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September 8th | Megapatch v8.0

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Posted 09 September 2016 - 02:53 AM

[ General ]

  • Implemented Airship's Assault instance (wiki page is coming soon), you can access it from the second level of Dimensional Gap. The instance has been expanded and improved as usual
  • Added @refresh/@rf command, it's been customized with a cooldown and some limitations to prevent possible exploits. It isn't usable while in a NPC dialogue
  • Added @whosells/@ws and @whobuys/@wb commands, the catalogues have been phased out due to being buggy garbage
  • Being in a duel now prevents you from interacting with NPCs
  • Revamped Gunslinger and Rebel skill trees, all existing characters will receive a one-time reset upon logging in
  • Corrected all weapon ASPD penalty tables
  • Melee damage reflected by item bonuses no longer behaves in strange ways
  • Whips now deal 75% damage to large targets
  • Knuckles now deal 75% damage to large targets
  • Added correct sounds for all gun types
  • Players will now perform the omg emotion upon having one of their gear pieces broken
  • Corrected dozens of item, skill, icon, etc descriptions as usual



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Increased Base EXP awarded by all Champion Monsters
  • Increased Base EXP of most lower tier MVP Monsters and normalized their Job EXP
  • Increased EXP awarded by all Minibosses, adjusted their stats and loot to be more fitting
  • Relocated Skeleton General, Killer Mantis, Gajomart and Am Mut, adjusted their EXP/stat values
  • Added back one Valkyrie to odin_tem02
  • NPC_AGIUP and NPC_POWERUP now increase FLEE and HIT by 50% instead of 100%
  • Monster versions of certain skills like Water Ball and Fire Pillar now use different formulas (expect less damage)
  • NPC_MENTALBREAKER now drains 5 times less SP
  • Monster's Trample is now only cast if attacked or cast targeted while snared
  • Improved/toned down visual animations for many monster skills
  • Fulbuk and Fire Pit spawns are now fully scripted, runaway Fulbuk will die after some time and its Fire Pit will respawn
  • Dummies can no longer be teleported
  • Enraged Captain Ferlock drops Exodus Joker XIII (28214) and Ferlock's Spare Hat (19145) as additional gear (jRO based) along with other extra goodies
  • Eddga now drops Drooping Eddga (5497)
  • Moonlight Flower now drops Jiangshi Bell (1999) and Drooping Nine Tail (5252)
  • Dracula now drops Erhu (1943)
  • Lady Tanee now drops Drooping Lady Tanee (5526)
  • Atroce now drops Drosera Hairpin (18704)
  • Tendrillion now drops Jug of Steamy Milk (31302) (Hillslion taming item)
  • Gloom Under Night now drops Costume: Beliver's Cap (31033)
  • Kraken now drops Costume: Mermaid's Headphones (20116)
  • Majoruros now drops Majoruros Horns (18749)
  • Gullinbursti now drops Costume: Pig's Nose (31029)
  • Eclipse now drops Costume: Lunatic's Hanging Ears (20298)
  • Necromancer now drops Necromancer's Hood (5502)
  • Rata now drops Costume: Squirrel Hood (19140)
  • Sentinel Dame now drops Costume: Angel's Veil (5915)



[ NPCs ]

  • Added new hunting quests to Mission Board:


  • Expanded Seiyablem's slotting with more jRO exclusive gear:


  • Expanded Mayomayo's enchanting list (Malangdo) with the following weapons:


  • Expanded Armor Craftsman Gyo's (Ninja's hideout) with the following items:


  • Expanded Weapon Craftsman Ki's (Ninja's hideout) with the following items:


  • Artisan Tene also enchants all this new Ninja gear
  • Istan now offers a new weapon! Soul Cutter (28718)
  • Istan's crafting requirements for Wizard's Greatsword no longer include Excalibur
  • Pet Master Taini now sells Eggring Egg (31304) along with the intended food for Hillslion, Strawberry Pocky (31303)
  • Headgear Connoisseur now offers the following new headgears: Alchemist's Mask (31300), Black Cat Hood (31028), Black Eremes Guile's Scarf (31057), Black Evil Druid's Hat (20290), Black Asgard's Blessing (19031), Brown Ribbon White Lilies (31048)
  • Prontera Princess now offers the following new headgears: Saint Frill Ribbon (31124), White Lilies (19761), Aristocrat's Mask (5985), Formic Mask (18800), Nero's Mask (18799), Pure White Marching Hat (15165). The following headgears were moved from Cash Shop: Candy Hat (18708), Cowhide Hat (18669), Red Dress Hat (5795), Observer (5315)
  • Prontera Princess now has a new section, Hair Extensions, with dozens of articles!
  • Added Byakko Mask (5400) as a reward to Kagerou/Oboro job change quests
  • Corrected all Malangdo normal and daily quests to work properly
  • Kiel's Hyre Quest now grants increased EXP (iRO VIP)
  • Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest now awards iRO based EXP
  • Staff Officer Abidal (Report from the New World) now has equal chance to pack up all volumes of Expedition Reports (1~4 random) and there's no longer a failure chance where all reports are removed
  • Removed teleportation option from Novice Ground's Kafra so new guys don't shaft themselves by misclicking
  • Resetting no longer dispels most of buffs from consumable items
  • Cleaned up and corrected dozens of scripts



