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February 23rd | Patch v9.5

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Posted 24 February 2017 - 03:01 AM

[ General ]

  • Added two brand new dungeons, Illusion of Moonlight and Illusion of Vampire, featuring new mechanics such as safe zones, monster leash ranges and of course dozens of new gear pieces plus cards. Both zones also have various repeatable quests and equipment crafting.
  • Increased the visibility range of chat to match our vision range of 16 cells
  • Increased the walk click range by 1 cell to better match our vision range
  • Teleporting or changing maps now preserves the character's facing direction
  • Party's leader can now only be changed if both characters are on the same map
  • Obtaining a Lockbox of Kawaii Coin Bag is now signaled by a visual animation on the benefactor and a chat message
  • @refresh command is no longer usable while in a trade window
  • You can no longer enter warps while in a @duel
  • Hopefully fixed the issue where monster's dead sprites were occassionally getting stuck instead of disappearing
  • Partially fixed the sprite desync of @disguise
  • Expanded buying shop list with some missing stuff from Port Malaya as well as all misc items from new zones
  • Corrected dozens of msgstringtable entries to provide accurate information
  • Revamped Ninja branch skill descriptions and updated many more for other classes



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Revamped ATK and MATK values of all monsters, this is based on guidelines to differentiate monster archetypes. Generally, MATK is lower across the board and ATK is higher in some cases but there are exceptions
  • Monsters now respawn 2 cells further away than the maximum vision range
  • Solid Champions had their HP halved, instead they have increased DEF/MDEF and are harder to hitlock. They're also slightly less slower and use Auto Guard instead of Stone Skin
  • Furious Champions now have slightly higher ATK/MATK compared to other types
  • Monsters will now use their "on death" skill in all cases, even if they are casting something else while killed
  • Plant monsters no longer cause funny player motions and wrong damage numbers when attacked by certain skills
  • Added Wide Critical Wound, Wide Decrease Agility and Poison Blast as new NPC_ skills
  • Bleeding, Petrifying Attack, Hell's Power and Hell's Dignity had their application chances and durations per level corrected
  • Hallucination effect now randomizes the damage numbers instead of increasing them as it should do
  • Petrifying Attack is now of earth property
  • Poison and Deadly Poison skills are now of poison property
  • Vampire's Gift is now a neutral property spell, the levels that bosses use were adjusted to reflect this and some now instead use Wide Blood Drain
  • Monsters that recast toggle buffs will not refresh them instead, except in the case of Hiding, Cloaking and Cloaking Exceed
  • Further improved and optimized NPC skill visual animations and sounds so they're easier to tell apart
  • Moonlight Flower had her loot table chances and skillset optimized to match the intended difficulty
  • Dracula has his skillset optimized to match the intended difficulty
  • Yao Jun now drops Yao Jun's Hat (5367)
  • Sweet Nightmare drops Black Rosary (2898) as additional loot
  • Bomi drops Costume: Vampire's Hairband (20098) as additional loot
  • Iron Fist now spawns in Mjolnir Dead Pit F3 (mjo_dun03)
  • Added all new monsters to the Dead Branch and Abracadabra lists



[ NPCs ]

  • Removed Nightmare Pyramid (Level 2) quests from the level 141-150 Eden Group Board, replacing it with Thor's Volcano quests instead
  • Added new missions to Prontera's Mission Board, hunting mission for Nightmare Pyramid (Level 2) as well as hunting and collection missions for the two new zones, Illusion of Moonlight and Illusion of Vampire
  • Reorganized the spawns of Orc's Memory instance so the final stage is less mobby while the rest of the zone is more populated
  • New bosses, Ireful Moonlight Flower and Enraged Dracula can now spawn on The Moon as well
  • Updated Disguise Event with new monsters and you can no longer stand next to the NPC
  • Corrected Crow of Destiny quest triggers so it's properly completable
  • Added official quest log entries for Moscovia and Juperos quests
  • Fire Basin's guards now teleport approaching monsters more consistently and to coordinates that are always outside of the camp's perimeter. Vassal leash ranges were optimized
  • Seiyablem can now slot Angelic Ring (2743)
  • Prontera Princess now offers Angel's Mini Silk Hat (31167), Classical Ribbon (31166), Vanilmirth Hat (5289) and Lif Doll Hat (5253)
  • Headgear Connoisseur now offers Red Nekomimi Cape (31349), Black Angel's Mini Silk Hat (31348) and Black Cowboy's Hat (31350)



