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May 17 | Megapatch v10.5

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 09:11 PM

[ General ]

  • This update's highlight is the revamp to Elemental Spirits System! Large amount of mechanics and values were improved in order to make the spirits nice to use instead of clunky, and all types and their effects to be good in different situations.
    Many other Sage/Professor/Sorcerer changes are also present
  • Updated the client to a late 2014 version, which is a bit more stable but also brings some UI changes. Please note that you may need to reassign some of your interface keybinds!
  • Revamped Sage and Sorcerer skill descriptions
  • /memo is now usable on all fields that aren't quest locked and in cities that had it disabled
  • Extended Super Novice, Rebel and Kagerou/Oboro now display aura at level 175 just like Third Jobs
  • Updated the Navigation System to include all the NPCs, maps and monsters the server has, also translated everything to English
  • Corrected all World Map names to reflect their in-game counterparts
  • Corrected Cute Pet related messages, like the missing food's name when attempting to feed one
  • When the leader of a party leaves, the leadership is now passed to the next online player
  • @eleinfo command was added, it lists the stats of the currently summoned Elemental Spirit
  • @noks state now checks for range, it only works if both players are on the same screen and GMs ignore it
  • @monsterinfo/@mi was cleaned up to display more relevant info, removing useless stuff and adding values like ASPD
  • Lockboxes and Kawaii coins no longer can drop from monsters that grant no EXP
  • Corrected MVP item and EXP reward messages to show the actual values and items
  • Added the alternative Summer costume, to be used during upcoming events
  • Removed pet talkies to avoid incessant chat flood
  • Added a bunch of new script commands for future uses
  • Added status icons to all Elemental Spirit effects, Song of Despair, Ankle Snare, Electric Shocker, Maelstrom, Chase Walk, Dancing/Singing, Voice of Siren/Charming Wink, Cloud Kill and Elemental Shield
  • Revamped many old status icons with prettier versions



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Walking monsters now stop moving instantly and update their position when affected by a hard status that blocks movement instead of rubberbanding to their targeted cell
  • Monsters affected by Ankle Snare and similar effects no longer attempt to "move" when taking hits
  • Monsters can no longer place traps on top of themselves
  • Removed the Minibosses from Biolabs 3/4, this doesn't include MVP's mob or the special Miniboss which signals that a MVP is spawned
  • NPC_EVILLAND is no longer incorrectly blocked by Pneuma
  • Brasilis monsters now drop their new cards, Iara Card (27120), Piranha Card (27121), Curupira Card (27122), Toucan Card (27123), Jaguar Card (27124), Headless Mule Card (27125) and Boitata Card (27126)
  • Nine Tail, Gremlin, Mummy, Willow, Roween and Teddy Bear can now be tamed, the taming items are dropped by the same monster
  • Valkyrie now drops Valkyrie Card (31354)
  • Vassal of Illusion now drops Blaze Shoes (22055)
  • Vassal of Corruption now drops Blaze Manteau (2595)
  • Vassal of Destruction now drops Blaze Shield (2159)
  • Alice now drops Pure White Apron (15057)
  • Mistress now drops Telescopic Hand (13464)
  • Orc Hero now drops Scutum (28903) instead of Shield (2106)
  • Gloom Under Night now drops Crimson Stole (20778) instead of Heavenly Maiden Robe (2513)
  • Faithful Manager now drops Elemental Tights (19048)
  • Zmey Gorynych now drops Hunter's Cloak (20723)
  • Kraken now drops Polyhedron Shoes (22082)
  • Menblatt now drops Butterfly Wing Ears (18782), which were removed from Cash Shop
  • General Egnigem now drops Wind's Guide (5466), which was removed from Cash Shop
  • Nightmare Amon Ra now drops Dark Age (18605), which had its stats improved and was removed from Prontera Princess
  • Zealotus now drops Costume: Drooping Zealotus (5975)
  • Gryphon now drops Costume: Prairie Wind (20048)



[ NPCs ]

