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January 11th | Patch v5.5 | Christmas' End

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[ General ]

  • Christmas Event is over and all Cash Shop specific seasonal headgears have been removed
  • Added Infinite Space instance! The equipment has been expanded and customized (missing weapon types, higher ATK/MATK) and a couple of custom quests were added to spice it up
  • Champion and certain specific monsters now have their intended auras and other visual effects!
  • Lockboxes and Kawaii Coin Bags now drop to the floor instead of going straight into the killer's inventory for the purpose of party sharing
  • Removed dead cells in Aldebaran
  • Ally Channel's color is now easier on the eyes
  • @duel command now only works in towns and nothing else
  • Many skill, status icon and item description corrections were added, as usual
  • Added #bg channel that you can opt out from that has announcements for starting BGs


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Spiral Pierce used by monsters no longer goes through Cast-off Cicada Skin and Ilusionary Shadow
  • Rearranged Bifrost Tower spawns again for a better experience
  • Old Glast Heim (both modes) had the monster spawn amounts and intervals during the second part adjusted to be less overwhelming
  • Depraved Orc Hero (Orc's Memory instance) was adjusted to match the content's difficulty
  • Amon Ra now drops Bunny Slippers (2415) as a possible MVP reward
  • Great Demon Baphomet now drops Dusk Cloak (20769)
  • Eremes Guile now drops Assassin's Muffler (20714)
  • Gemini-S58 now drops Pauldron (2514) instead of Eremes Guile
  • Lady Tanee no longer teleports and now has a fixed spawn spot, drops additional loot and is a bit more challenging
  • Mistress no longer teleports while chasing and the idle teleport has a longer cooldown, she's now a bit more challenging
  • Maya's idle teleport now has a longer cooldown
  • Tao Gunka now drops Stone Buckler (2114)
  • Status Recovery no longer incorrectly drops aggro of boss-flagged, passive monsters
  • Monsters with cast sensor flag now react to offensive actions more consistently
  • Passive monsters no longer incorrectly drop aggro when affected by immobilization effects
  • Plants spawned through Dead/Bloody Branch can no longer attack


[ NPCs ]

  • Armor Craftsman Gyo now only asks for 15 Darkred Scale Pieces instead of 30 in order to craft Ninja Scale Armor (15054)
  • Corrected Artisan Tere's enchantment options to work properly
  • Prontera Princess' headgear preview option now works with costumes as well
  • Old Glast Heim's cases now drop equipment at an increased rate
  • Siege Quartermaster now sells Emergency Call Scrolls
  • Rewrote most of Battlegrounds NPCs, removing ancient ones, replacing them with better, custom versions, added better BG consumables, and other changes
  • Added 6v6 KvM mode and the reduced the buff timer of both modes to 30 seconds down from 60


[ Classes ]

  • Hiding now correctly avoids all skills and ground effects that don't specifically go through this status
  • Crystallization status now fails to apply entirely on targets with 0 SP or below 2% of Max HP instead of ticking once
  • All performer's songs now correctly update their duration and bonuses without having to step out and back in, the status will never cancel while standing inside the song's effect
  • Targets trapped in Manhole are no longer incorrectly affected by ground debuffs other than the Shadow Chaser's own
  • Full Throttle now increases Movement Speed by a correct amount and the rebound stat is signaled by an emotion
  • SC__CHAOS status effect (Chaos Panic and Genwaku) is now removed by all consumables that cure normal confusion

Rune Knight:

  • Spear Stab had its damage formula corrected
  • Tension Relax now correctly enables HP regeneration at a normal rate while overweight
  • Concentration's Endure effect now correctly cancels after the hit limit has been reached
  • Storm Blast now has its pre-nerf formula while retaining the 1 second cooldown


  • Hell Inferno now does a single, shadow property hit for full damage
  • Jack Frost now correctly fails on concealed targets
  • Frost Misty now correctly fails on concealed targets


  • Land Protector's level is now selectable
  • Elemental Spirits no longer disappear when entering a portal in Bifrost Tower and other similar maps


  • Casting Falcon Assault and Blitz Beat now correctly cancels Camouflage
  • Warg Dash had its SP cost increased to 20
  • Camouflage no longer consumes SP when used to cancel already active status

Minstrel and Wanderer:

  • Drum on the Battlefield now applies its correct ATK bonus
  • Echo Song now applies its correct Hard DEF bonus
  • Lover's Symphony now applies its correct Hard MDEF bonus

Arch Bishop:

  • Impositio Manus now correctly overrides its previous instance (lower levels can be used offensively)
  • Adoramus' status effect now correctly applies its Movement Speed penalty


  • Chain Combo had its damage formula corrected
  • Combo Finish had its damage formula corrected
  • Absorb Spirit Spheres and Assimilate Power no longer remove Kagerou/Oboro's charms


  • Self Destruction had its cast time corrected
  • Acceleration now gives the correct 25% movement speed bonus
  • Mounting Mado Gear now correctly removes all Movement Speed increasing effects and prevents their reapplication, with the exception of Speed Potion


  • Howling of Mandragora was corrected to longer reapply or drain SP while the status is already active
  • Painkiller's Endure effect now correctly cancels after the hit limit has been reached
  • Hell Plant now stuns properly
  • Wall of Thorns now has a more consistent behavior, the damage can't be dodged and the knockback is 1 cell to avoid the possibility of leaving the wall with double knockback, deals correct damage and you will escape the cage after 20 hits

Guillotine Cross:

  • Soul Breaker now has its correct range of 9 cells
  • Venom Pressure now correctly applies Oblivion Curse with the correct 95% base chance
  • Cloaking Exceed no longer drains SP and applies after-cast delay when used to cancel already active status

Shadow Chaser:

  • Deadly Infect no longer incorrectly works with certain status effects when used against boss-flagged monsters
  • Chaos Panic now can be correctly recasted, new instance removing the previous one
  • Body Paint's ASPD and Blind debuffs now correctly works on any affected target, regardless of being revealed
  • Manhole no longer incorrectly affects targets under King's Grace effect
  • Emergency Escape's trap can no longer incorrectly affect the caster
  • Bloody Lust had its cast time corrected and no longer sometimes leaves targets with 100 HP upon expiration
  • Auto Shadow Spell had its cast time corrected

Kagerou and Oboro:

  • North Wind had its damage formula corrected
  • Makibishi now correctly deals reduction and defense ignoring damage and can no longer be attacked or knocked around
  • Izayoi now shows the correct duration on the buff icon
  • Zenkai's 200 EATK bonus now correctly works with the forced endow from having 10 charms summoned and the benefitial status correctly ends upon stepping out of the unit instead of lingering
  • Zenkai is no longer stackable and the status application check happens every second
  • Genwaku no longer incorrectly works on stationary targets


  • Fallen Angel no longer works without the correct amount of bullets equipped
  • Heat Barrel's rebound state is now signaled by an emotion


  • Flying Side Kick now can correctly fail while used from inside Wall of Fog on a friendly target


[ Items ]

  • Disabled Butterfly Wings in GvG maps
  • Pussycat Bell (31284) was added to Cash Shop
  • Various Consumable Boxes for existing items were added to Cash Shop
  • Memory of Lovers (18937) is now correctly a middle headgear
  • Knit Cap of Raging Winter (18942) now correctly applies its intended Freezing status
  • Lux Anima Runestone now has its correct stack limit of 3
  • New item, Dusk Cloak (20769) was added
  • New item, Assassin's Muffler (20714) was added
  • New item, Bunny Slippers (2415) were added

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