[ Classes ]

  • Skills that affect the whole party, no longer make anyone except the caster perform their casting motion, shouting the skill's name. They instead simply show the visual animation and play the sound. This results in smoother party gameplay without constant position lagging. Those skills are: Angelus, Gloria, Magnificat, Clementia, Canto Candidus, Praefatio, Coluceo Heal, Lauda Agnus, Lauda Ramus, Adrenaline Rush, Full Adrenaline Rush, Weapon Perfection, Over Thrust and Wind Walk
  • Vulture's Eye and Snake's Eye had their range increasing bonuses normalized to match our vision and attack range settings, those skills now grant up to 5 cells increased range at level 10. Bow and Gun type weapon now have a base range of 9 cells up from 5
  • Passive skills that increase HIT by a flat amount, now show that amount in the status window
  • Stun, Freeze, Petrification, Sleep and Deep Sleep now prevent Auto Guard, Parrying and Weapon Blocking from activating
  • Hell's Judgement, Pulse Strike and Wide Blood Drain now take weapon's element when cast by players instead of being forced neutral
  • Hell's Judgement, Wide Blood Drain and Wide Critical Wound are now fully ranged when cast by players
  • Crystallization now also affects monsters, but doesn't disable them. Has a new visual effect upon successful application and the snowflake was made bigger and slightly darker so it's easier to see
  • Deep Sleep and other hard statuses no longer cancel each other upon expiration
  • Globally renamed Stone Curse status to Petrification and Freezing to Chill
  • White Imprison, Poison, Bleeding, Pyrexia, Toxin and Renovatio no longer deal more than 1 damage to plants


Rune Knight:

  • Spiral Pierce now features a new formula, fully benefitting from weapon's weight, the damage is considerably higher overall
  • Aura Blade's damage bonus now always connects, except in the case of a lucky dodge. Hundred Spears gets its benefit for every subhit separately, just like Spiral Pierce does
  • Join Beat's Neck Break debuff (x2 damage taken from the skill) now affects bosses
  • Enchant Blade's damage bonus now also affects skills
  • Crush Strike has its duration corrected to 30 seconds
  • Death Bound no longer reflects hits that didn't connect


Royal Guard:

  • Shield Charge now scales with shield's weight and refine level
  • Shield Boomerang had its damage formula revamped for consistent scaling, it's boosted by shield's weight and refine level and also scales with the Star Crumb bonus of forged weapons
  • Shield Chain had its damage formula revamped for consistent scaling, overall damage is lower now
  • Shrink no longer works with Desperado, Dust and Fire Dance
  • Gospel's trigger chances and durations of each effect have been corrected, doubled DEF buff now lasts for 1 min, Blessing and Increase Agility for the level 10 skill's duration. Visual effects for healing and damaging effects were corrected
  • Shield Press had its damage formula revamped for consistent scaling, the damage is slightly higher now
  • Shield Spell's effect that breaks armor with melee attacks, no longer works on yourself when using Grand Cross, or triggers off the skill at all
  • Hesperus Lit is now usable with any melee weapon and not just spears
  • Ray of Genesis had its elemental damage bonus corrected



  • Ganbantein no longer removes Severe Rainstorm's units and had its cast time reduced to 2.5 seconds variable and 1 seconds fixed
  • Gravitation Field had its cast time changed to 3.5 seconds variable and 0.5 seconds fixed
  • Napalm Vulcan's curse duration was corrected and the skill now has a small visual animation
  • Comet now has a base cooldown of 10 seconds and its visual animation has been cleaned, no longer desplaying the white "bash" effect on the caster
  • Drain Life's animation was cleaned, no longer desplaying the white "bash" effect on the caster
  • Chain Lightning no longer makes the caster face their target with every bounce



