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[Event] Easter 2023

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Easter Event of 2023

(Death and rebirth)

This year, the event's period will span from April 3rd to April 17th. The EXP rates are once again boosted to x20.

Leporida, the Mother of Beasts is snuffling around Rune-Midgard once again. Adventurers are tasked with investigating the situation and beating intel out of her, by force if needed. The authorities are still perplexed by her repeating appearance.

Thieving Rabbits are breeding out of control and menacing the local wildlife. Thankfully hunting them is a lucrative activity as they always carry Heavy Festive Eggs, full of goodies.


Do not forget about Rina and her Little Helper near Prontera's Church. They're offering a new reward for your assistance.


The player-unique donation of at least 20$ will be rewarded with

one of the following headgears of choice:

Costume: Jumbo Rabbit (31893)




Costume: Rabbit Family Balloon (31530)



[ List of Unique Items Available During the Event ]
Humble Offerings (Leporida):

  • Costume: Fluffy Rabbit Cape (31500)
  • Robin Top Hat (31890)
  • Costume: Reign of the Leporids (31886)
  • Costume: Noble Rabbit Ears (31887)
  • Costume: Rainbow Rabbit Eggshell (31888)
  • Costume: Basket of Wonders (31889)


Rina & Little Helper:

  • Costume: Easter Abundance (31894)
  • Costume: Egg Crispinette (31398)
  • Easter Egg Shell (5852)


Heavy Festive Egg (Thieving Rabbit):

  • Costume: Happy Rabbit Ears (31529)
  • Spring Rabbit Egg (9031)
  • Costume: Red Bunny Band (31209)
  • Costume: Yellow Bunny Band (31210)
  • Costume: Pink Bunny Band (31211)
  • Costume: Green Bunny Band (31212)
  • Costume: Orange Bunny Band (31213)
  • Costume: Violet Bunny Band (31214)
  • Costume: Blue Bunny Band (31215)
  • Costume: Silver Bunny Band (31216)
  • Costume: Aqua Bunny Band (31217)
  • Costume: Maroon Bunny Band (31218)
  • Costume: Golden Bunny Band (31219)
  • Costume: Gray Bunny Band (31220)


Cash Shop:

  • Mystical Snow Rabbit (31895)
  • Bouquet Hat (31488)
  • Gardening Set (31499)

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