Scatleton Pet Quest

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Scatleton Pet Quest
Base Level: 90
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Ragamuffin Manteau
1 Arc Wand [2]
300 Pieces of Black Cloth
600 Skel-Bones
10 Well-Dried Bones
100 Cursed Waters
Hunting: 10 Elusive Disguise, 10 Swift Loli Ruri, 1 Dracula, 1 Doppelganger, 1 Baphomet
Quest Type: Normal
Base Experience: 30,000,000
Job Experience: 15,000,000
Item(s): 1 Scatleton Pet Egg


Wrecked Jakk is a victim of bullying and needs your aid. Help him take revenge upon the evildoers and to restore his body, it's all for Nifelheim's good!


  1. Visit the second floor of Nifelheim's Inn (189,207) and speak to Wrecked Jakk, listen to his story and agree to help him.
  2. You'll be tasked with killing 10 Elusive Disguises and Swift Loli Ruris. Once done, you'll be awarded with 4,500,000 Base and 2,250,000 Job EXP.
  3. The next task is taking out 1 Dracula and Doppelganger. This step awards 9,000,000 Base and 4,500,000 Job EXP.
  4. Now, only the mastermind remains, kill 1 Baphomet. 6,000,000 Base and 3,000,000 Job EXP will be waiting for you.
  5. The bullies are gone but Jakk wants a new body, you will have to help him out once more. Gather 1 Ragamuffin Manteau, 1 Arc Wand [2], 300 Pieces of Black Cloth and 600 Skel-Bones. This step has a small reward of 1,500,000 Base and 750,000 Job EXP.
  6. Jakk realizes that the spine is missing, his old spine was taken by the The Bad Dog. You will find the hound at Nifelheim's Graveyard (334,266) but it won't let you near the pile of bones.
  7. Like Jakk suggested, distracting the animal with something tasty may work, gather 10 Well-Dried Bones, they will get the hound's attention for just long enough to find missing spine inside the pile.
  8. Back to Jakk, you'll receive 1,500,000 Base and 750,000 Job EXP again. Jakk assembles the body but it's completely inert. You're tasked with seeking the help of Old Warlock, who resides on the second floor of Witch's Castle (save point).
  9. Old Warlock agrees to help animate the body and asks you to bring him 100 Cursed Waters for the ritual. After the ritual is completed, Jakk's new body is moving by itself! Take it back.
  10. It works! Jakk is no longer a cripple. For your help, you're awarded with 7,500,000 Base and 3,750,000 Job EXP as well as Scatleton's Cage. Your very own undead cat!
  11. (Optional) Once the quest is completed, speaking to Jakk will trigger Scatleton's Collar Quest, which awards the Red Drop Collar, Scatleton's accessory.