[ Classes ]


Rune Knight:

  • Brandish Spear no longer has fixed cast time but increased variable instead
  • Bowling Bash no longer has fixed cast time but increased variable instead
  • Spiral Pierce now ignores DEF again
  • Phantom Thrust now has its base level damage scaling starting from level 100 instead of 150, Spear Mastery scaling increased to 20% per level and has 0.5 sec cooldown
  • Hundred Spears had its Spiral Pierce scaling increased to 100% per level and the sound effect was muffled to be reasonable. Base level damage scaling was moved at the end of the formula
  • Crush Strike now has a visual and sound effect upon impact


Royal Guard:

  • Ray of Genesis now fully ignores Safety Wall (both portions)
  • Moonslasher no longer replicates its animation for every affected target
  • Exceed Break now correctly cancels upon weapon swap, has a visual and sound effect upon impact
  • Reflect Damage no longer incorrectly affects plants
  • King's Grace animation should be more consistent now (will this ever end?)
  • Shield Press had its STR damage bonus increased (STR*3)



  • Spellbooks' descriptions now mention the amount of Mind Slots consumed
  • Sight Blaster now has a 5x5 cell splash, following the actual animation
  • Fire Pillar had its damage formula adjusted to be 150% MATK per hit
  • Summon skills now call all 5 Elemental Balls at level 5, with increased cast time
  • Releasing now works even more consistently with Elemental Balls
  • Comet's base level damage scaling when cast with another nearby Warlock now applies at the end of the formula. SP cost is now correctly shared between both Warlocks
  • Chain Lightning's first bounce no longer applies instantly
  • Drain Life had its INT damage bonus increased (INT*2)
  • Hell's Inferno now has its own Spellbook



  • Elemental Analysis had its success chances and crafted amounts corrected



  • Blitz Beat now inflicts 5 hits by default if you're a transcendent Ranger, this doesn't increase further and the same goes for the job level based proc chance (equal to job level 70)
  • Ankle Snare now has a minimum duration of 4 seconds on monsters
  • Unlimit no longer cancels upon weapon swap
  • Ranger Main now also adds Hard DEF
  • Electric Shocker now affects bosses and has a minimum duration of 4 seconds on monsters


Minstrel and Wanderer:

  • Reverberation had its detonation range increased to 3x3 cells
  • Great Echo now deals largely increased damage


Arch Bishop:

  • Renovatio had its fixed cast time reduced to 1 sec and variable to 2 sec and is no longer castable on allied players with Evil Druid Card equipped
  • Judex's animation was cleaned up



  • Investigate's DEF based damage formula was greatly boosted (similar to Mass Spiral)
  • Ride the Lightning had its DEX damage bonus increased (DEX*2) and wind endow bonus corrected for all levels
  • Skynet Blow had its AGI damage bonus increased (AGI*2)
  • Windmill had its DEX damage bonus increased (DEX*2)
  • Pressure Point: Silence had its DEX damage bonus increased (DEX*3)
  • Pressure Point: Cure now shows the amount healed
  • Howling of Lion now has its base level damage scaling starting from level 100 instead of 120
  • Earth Shaker had its base damage formula corrected (increased)



  • Neutral Barrier had its interaction with ranged skills corrected for good
  • Mado Gear is no longer immune to Assassin Cross of Sunset's effect
  • Magma Eruption's dot ticks are no longer blocked by some ground effects
  • Power Swing had its cooldown reduced to 0.75 sec, range increased to 2 cells and stun duration changed to 5 sec base
  • Axe Tornado's base level damage bonus now applies at the end of the formula and had its VIT damage bonus increased (VIT*2)
  • Vulcan Arm had its DEX damage bonus increased (DEX*2)
  • Pile Bunker had its STR damage bonus increased (STR*3)
  • Research Fire and Earth now also adds Hard DEF
  • FAWs are no longer attackable by allied guardians during WoE and BGs



  • Sword Training now properly boosts Mastery ATK for 1h swords
  • Spore Explosion now detonates after 1/1/2/2/3 seconds and had its cooldown reduced to 3 seconds. Had its INT damage bonus increased (INT*2). The animation was corrected to not replicate for every target hit
  • Fire Expansion Level 1 and 2 had its INT damage bonus increased (INT*2)
  • Summon Legion's (Sera) insects are now correctly attackable by monsters and had their stat scaling greatly increased based on skill's and Genetic's levels


Guillotine Cross:

