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September 23rd | Super Novice Revamp and Svafnir's Hoard Dungeon | Patch v17.0

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Posted 24 September 2023 - 12:22 AM

[ General ]

  • New dungeonSvafnir's Hoard was added!
    The access quest can be taken inside of Nidhoggur's Dungeon Lv.2 at level 140.
    Quest to obtain the Dragonscale Greaves (22134) may be undertaken after gaining the access to this dungeon.
    For detailed information on spawns and new items, check our database.
  • Super Novice has been revamped and Warlock received considerable buffs.
    Check the Skills & Classes section below for more information.
  • Cast Time mechanics have been reworked!
    Skill-specific VCT and FCT reductions now apply at the start of the formula.
    This also means that the base FCT (20% of VCT) on many skills is also reduced through such bonuses.
  • FCT bonuses from equipment and skills now stack together additively instead of capping at the biggest single value.
    Sacrament (Arch Bishop) was remade accommodate this change.
  • Refinement rates have been slightly improved for Level 3/4 weapons and armor.
    Lv.3 Weapon: +7 to +8 chance boosted by 10%
    Lv.4 Weapon/Armor: +5 to +6 chance boosted by 10%, +7 to +8 chance boosted by 10%, +9 to +10 chance boosted by 5%



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Rounded the spawn timers of some MVPs to 2h.
  • The FLEE penalty from mobbing has been reduced to -2% FLEE per enemy above 2.
  • Cleaned up all monster WIDE_ skill animations to be consistent and not show the "white bash" effect.



[ NPCs ]

  • Mission Board of course includes quests for Svafnir's Hoard.
  • Mayomayo (Malangdo Enchanting) can enchant Svafnir's Fang (1386), Tunglskin (26111) and Ulfaedra (13079)
  • Apprentice Enchanter (Armor Enchanting) can enchant Drekabrynja (2400) and Dusky Furs (15114).



[ Skills & Classes ]


  • Corrected a bunch of skills with a post 100 Base Level damage scaling to begin at level 100 and not 101.
  • Corrected certain SP Cost % reduction effects to no longer incorrectly apply before flat SP Cost reductions.
    This includes Service for YouFrepta Armaiti and Catseye Potion.
  • Corrected all skill failure messages about missing catalysts to properly display the name of the said catalyst.
  • Blind and Slow Casting (status effects) now display an animation upon their application.



  • Sword Mastery has been renamed to Blade Mastery.



  • Cart Revolution no longer incorrectly duplicates its animation for each target hit.


Rune Knight:

  • Sonic Wave and Head Crush now correctly require a melee weapon equipped.



  • Spellbooks can now be read directly by using or hotkeying them through the @isc command.
    Read Spellbook skill still behaves in the old way if you prefer the original method.
    Only Warlocks and Extended Super Novices can read the new Spellbooks.
  • Slightly adjusted the Mind Slot costs of some spells.
  • Radius now reduces the FCT of all skills.
    The range increase now also works for Magician/Wizard/High Wizard skills with a base skill range of 9 cells or lower.
  • Recognized Spell was reworked. The skill now has 3 levels, with the duration being 90s and CD 45s at all levels.
    The SP Cost penalty is reduced at higher levels.
    Now also reduces ACD by up to 24%.
  • Marsh of Abyss' AGI/DEX/Movement Speed reductions now also work on Boss monsters but with reduced effectiveness.
  • Jack Frost's base damage formula was boosted as well as it's Base Level scaling.
    The bonus damage to Boss monsters now uses its own formula which isn't as high as the Chill damage bonus.
  • Frost Misty's Chill application chance was increased.
  • Tetra Vortex now applies status effect at a 200% base chance.
    Had its CD reduced to 6s from 15s.
  • Intense Telekinesis had its CD reduces to 3m from 5m.
  • Drain Life had its CD reduced to 1s from 2s.
  • Crimson Rock had its CD reduced to 3s from 5s.
  • Earth Strain had its CD reduced to 4s from 10s.
  • Comet had its CD Reduced to 5s from 10s.
  • Water Ball has been reworked.
    The amount of hits and water cells consumed has been normalized for all levels, only damage increases.
    When cast by players, it also ignores Hard MDEF.
    Additionally if there's no water present and you carry a Crystalized Teardrop, the skill will consume it and go through, dealing 12 hits.
    All the subhits benefit from Amplify Magical Power.
    Increased its SP Cost and FCT.
    Corrected a bug there hard CC effects and Lex Aeterna weren't canceled on the first hit.
  • Magic Crasher's damage formula was remade again, boosting the base formula.
    It now properly benefits from elemental weapons and endows.
    The SP Cost was increased.
  • Gravitation Field is now only canceled upon taking melee damage.
  • Ganbantein no longer requires points in Ice Wall.
  • Amplify Magical Power's cast time was fixed to be truly static and the cast time was reduced to 0.5s from 0.75s.
  • Lord of Vermilion's damage formula was improved and each wave now also roots for 0.25s. Now has 0.5 ACD and 4s CD.
  • Storm Gust now has 0.5s ACD and 5s CD.
  • Frost Nova had its damage formula and Freeze chances boosted.
  • Sightrasher had its damage formula boosted. Now has 0.5s ACD and 1s CD.



