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November 7th | Minipatch v8.6 | Halloween's End

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Posted 07 November 2016 - 09:10 PM

[ General ]

  • Halloween Event is now over. All related content has been removed!
  • Old Recipe Book (31327) was added, it contains various ways to prepare Old for your enjoyment!
  • Added noautoloot mapflag to be used for certain events


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Added new mid-tier MVP, Woodie to Umbala Dungeon. This little tree stump drops new loot such as Rosevine Robe (15115), Shield of Fruitful Soil (28909), Costume: Woodie Hat (31324), Millenary Sap (31325), Woodie Card (31326) and Old Recipe Book (31327). This MVP can also be spawned through Bloody Branches and Abracadabra
  • Garm had its level bumped to 108, moving to mid-tier with the correspondent EXP increase. Now drops Shield of Turbulent Current (28908)
  • Boitata now drops Shield of Living Wildifre (28906)
  • Knight of Windstorm now drops Shield of Subtle Breeze (28907)
  • Old now spawns at Hvergelmir's Fountain (yggdrasil01)
  • NPC_COMET and NPC_JACKFROST are no longer blocked by obstacles


[ NPCs ]

  • Researcher Zakline had improved his skills, the failure rate of creating a Vesper Gear is now only 20%


[ Classes ]


  • Snap's previous change was reverted, instead you can no longer sit while executing the skill, this should avoid position lag issues



  • Camouflage is no longer removed by Hiding


Shadow Chaser:

  • Auto Shadow Spell now allows you autocasts holy spells as well as spells up to level 10. Gemstone requirement is lifted for spells that consume those.


Soul Linker:

  • Kaupe now correctly blocks Soul Breaker, Ray of Genesis and Setsudan


Super Novice:

  • Heal no longer messes up with skill requirements upon resetting (doesn't try to level up Faith)



[ Items ]

  • Added Fire Basin cards! Fire Condor, Fire Sandman, Fire Frilldora, Fire Golem and Fulbuk. They're obtainable from Old Card Album as well.
  • Tatacho, Aqua Elemental, Draco, Luciola Vespa, Centipede, Cornus and Dark Shadow had their bonuses corrected to reduce damage taken from targets of the specified element. They also boost magical damage done now.
  • Heroic Magic Coat (15094), Tournament Shield (2133) and all Upgraded Shields had their stats boosted
  • Enriched and HD ores plus Silvervine Fruits can now be added to Buying Shop list
  • Added new item, Costume: Woodie Hat (31324) to Woodie
  • Added new item, Rosevine Robe (15115) to Woodie
  • Added new item, Millenary Sap (31325) to Woodie (to be used for a future headgear)
  • Added new item, Shield of Fruitful Soil (28909) to Woodie
  • Added new item, Shield of Living Wildfire (28906) to Boitata
  • Added new item, Shield of Turbulent Current (28908) to Garm
  • Added new item, Shield of Subtle Breeze (28907) to Knight of Windstorm
  • Added Ruler of Hell's Horns (31095), Bau Alma's Ears (31096), Minnie Doe Alma's Ears (31097), Tamamo Loa's Ears (31098) and Aria of the Soul's Headdress (31099) to Cash Shop

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