Offensive
Death Bound-icon.png Death Bound
The damage you receive is amplified and used against the attacker. However, you still receive half of the amplified damage. 10 Active
File:Hundred Spears-icon.png Hundred Spears
Spear exclusive skill. A skill that strikes a single target rapidly in quick succession to deal high damage. 10 Offensive
File:Wind Cutter-icon.png Wind Cutter
Creates a huge pressure that throws enemies away. There is a chance to inflict Fear status on those affected. 5 Offensive
File:Ignition Break-icon.png Ignition Break
The rune knight makes their weapon incredibly hot, triggering an explosion that deals damage to all targets nearby. Targets closer to the player receive higher damage. 5 Offensive
File:Phantom Thrust-icon.png Phantom Thrust
Spear Exclusive Skill. The rune knight strikes a target from far away, pulling that target towards the user. 5 Offensive
File:Dragon Training-icon.png Dragon Training
Allows the user to use a dragon mount. Increasing the skill level recovers your lost attack speed when using the mount, and also slightly increases the damage of Dragon Breath. 5 Passive
File:Dragon Breath-icon.png Dragon Breath
Causes the dragon to breath incredibly hot fire, with a chance to cause burning which deals damage over time. 10 Offensive
File:Dragon Howling-icon.png Dragon Howling
The dragon lets out a terrible howl, causing Fear status to those within range. 5 Active
File:Rune Mastery-icon.png Rune Mastery
Allows the Rune Knight to craft Runes. 10 Passive
Full Throttle-icon.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast, increases movement speed and +20% to all base stats for the skill's duration.
After the effect ends, caster will be subjected to the Rebound status for 10 seconds.
5 Supportive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 10 11 33
AGI 20 21 41
VIT 4 14 23 32 45
INT 1 2 5 12 13 22 30 39 46 50
DEX 3 15 19 24 31 40 44
LUK 47 48 49

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