  • Added cutins (illustrations) to a bunch of NPCs that missed them
  • Mayomayo now has Tracker's Dagger (13038) in his list
  • Prontera Princess had her Hair Extensions section updated with four new types new types; Long Hair Wigs, Side Pigtails, Low Ponytails and Long Twintails
  • Prontera Princess now has a new section Costumed Garments, offering Costume: Amistr Backpack (20763), Costume: Heroic Backpack (31021), Costume: Poring Backpack (20507), Costume: Wings of Happiness (20826), Costume: Cupid's Wings (20504), Costume: Kirin's Wings (20736) and Costume: Festive Sack (20766). It is possible to preview them through the same NPC
  • Prontera Princess now offers Twin Red Ribbons (5187), White Lamb Hood (31120) and Pink Lamb Hood (31120), those were removed from Cash Shop
  • Royal Rabbit Crown (20479), Firinto Scarf (20032) and Tailed Hat (31040) are now available at Prontera Princess
  • Headgear Connoisseur now offers those new headgears; Earth Dragon Helm (20012), Black Lunatic Hanging Ears (31044) and White Rosary Necklace (19246)
  • Istan added Angeling Suit (15171) to his workshop's list
  • Old Glast Heim's Crystal Cases now can contain Costume: Khalitzburg's Helm (20432)



[ Classes ]

  • Skills and normal attacks should no longer eat up one cell of their range when walking up to a target outside of the range, at least in most cases
  • Corrected client-side range checks for all skills
  • Improved animations of party-based skills further, they should be all clean and nice now
  • Party-based skills such as Clementia, Over Thrust, etc, now also affect partied allies during GvG, not just caster's own guild
  • Provoke now correctly draws the aggro of monsters with change chase mode,  the flag set by this skill is now removed when the monster goes idle, so  the consequent casts work properly
  • All damage reflecting effects now deal 1 damage to plants
  • The Movement Speed reduction of the Curse status no longer sometimes speeds up players slowed by Steel Body, Defender, Exceed Break or Free Cast
  • The list of skills which can damage traps was changed to: Magnum Break, Bowling Bash, Brandish Spear, Cart Revolution, Arrow Shower, Sightrasher, Sightblaster, Earth Shaker, Meteor Assault,
    Raid, Sensitive Keen, Wind Cutter, Earth Drive, Magma Eruption, Self Destruction, Ground Drift, Storm Kick and Roundhouse Kick
  • All gap closing skills that moved on top of the target, now move next to it instead. They also fail to deal damage in GvG if there's no walkable path between the caster and the target
  • All NPC_ area askills autocast by certain gear pieces no longer go through walls (just for players)
  • Poison status no longer refreshes constantly while standing in Venom Dust, Cloud Kill or Poison Mist, remaining for infinite duration as long as the unit lives
  • Blind status no longer refreshes while standing in Poison Mist, remaining for infinite duration as long as the unit lives
  • Blessing and Increase Agility now deal 1 damage to undead targets, so Rogues can copy those skills
  • Corrected sitting to be disabled while inside a Manhole or under the effect of Cursed Circle


Rune Knight:

  • Dragon Horn (23219) is given upon the job change (either through Job Genie or the quest), it's a permanent item that lets you summon the Dragon anywhere except on PvP maps.
    Existing characters can speak to Job Genie to get one
  • Runewright's Lexicon (31351) is given upon the job change (either through Job Genie or the quest), it contains all the necessary information regarding the Runestones.
    Existing characters can speak to Job Genie to get one
  • Two-Handed Sword Mastery now has an increased bonus while not mounted, the reverse of how Spear Mastery works
  • Spear Mastery's mounted bonus was slightly increased
  • Charge Attack had its damage formula and Cast Times changed, based on the distance
  • Fighting Spirit now boosts WATK by a base of 70 plus 7 per every additional party members, and party members get 50% of that value
  • Stonehard Skin now also provides a shield that absorbs physical and magical (not misc) damage for an amount equant to the HP consumed during the cast, there's also a visual animation upon absorbing a hit
  • Millenium Shield's priority was moved below that of Parrying
  • Pertz Runestone (12732) now has a carrying limit of 60
  • Raido Runestone (12726) now has a carrying limit of 40


Royal Guard:

  • Heavenly Bell (23220) is given upon the job change (either through Job Genie or the quest), it's a permanent item that lets you summon the Gryphon anywhere except on PvP maps.
    Existing characters can speak to Job Genie to get one
  • Two-Handed Sword Mastery now has an increased bonus when not mounted, the reverse of how Spear Mastery works
  • Spear Mastery's mounted bonus was slightly increased
  • Grand Cross is no longer avoidable by effects that grant a chance to dodge spells, and it isn't reflectable either
  • Exceed Break's Movement Speed reduction was corrected to have priority over other similar effects
  • Overbrand was corrected to not deal extra damage to Boss monsters and other knockback immune targets