  • Memorization now reduces the base VCT of skills just like skill-specific VCT equipment bonuses and those two stack additively.
    This means that the base FCT (20% of VCT) on many skills is reduced by this effect.
  • Double Casting now works with Soul Strike.
  • Auto Spell now triggers higher overall levels of spells.


Minstrel & Wanderer:

  • You now benefit from the effects of your own songs/dances/ensembles but those are only half as effective without Soul Link.
  • Musical/Dance Lessons now completely remove the Movement Speed penalty while performing when maxed.
  • Service for You had its base SP Cost reduction effect reduced by 10%.


Arch Bishop:

  • Sacrament now reduces the final FCT after all other bonuses have been applied.
    This allows this effect to work together with the Cast Time changes mentioned above. 



  • Dodge has been buffed slightly.
  • Iron Hand has been buffed slightly.



  • Axe Training has been renamed to Shock Training.



  • Axe Mastery has been slightly buffed and renamed to Slashing Mastery.


Guillotine Cross:

  • Guillotine Cross poisons applied through Poisoning Weapon can now be inflicted with all physical skills instead of normal attacks only.
  • Enchant Deadly Poison now has increased duration and Deadly Poison application chance at lower levels.
    The skill modifier reductions for Cross Impact, Counter Slash and Soul Breaker have been reduced
    at lower levels so that there's no damage loss.
  • Venom Splasher had its Poison application chance greatly increased.
  • Research New Poison now increases the duration of Enchant Deadly Poison by x1.05 per level.


Shadow Chaser:

  • Plagiarism and Reproduce now allow you to copy the following skills:
    Spiral PierceHead CrushSoul BreakerMeteor AssaultSharp ShootingMagic CrasherNapalm VulcanSacrificeShield Chain and Palm Push Strike.
  • Auto Shadow Spell now works with Ninja spells and Napalm Vulcan.
    Corrected the skill to properly update the memorized spell upon recast.
  • Preserve no longer stops you from copying skills through Reproduce.


Kagerou & Oboro:

  • Fixed a crash related to Zangetsu.


Super Novice:

  • For detailed information on the changes, check this sheet and mouseover the fields.
  • Skill trees have been updated!
    In the case of Super Novice it includes a few minor changes.
    In the case of Extended Super Novice, it includes a full revamp.
    For skills with changed requirements, enable the old skill tree view mode and allocate the points manually.
  • Increased HP/SP growth formulas. They now sit slightly behind those of Kagerou/Oboro.
  • Increased the maximum Job Level to 70. This includes an additional +1 to all stats bonus.
  • Supremacy is a new platinum, passive skill that's automatically learned upon the Job change.
    It adds Base Level damage scaling to most skills that do not have one while also enabling the Soul Link effect of allowing the use of all headgears/weapons.
  • Many additional equipment options have been unlocked!
  • Great Adventure (20285) will be obtained upon the Job Change.
  • Soul Link now allows weapons of all levels to be equipped and additionally maximizes the skill levels of Auto Spell (Sage) just like Sage's Soul Link does.
    Headgear/weapon equipped through Soul Link are no longer removed upon map change or relog once the Soul Link expires.
  • Skills that carry additional, conditional bonuses (weapon specific, job specific) now also apply those by default to Super Novices.
    This includes skills like Increase FleeFatal BlowIncrease AgilityBlessingAngelus, etc.
  • Bulk Buying Store (Merchant) can now be learned by doing the normal Merchant's quest.


[ Items ]

  • Added missing custom weapons to Advanced Weapon Box (12623).



  • Great Adventure (20285)
  • Dragonscale Greaves (22134)
  • Costume: Dwarven Pride (5540)
  • Svafnir's Fang (1386)
  • Drekabrynja (2400)
  • Primeval Barkskin (20780)
  • Radiant Runestone (28600)
  • Vedrhlif (28904)
  • Tunglskin (26111)
  • Veiled Runestone (28601)
  • Ulfaedra (13079)
  • Dusky Furs (15114)
  • Embla Card (31472)
  • Rodull Card (31469)
  • Vael Card (31470)
  • Narfi Card (31471)



  • Meteor Strike (16043)
  • Telescopic Hand (13464)
  • Angeling Suit (15171)
  • Candy Cane Rod (26110) 



  • Angelic and Improved Angelic sets were buffed.
  • Laphine Shield (2198) and Kardui's Ears (5966) set bonus was nerfed due to the Comet change.
  • Aion Staff (2028) was slightly buffed.
  • Mental Destroyer (1661) was nerfed due to the Magic Crasher change.
  • Evil Snake Lord Card (4330) regained its Blind immunity.



  • All MVP card drop rates have been boosted!
    The values depend on various factors like the respawn timer, availability, travel distance and so on.
    This includes Instance MVPs.
  • Candy Cane Rod (26110) - Drop rate boosted
  • Laphine Shield (2198) - Drop rate boosted
  • Rider's Suit (15058) - Drop rate boosted
  • Mental Destroyer (1661) - Drop rate boosted and now also dropped by Bomi
  • Crystalized Teardrop (6075) - Now also dropped by Phylla and Rhyncho

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