Rune Mastery

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Needs proper Skill Icon Rune Mastery
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 10
Catalyst: 1 Rough Runestone, 1 Elder Branch, Varies (See table below)


Allows Rune Knights to craft special consumable runes used to cast special skills similar to Magic Scrolls. Higher skill levels increase success rate, craftable runes, the maximum number of runes able to be gained from a single ore and the activation chance (see below). Higher grade Runestones also increase the success rate of creating a rune.

Rune Crafting

  • To craft a rune, double click on the Rough Runestone, select the rune you wish to craft from the list, then click okay. You do not need to drag the materials to the creation prompt.

Success Rate:

[51 + SkillLv × 2 + (DEX ÷ 30 + LUK ÷ 10 + JobLv ÷ 10) + RunestoneBonus - RuneRanking]%

Rough Runestone Bonuses

Runestone Grade Success Rate
General +2%
Quality +5%
Rare +8%
Ancient +11%
Mystic +14%

Rune Rankings

Rank Success Rate
Rhydo, Thurisaz, Halagas and Othila -5%
Isa and Wyrd -10%
Nauthiz and Uruz -15%
Berkana -20%

Rune Materials

  • Level 1~4 allows to produce 1 Runestone.
  • Level 5~9 allows to produce up to 2 Runestones.
  • Level 10 allows to produce up to 3 Runestones.
Level Runestone Skill Ingredients
1 Thurisaz Runestone Giant Growth 1 Elder Branch 1 Blue Hair 1 Claw of Desert Wolf
2 Isa Runestone Vitality Activation 1 Burning Heart
3 Wyrd Runestone Storm Blast 1 Light Granule 1 Tangled Chains 1 Dragon Canine
4 Hagalaz Runestone Stonehard Skin 1 Round Shell 1 Dragon Skin
5 Othila Runestone Fighting Spirit 1 Light Granule 1 Ogre Tooth
6 Uruz Runestone Abundance 1 Horrendous Hair 1 Honey
7 Raido Runestone Crush Strike 1 Light Granule 1 Red Gemstone
8 Nauthiz Runestone Refresh 1 Light Granule 1 Destroyed Armor 1 Worn-out Magic Scroll
9 1 Berkana Runestone Millennium Shield 1 Armor Piece of Dullahan
10 Lux Anima Runestone ?? 3 Light Granule 3 Gold


  • Up to 20 of each kind of rune can be in the inventory at once.
  • If a successful creation would leave over 20 runes in the inventory, the creation will not progress. If this happens, a Rough Runestone will still be consumed, but no other ingredients will. For instance, if 3 Asir Runestones are created while having 19 Runestones of the same type, the creation will not progress, but a Rough Runestone will still be consumed; if 1 Asir Runestone is created while having 19 Runestones of the same type, the creation will proceed as usual.

Rune Skills

Skills in dark green are Active while dark red are Offensive. Note that the in-game descriptions for some of the runes are incorrect.

Thurisaz, Giant Growth

  • Description: Temporarily increases STR by 30. There is a 15% chance to increase the damage of the next regular hit by 300%. There is also a 0.1% chance to break the user's weapon while attacking.
  • Target: Self.
  • Fixed Cast Time: 1 second.
  • Duration: 3 minutes.

Isa, Vitality Activation

  • Description: Temporarily increases effectiveness of all incoming healing effects by 50% and decreases effectiveness of SP recovery potions by 50%. Disables SP Recovery for the duration of the skill.
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 3 minutes

Wyrd, Storm Blast

  • Description: Strikes a single target for physical damage to all enemies around it.
  • Target: Enemy
  • Damage (ATK): [RuneMasteryLv + (INT ÷ 8) × 100]%
  • Variable Cast Time: 2 seconds
  • Cast Delay: 1 second
  • Area of Effect: 7x7
  • Knock Back: ? cells

Halagaz, Stonehard Skin

  • Description: Hardens the user's skin to increase DEF and MDEF. Due to user's hardened skin, there is a 30% chance to break the weapon of the attacker, or to reduce its ATK by 25% for 10 seconds if the attacker is a monster.
  • Target: Self
  • DEF and MDEF Boost: (JobLv × RuneMasteryLv) ÷ 4
  • HP Cost: 20% (this becomes Stoneskin's HP)
  • Fixed Cast Time: 2 seconds
  • Duration: 3 minutes; Until Stoneskin's HP reaches zero

Othila, Fighting Spirit

  • Description: Temporarily increases ATK by 7 per party member. Party members receive 25% of the ATK bonus. It also increases ASPD. This rune doesn't stack; the party member effect will remove the user's and vice-versa if there are multiple Rune Knights in the party. Asir ASPD boost is flat, not percentage. The higher your total equipment ASPD% is, the lower the boost. Ex: +24% equipment ASPD will make Asir gives you 3 ASPD, but if you have +40% equipment ASPD Asir will only grant 2 ASPD.
  • Target: Self
  • ASPD Boost: 4 × (100-Equip ASPD)%
  • Duration: 3 minutes

Uruz, Abundance

  • Description: Regenerates 60 SP every 10 seconds.
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 3 minutes

Raido, Crush Strike

  • Description: Builds immense strength and strikes a single target with a crushing blow. There is a 20% chance to break the user's weapon.
  • Target: Enemy
  • Damage (ATK): [{WeaponLv × (WeaponUpgrade + 6) × 100} + (WeaponATK) + (WeaponWeight)]%
  • Fixed Cast Time: 1 second
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Nauthiz, Refresh

  • Description: Cures and prevents the following Status Effects for the duration of the skill: Stun, Sleep, Curse, Petrification, Poison, Blind, Silence, Bleeding, Chaos, Frozen, Deep Sleep, Burning, Freezing, Crystallization, Marsh of Abyss and Howling of Mandragora. May be used while Stunned, Frozen, or in Deep Sleep.
  • Target: Self
  • Fixed Cast Time: 1 second
  • Cooldown: 2 minutes
  • Duration: 1 minute

Berkana, Millenium Shield

  • Description: Summons 2~4 magic shields which have 1000 HP and the user's DEF and MDEF. Any excess damage from a single instance will be blocked completely, giving the user 2~4 chances against mortal hits. Has higher damage priority than Guard and Parrying but lower than Kyrie Eleison.
  • Target: Self
  • Shields summoned:
    • 2 shields (50% chance)
    • 3 shields (30% chance)
    • 4 shields (20% chance)
  • Cast Delay: 1 second
  • Cooldown: 1 minute
  • Duration: 3 minutes

Activation Chance

Rune skills have an activation chance that is based on the skill level of Rune Mastery, DEX and LUK. An activation failure is rarely observed in practice, as typical success rates are around 98~100%, and most failures result in no visible effect.

Success Rate:

[85 + SkillLv + (DEX + LUK) ÷ 20]%

When a rune skill fails, the following will happen:

Effect Chance Details
Nothing 80% N/A
Status Effect 10% Inflicts oneself with one of the following Status Effects: Blind, Silence, Sleep, Poison, Stun, and Frozen.
Explosion 3% Rune explodes, inflicting (RuneWeight × 1000) MATK to self.
Recovery 3% Restores (RuneWeight × 1000) HP.
Teleport 2% Teleports to another location on the map.
Full Recovery 1% Fully restores HP and SP.
Mass Resurrection 1% Resurrects all dead party members.