  • Frost Nova, Sightrasher and Sightblaster had their animations improved and changed to not replicate for every target hit
  • Sightrasher's area is now 15x15 cells
  • Gravitation Field's slowing effect now also works on Boss monsters
  • Jack Frost now deals full damage (Chill bonus) to Boss monsters
  • White Imprison's protection is now correctly bypassed by physical skills if the weapon/ammo are of Ghost element
  • Monsters no longer attempt to follow and attack the warlock inside White Imprison if they're being damaged by Burning or Chain Lightning



  • The Tome of Elements (31352) is given upon the job change (either through Job Genie or the quest), it contains all the necessary information regarding the Elemental Spirits.
    Existing characters can speak to Job Genie to get one
  • Book Study's ASPD bonus was increased to 1% per skill's level
  • Free Cast's Movement Speed reduction was corrected to have priority over other similar effects
  • Violent Gale's FLEE boost was doubled
  • Abracadabra had its list of special skills revamped, and they're now based on the learned level. Fortune (SA_FORTUNE) was added to the list and Gravity (SA_GRAVITY) plus Questioning (SA_QUESTIONING) were removed
  • Instant Death (SA_INSTANTDEATH from Abracadabra) now correctly kills the caster
  • Auto Spell was revamped, there's no longer a skill level variance without Soul Link, the highest possible and/or learned level is cast. Level 10 now enables Earth Spike Lv.3 instead of Frost Diver and all other levels enable higher levels of their correspondent spells. When Soul Link is active, all spells are cast at their learned level, not just bolts
  • Volcano now correctly increases the duration of Fire Wall cast on it, instead of cast with its buff present on the caster
  • All Elemental Change skills now have a success formula based on caster's Base Level, Job Level, INT, DEX and the learned level of the corresponding Endow.
    Cast Time was changed to 2 seconds Variable and 0.5 seconds Fixed, has a more clear visual effect upon success
  • Double Casting now works with Earth Spike and has a true 1 second Fixed Cast Time (impossible to reduce)
  • Memorization now has a true 2 seconds Fixed Cast Time (impossible to reduce) instead of normal 5 seconds Fixed Cast Time and charges are no longer consumed by instant spells
  • Double Casting now has a true 1 seconds Fixed Cast Time
  • Wall of Fog is now castable on top of Volcano and Violent Gale
  • Spell Fist's damage is now correctly boosted by Lex Aeterna and also works with Earth Spike, with doubled damage, so it matches level 10 when used with a level 5 skill
  • Cloud Kill now requires Heaven's Drive Lv.2 and Deluge Lv.2 to unlock
  • Earth Grave now requires Seismic Weapon Lv.2 and Earth Spike Lv.4 to unlock
  • Diamond Dust now requires Deluge Lv.4 to unlock
  • Warmer now requires Volcano Lv.4 to unlock, no longer requires Violent Gale
  • Poison Buster now correctly removes Poison and Deadly Poison statuses, has better scaling (Base Level/100), animation is corrected to not replicate on multiple targets and
    is now usable on targets standing on Cloud Kill, Venom Dust or Poison Mist, even if they aren't poisoned
  • Varetyr Spear's Stun chance was boosted and the duration increased to normal 5 seconds, physical portion is no longer blocked by effects such as Guard, Illusionary Shadow, etc, or can be dodged.
    The damage of the physical portion was boosted and its scaling with Striking was increased. No longer requires Seismic Weapon to unlock
  • Psychic Wave no longer incorrectly receives a 10% damage boost from Elemental Spirit's Defensive Mode (Lv.2)
  • Electric Walk and Fire Walk had their area of effect changed to 3x3 cells, ticks to happen every half a second and their damage scaling was boosted to Base Level/100
  • Extreme Vacuum's status is now correctly cleansed when the unit is removed
  • Striking is now correctly only usable on party members and its SP drain was boosted
  • Elemental Shield was revamped, it now uses its own new unit and visual effects and blocks physical and magical damage (not misc), with a greatly increased shield's HP value, has a 10 seconds Cooldown.
    The skill's unit will override any currently present Pneuma, Safety Wall or Maelstrom upon cast. Requires Spirit Control Lv.4 to unlock
  • Insignias were revamped, their area is now 5x5 cells, duration is 30 seconds and they have no Cooldown, but only one of the same type can be active at a time, with a new one replacing the previous. Casting one on top of another will replace the present Insignia with the new one, regardless of the type. You still can have all four active at once, just not on the same spot, and not overlapping. Their base effect now reduces elemental resistances by 25% instead of just increasing the damage received, and the percentage based HP heal/drain no longer works on Boss monsters, neither does the endow effect. Elemental Spirits still retain the buff for the full duration even if they leave the unit
  • Fire Insignia (Level 2) now grants ASPD +20% instead of BATK
  • Water Insignia (Level 2) now grants +20% Healing Received
  • Wind Insignia (Level 2) now reduces After-cast Delay by 20%, up from 10%
  • Earth Insignia (Level 2) now grants Hard DEF +40% instead of a tiny flat Max HP and Hard DEF boost
  • All Insignias (Level 3) now boost the damage done with the corresponding element by 30% and reduce Cast Times (both) plus After-cast Delays of skills of the same element by 30% instead of their old puny bonuses
  • Summon Agni, Summon Aqua, Summon Ventus and Summon Tera now only need Lv.2 in their correspondent requirement to unlock