  • Venom Splasher's detonation timer was halved (6 seconds), it is the same as the cooldown. The skill no longer fails on boss-flagged monsters.
  • Counter Slash had its AGI and job level scaling changed to increase the final formula by a percentage, expect considerably more damage


Shadow Chaser:

  • Fatal Menace now uses special invisibility (similar to Feint Bomb) instead of hiding (still works for Raid) and its animation no longer replicates for every target hit


Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Throwing Mastery now correctly boosts all huuma and kunai skills
  • Mist Slash had its damage greatly increased
  • Throw Zeny now does full damage to bosses
  • Final Strike now does full damage to bosses
  • Mucha Nage now does full damage to bosses
  • Shadow Leap had its range corrected
  • Shadow Slash had its range corrected
  • Kahu Enten, Hyouhu Hubuki and Kazehu Seiran had their bonuses corrected for all spells and some were increased
  • Jyumonjikiri now has its base level damage scaling starting from level 100 instead of 120
  • Setsudan now deals additional damage based on MATK
  • Kagemusha now allows the use of Shadow Slash without the need of hiding
  • Zanzou's decoy is no longer attackable by allied guardians during WoE and BGs



  • Grenade Sphere ammo had its ATK increased to 80
  • Magical Bullet has been reworked, deals actual magical damage (increased), takes weapon/ammo element and ignores FLEE plus avoidance effects but not Pneuma. SP cost was increased
  • Piercing Shot had its damage formula corrected (expect a bit more damage) and after-cast delay removed
  • Spread Shot now deals x1.5 damage with a Grenade Launcher
  • Adjustment now lasts for 30 seconds
  • Madness Canceller is now a toggle
  • Crimson Marker now shows the marked targets on the minimap to all party members
  • Heat Barrel now grants a slightly bigger boost and also increases magical damage done (this affects autocasts)
  • Fallen Angel has the area and damage of consequent Desperado properly corrected
  • Fire Rain has a new animation, its diagonal layout was increased to actual 3 cells (easier to hit targets), damage and unit removal formulas were changed
  • Howling Mine had its explosion damage formula boosted and has a new animation
  • Bind Trap had its sound effects corrected (one for laying the trap, another for detonating it)
  • Shatter Storm now deals more damage, costs 2 coins (down from 3) and has slightly longer cast time
  • Dragon Tail no longer splits the damage



[ Items ]

  • Increased the chance of most autocast bonuses depending on their usefulness and duration
  • Added Soul Cutter (28718) to Istan's crafting
  • Added Hillslion's Egg (31301), Tendrillion drops the taming item, Jug of Steamy Milk (31302)
  • Seagod's Anger (6423) is now tradable
  • Garm's Claw (1815) now increases HP instead of reducing it
  • Hraunskrida (2877) now grants more ATK
  • Heroic Target Suit (15098) now also increases MATK to help performers
  • Peace Breaker (13194/13196) now grants 50% ASPD
  • Rolling Thunder (13193) now grants base MATK and the Thunderstorm autocast level is equal to the refine (up to +10)
  • Cannon Spear (1435), Bloody Cross (16017), Aztoe Nail (13069), Scarlet Nail (13070), Ignus Steel (1392) and End Sectora (1393) were greatly buffed
  • Divine Guard's Helm (5900), Black Ribbon (5899) and Harvester's Hat (5902) were improved
  • Dead Tree Cane Staff (1643) was greatly buffed
  • Minstrel's Bow (1725) and Dragon Wing (1724) were buffed considerably
  • Diabolus Manteau (2537) and Skin of Ventus (2536) now grant a little more HP
  • Kamaitachi (13009) now grants base MATK
  • Shadow Staff (1682) now also reduces fixed cast time during its proc effect
  • Ring of Resonance (2679) and Improved Ring of Resonance (2958) now grant some MATK
  • Improved Ring the of the Flame Lord (2957) and Improved Ring of Resonance (2958) set bonus now autocasts Spiral Pierce instead of Asura Strike and Bash instead of Sonic Blow
  • Added new art for Gunslinger/Rebel ammunition and boxes
  • Improved the stats of some Gunslinger weapons
  • Mora's "Evasion" type enchants now grant Perfect Dodge instead of FLEE
  • Mace of Judgement (16013) and Empowered Mace of Judgement (16018) had their ATK values boosted.
  • Judgement Set now also boosts Duple Light.
  • Added the following new items to Cash Shop: Eleanor's Wig (31062), Shadow Band (28379), Unicorn's Helmet (20443), Underlamp (31093), White Rose Princess (31046), Checkered Bandana (31038), Neko Lady's Small Hat (20499), Seraphim's Coronet (19138), Blue Rear Ribbon (31045), Whistle (19144), Poring Soap Pipe (31055), Rainbow Ear Feathers (20010), Kuma Ears Band (31027)
  • Dozens of item scripts were corrected, as usual



We'll be having a Double EXP Weekend this time (September 10th to 11th) along with Monster Invasion Event. Series of Summer's End Events will be held soon, hopefully.

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