  • Spirit Recovery now has a visual animation



  • Blitz Beat and Falcon Assault are not properly of neutral property in all cases
  • Unlimit now increases the damage by the same amount at all levels, what changes is the duration
  • Camouflage is no longer removable by Clearance and Wand of Hermode
  • Warg Bite and Warg Strike had their ranges corrected to be 10 cells, up from 9
  • Detonator now also works for Freezing Trap and Land Mine
  • Cluster Bomb now only deals 1 damage to traps, instead of 2
  • You can no longer leech HP/SP by damaging your own traps



  • Arm Cannon's damage now scales linearly with elemental bonuses like it should
  • Power Swing's stun application chance was corrected and its duration is now the same as that of other basic stuns, 5 seconds instead of 2



  • Cart Cannon's damage now scales linearly with elemental bonuses like it should


Guillotine Cross:

  • Double Attack now increases the HIT with Dagger type weapons by a percentage instead of a flat amount
  • Venom Splasher now fails if the affected target is hidden and doesn't hit hidden targets in area either, the damage is no longer reflectable and it shows the visual animation even if the attacker isn't visible
  • Soul Breaker had its elemental damage bonus corrected
  • Cloaking Exceed is no longer removable by Clearance and Wand of Hermode
  • Counter Slash is now able to critically hit instead of ignoring DEF, with a boosted crit chance based on skill's level


Shadow Chaser:

  • Double Attack now increases the HIT with Dagger type weapons by a percentage instead of a flat amount
  • Plagiarism and Reproduce now only show the visual animation upon getting a new skill that replaces the previous
  • Chaos Panic is now castable on top of units
  • Body Painting had its ASPD reduction amount corrected


Wanderer and Minstrel:

  • Apple of Idun, Whistle, Humming and Please Don't Forget Me had their formulas corrected
  • Eternal Chaos now correctly drops both Hard and Soft DEF to 0
  • Tarot Card of Fate had all of its effect durations corrected, The Sun now correctly applies a debuff that makes you immune to other cards and Wheel of Fortune displays its animation on the caster so it's actually visible
  • Improvised Song was changed to include all Wizard and Ninja offensive spells and those spells also go up to level 10. This means that spells that normally have a maximum level of 5, will be cast with level 10 instead. Rogues aren't able to copy them above the normal maximum level though
  • Song of Despair now has a status reduction formula for monsters as well, working off their Base Level
  • Gloomy Day had its ASPD reduction amount corrected
  • Moonlight Serenade now uses a different formula and increases Total MATK by a percentage
  • Windmill Rush now uses a different formula and increases WATK by a percentage
  • Echo Song now increases Hard DEF by a percentage
  • Lover's Symphony now increases Hard MDEF by a percentage
  • Reverberation now can only be hit by skills that can affect other traps


Arch Bishop:

  • Adoramus had its SP cost per level corrected
  • Lauda Ramus and Lauda Agnus now have their own, unique animations and a different one for when a status is cured
  • Renovatio now deals a small, initial hit on undead targets so it can be copied by Shadow Chasers



  • Chain Combo can now be used after Dragon Combo
  • Crescent Elbow no longer reflects hits that didn't connect


Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Globally boosted the ATK of all Huuma Shuriken type weapons, some also gained additional slots
  • Optimized the animation of all buff skills so they don't sometimes get you stuck in casting motion, and for smoother visuals
  • Oboro Gensou finally works properly!
  • Throwing Mastery now  boosts all kunai and huuma skills, and the Mastery ATK bonus was bumped to 4 per level
  • Corrected the WATK bonus of earth charms (Dohu Koukai)
  • Meikyo Shisui now grants 50% to avoid spells instead of 40% to avoid all damage
  • Zangetsu now correctly increases only Base MATK
  • Kaihou now deals slightly more damage, 250% MATK per charm, up from 200%
  • Throw Kunai, Bakuresu Kunai and Happo Kunai's damage now scales linearly with elemental bonuses like it should
  • Huuma Shuriken Ranka now scales with Base Level (/120) and AGI*2
  • Setsudan had its elemental damage bonus corrected



  • Ground Drift is no longer reflectable
  • Desperado's damage now scales linearly with elemental bonuses like it should
  • Fire Dance's damage now scales linearly with elemental bonuses like it should and the skill now have a better Base Level scaling (/100)
  • Crimson Marker's cast range is now 14 cells, up from 13
  • Hammer of God's cast range is now 12 cells, down from 13