Elemental Spirit Changes:




  • Re-added and halved Fixed Cast Time to all Hunter traps that had it, but only for Shadow Chasers, they remain instant for Hunters
  • Blast Mine, Land Mine, Freezing Trap, Sandman and Flasher had their detonation area changed to 3x3 cells, same as their trigger area
  • Talkie Box and Skid Trap had their trigger areas changed to match the actual unit
  • Blast Mine now actually detonates upon its expiration, dealing damage
  • Land Mine had its detonation animation corrected to show properly
  • Freezing Trap had its damage formula changed to scale off both BATK and WATK
  • Skid Trap now knocks back in the direction the caster was facing when laying it down, and roots enemies for 2 seconds (except Boss monsters)
  • Trap Research no longer gives half of a cell range when maxed, which caused position bugs. This passive now increases the damage of all offensive traps by up to 3 cells, and if maxed, also the range of utility traps by 1 cell.
    Its damage bonus now affects all traps that deal damage
  • Detonator now works with Magenta Trap, Cobalt Trap, Maize Trap and Verdure Trap
  • Cluster Bomb has its damage formula revamped, it pools both BATK and WATK into the formula and the damage dealt is fully misc just like other traps
  • Electric Shocker no longer moves Boss monsters, its activation area is the same as the trigger area and the trap is no longer removed if the Ranger dies. Continues to drain SP even if the victims SP is depleted
  • Magenta Trap, Cobalt Trap, Maize Trap and Verdure Trap had their trigger area corrected to be 3x3 cells and they are no longer placeable on top of targets, there's a visual effect on affected targets and the duration is 1 minute
  • Warg Dash now has a brand new animation and sound upon impact
  • Camouflage now works just like Cloaking regarding walls, with lower levels you can move if you hug the wall, and the status cancels if you move away



  • Cart Revolution's knockback direction in PvP was corrected and its range increased by 1 cell
  • Cart Termination's range was increased by 1 cell
  • Pile Bunker no longer needs the specific weapon equipped. Corrected the barrier shattering effect to apply after the hit attempt.
  • Acceleration now boosts Movement Speed by 25% instead of 10%
  • FAWs had their ATK and MATK boosted a bit
  • Flare Launcher's layout was improved, there's no longer a dead zone, it covers all the cells but the path is a bit more narrow. Has a Base Level/100 damage scaling
  • Cold Slower now has a Base Level/100 damage scaling
  • Vulcan Arm now has a Base Level/100 damage scaling



  • Homunculus is now always vaporized upon death, Job change, skill reset or by Masquerade: Gloomy, regardless of it having at least 80% of Max HP available.
    They also update their Movement Speed to match master's upon teleporting to the master due to being too far away and not only on map change
  • Cart Revolution's knockback direction in PvP was corrected and its range increased by 1 cell
  • Cart Boost had its Movement Speed bonus corrected to go up to +50% and not +100%
  • Thorn Trap now can be destroyed and has a HP value based on skill's level
  • Spore Explosion's base formula was slightly boosted
  • Emergency Avoid (Lif) had its Movement Speed bonus boosted to +20% per skill's level
  • Tinder Break (Eleanor) no longer roots Eleanor if the target wasn't also rooted
  • Magma Flow (Dieter) had its animation cleaned up (removed the white "Bash" effect)


Guillotine Cross:

  • Corrected Critical Rate with Katars to not double dip
  • Sonic Blow triggered by auto-cast effects no longer interrupts and prevents normal attacks during its animation
  • Katar Mastery now increases Mastery ATK by 4 per skill's level, in line with other damage dealers
  • Venom Dust had its area reverted to 3x3 cells as it caused some issues
  • Dark Claw's duration is now 5 seconds plus 2 per skill's level. Corrected the status to apply after the hit attempt.
  • Cloaking Exceed now doubles CRIT for the next attack just like Cloaking does


Shadow Chaser:

  • Backstab is now usable while in the concealment status triggered by Fatal Menace or Feint Bomb, just like Raid
  • Raid had its animation brought back from the abyss
  • Intimidate no longer teleports when in a duel
  • Invisibility was corrected to not block the damage of auto-cast area unit skills
  • Auto Shadow Spell no longer attempts to incorrectly cast Grand Cross and it doesn't even appear in the list of choices
  • Chaos Panic had its application chance corrected
  • Dimension Door is now recastable, a new instance replaces the previous, no longer can be used on PvP maps (didn't work anyway)
  • Maelstrom is now recastable, a new instance replaces the previous, the area was changed to 3x3, matching the unit's size
  • Manhole can no longer be cast next to another, this effectively kills chaining, the 2 seconds immunity time after being freed from one still remains
  • Triangle Shot's knockback direction in PvP was corrected


Wanderer and Minstrel:

  • Changed Performances and Choruses to not replicate their animations for every affected party member
  • Pang Voice got its intended level scaling for the success chance added, has 1 second Cooldown and no After-cast Delay
  • Charming Wink now works correctly on monsters, similar to Siren's Voice, has 1 second Cooldown and no After-cast Delay
  • Dissonance now ticks every second and the damage is elementless, ignoring any possible reductions
  • Drum on the Battlefield now increases Hard DEF by a higher value and only boosts WATK, by a lower value
  • Ring of Nibelungen now boosts Mastery ATK, by a higher value
  • Lullaby now ticks every 3 seconds and had its intended INT scaling for the success chance added
  • Mr.Kim is a Rich Man had its SP upkeep cost corrected
  • Tarot Card of Fate (The Lovers) no longer teleports Boss monsters on maps without monster_noteleport flag
  • Wand of Hermode was corrected to be usable without the need of another performer
  • Severe Rainstorm now correctly takes arrow's damage into the formula, and arrow's element when used with an Instrument/Whip
  • Great Echo now correctly takes weapon's element (not arrow's)
  • Death Valley now requires Circle of Nature's Sound Lv.1 to unlock
  • Siren's Voice now has its correct minimum duration of 10 seconds
  • Song of Despair is now attackable, with the same HP value as Reverberation and cannot be knocked back as well
  • Windmill Rush's WATK bonus is now percentage based instead of flat
  • Gloomy Day was corrected to decrease ASPD instantly and to remove Warg if the Ranger is riding one
  • All Chorus skills now cast the used level instead of trying to find an average, ending up using lower levels than intended
  • Infinite Humming was reworked, it now boosts MATK by a percentage and reduces Fixed Cast Time by a flat amount, the cast interruption protection was corrected to work in all cases.
    Skill's area was increased to match other Choruses
  • Lerad's Dew was reworked, instead of granting a puny, flat HP bonus, it increases the healing receiving and regenerates a percentage of Max HP every 6 seconds.
    Skill's area was increased to match other Choruses
  • Song of Mana now recovers a base of 1% Max SP every 5 seconds
  • Dance with Wargs now increases ASPD by a higher amount, WATK bonus was normalized to be in line with other similar bonuses, and it no longer reduces Fixed Cast Time.
    The boost to Warg skills is now a percentage increase to the final damage instead of a flat skill mod bonus, with lower values of course


Arch Bishop:

  • Status Recovery no longer has an activation delay or casts a dummy skill when used on Undead targets
  • Kyrie Eleison no longer causes motion animation on the affected target
  • Epiclesis had its behavior changed so the ticks are always consistent, and the status icon no longer flickers



  • Fallen Empire now Has a Base Level/120 damage scaling
  • Knuckle Arrow was corrected to not deal extra damage to Boss monsters and other knockback immune targets. The knockback direction in PvP was also corrected


Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Crimson Fire Formation no longer removes Land Protector, Deluge and other similar effects (Elemental Land)
  • Zenkai (Fire) now also has a chance to Blind the targets



  • Changed the Job's name in the client to Rebel instead of Rebellion
  • Disarm now only shows its special animation (flying weapons) if the divest attempt is successful
  • Slug Shot now uses Slug Ammunition based on the skill's level, the higher the level, the heavier the ammo allowed. Damage formula, HIT penalty, and Stun chance/duration are the same at all levels.
    Cast Times, Cooldown, After-cast Delay and SP Cost are based on the skill's level, with lower levels having lower values
  • Hammer of God now deals extra damage from Coins only to targets affected by Crimson Marker
  • Round Trip was corrected to not deal extra damage to Boss monsters and other knockback immune targets
  • Fallen Angel's range was increased to 9 cells



  • Flying Side Kick had its damage corrected, including the bonus from Running and Tumbling



[ Items ]

  • Updated most older Bows and Instruments/Whips with improved stats, additional slots, new mechanics, etc
  • Updated the monster lists of the item bonus that boosts damage done to certain monster "groups" (bonus2 bAddRace2), for example Orc Lady Card (4255) also boosts damage towards both Orc MVPs and all Orc monsters,
    Diabolus Manteau (2537) boosts the damage done to all Morroc related monsters, including Devil's Palace final bosses. This bonus now also works for magical damage
  • Corrected bonus bAtk to not grant "double attack" when present on a shield (what the hell?)
  • Halter Lead (12622) is no longer usable while concealed
  • The status icons of Fireproof Potion (12118), Coldproof Potion (12119), Thunderproof Potion (12121) and Earthproof Potion (12120) now correctly disappear once the timer expires
  • All Genetic's potions and foods now display a visual effect upon their consumption
  • Item Chain Packages (Gaia Sword (1143), Blazer Card (4215) and similar) had their drop rate boosted to reflect server's rates and the lists reorganized to make more sense
  • Old Card Album (616) had its list of cards updated with missing stuff, and the chances reorganized based on rarity and utility
  • Mystical Card Album (12246) had its list of cards updated with new miniboss cards and some missing ones, special cards such as Deviling, Angeling, Ghostring and Maya Purple are now back in the list, with a very,
    very low chance of appearing
  • Improved Binoculars (18772) are now wearable by all Jobs except Novice
  • Falken Blitz (1745) and Little Feather Hat (18541) set bonus now removes all cast time from Sharp Shooting
  • Legacy of Muspellsmegir (20735) had its HIT bonus boosted
  • Mechanical Plant Hat (18933) had its base bonus to Spore Explosion boosted to 20% and set bonus with Bio Protector  (19082) corrected
  • Reduced the weight of Onimaru (21019) to 210
  • Boosted the weight of Two-Handed Chrome Metal Sword (1196) to 330
  • Saint's Crown (18964) had its stats slightly boosted
  • Scaraba Queen's Helm (19023) had its stats improved and the intended special animation added
  • Dark Age (18605) had its stats improved
  • Ixion Wings (1737),  Frozen Bow (1731) and Hunting Spear (1422) (from Leak) had their drop rates boosted
  • Renamed some runestones to reflect the actual rune displayed, Othila to Eihwaz, Wyrd to Pertz and Lux Anima to Sowilo
  • Added Seductive Penguin (19219), Doggie Officer's Cap (20481), Peeking Teddy Bear (31039), Blazing Muffler (31041), Wolf Masquerade (31042), Sura King's Pledge (31043), Clock Casquet (31087), Blue Crow Ornament (31088), Charcoal Stove (20480), Catalina von Brad (19163) and Spirit King's Ring (28394) to Cash Shop



[ Misc ]


Remember that this upcoming weekend will feature doubled EXP rates and a monster invasion event based on attendance!

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