Soul Linker:

  • Kaite no longer increases damage taken from Ground Drift and Reverberation (physical portion)



  • Stance triggers can now activate even if another is currently active



[ Items ]

  • The list of new equipment that can be obtained from the Illusion of Moonlight dungeon is: Eidolic Puente Robe (15195), Eidolic Nurse's Cap (19209), Eidolic Apple of Archer (19210), Eidolic Muffler (20838), Eidolic Shoes (22133), Eidolic Long Mace (16063), Eidolic Spectral Spear (26007), Eidolic Staff of Bordeaux (26109), Eidolic Book of the Apocalypse (28612) and Eidolic Moonlight Dagger (28725). The list of cards is: Ireful Moonlight Flower Card (27081), Angry Nine Tail Card (27082), Hollow Bongun Card (27083), Hollow Sohee Card (27084), Hollow Munak Card (27085), Hateful Archer Skeleton Card (27086), Truthful Wizard Card (27087) and Maddened Adventurer Card (27088)
  • The list of new equipment that can be obtained from the Illusion of Vampire dungeon is: Eidolic Infiltrator (28022), Eidolic Legbone of Ghoul (28023), Eidolic Skull Ring (28023), Eidolic Ring (28509), Eidolic Wizardry Staff (2039), Eidolic Ballista (18149), Eidolic Ancient Cape (20840) and Vampire's Servant (28510). The list of cards is: Enraged Dracula Card (27104), Restless Ghoul Card (27103), Starved Drainliar Card (27102), Sweet Nightmare Card (27101) and Bomi Card (27105)
  • Effects that boost physical damage done to a certain monster (like Diabolus Manteau), now boost magical damage as well
  • All new cards were added to Old and Mystical Card Album lists
  • Corrected melee reflect gear bonuses to not reflect 1 damage if the hit didn't connect due to Auto Guard and similar effects
  • Lockboxes had their tables and chances reorganized and updated for better results and consistency, and some new weapons were added
  • Sapha's and Nab's sets had their stats and set bonuses improved significatively
  • Crimson, Golden Rod, Aqua and Forest sets were revamped, both their stats and set bonuses
  • Robe of Affection, Robe of Judgement, Shawl of Affection and Shawl of Judgement had their stats improved
  • White Wing Boots, White Wing Manteau and Black Wing Manteau had their stats improved
  • Kardui's Ears (5966) and Laphine Shield (2198) set bonus that reduces Comet's cooldown now reduces it by 2.5 seconds per stage
  • Giant Lance (1490) now gives Spiral Pierce a cooldown of 5 sec instead of 20
  • Dusk Cloak (20769) had its stats boosted
  • Assassin's Muffler (20714) had its stats revamped entirely and droprate lowered from Grim Reaper Ankou
  • Death's Guidance (1186) now autocasts Wide Blood Drain instead of Vampire's Gift
  • Cross Shield (2130) now also boosts the damage of Shield Charge
  • Safety Ring (2615) and Improved Safety Ring (2956) had their DEF boosted to 20
  • Electric Guitar (1913) now has a slot
  • Black Rosary (2898) had its MDEF bonus lowered to 10
  • Porcellio Card (4337) had its stats increased
  • Mineral Card (4339) had its stats increased
  • Banshee Master Card (4450) had its stats increased
  • Owl Viscount Card (4631) had its stats increased and the set bonus improved
  • Thunderclap (18133) had its ATK increased
  • Temporal Boots of all kinds are now usable in GvG, instead the final enchants are disabled
  • Strength of Bear (4875) enchant now only procs off melee attacks
  • Hawk's Eye (4879) enchant now only procs off ranged physical attacks
  • Kunai Boxes were changed to official Kunai Scrolls but with customized art so they're easier to tell apart, Explosive Kunai Box remains the same
  • Added Parfait Vigilante's Hat (19084), Golden Tune (20440), Teddy Bear Hood (31340), Brown Stole (31341), Cheshire's Ears (31342), War Princess' Ribbon (31343), The Black Cat (31344) and Mono Gothic Bonnet (31347) to Cash Shop

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