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December 18th | Patch v11.5 | Christmas Event and Anniversary Day

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[ General ]

  • Christmas Event is active for two weeks, until January 1st. You can find a variety of quests in Prontera and Lutie
  • The Leika's Anniversary Day comes with a Facebook Raffle, sign up to get amazing prizes!
  • EXP rates are increased by x1.5 during the Christmas Event
  • Drop rates will be doubled during the Anniversary Day on December 18th
  • Points gained through Voting have been permanently increased!
  • Position lag should be a bit less bad now
  • Navigation System was updated with all missing NPCs and monsters
  • Many skill and item descriptions were updated as usual, guild skill descriptions were revamped
  • basespeed, endure, semiendure, disablepvm and nodefenses mapflags were added for use on special maps and during events



[ New Client ]
The client was updated to a newer and stable version, and as you already guessed this includes...

  • Alternative Sprites for Third Jobs! Those are freely accessible through Stylist, and Rune Knight gets its original sprite as an option
  • Kamishi's Palette Pack was updated to the latest version, compatible with the new sprites
  • Old palettes were removed entirely as they are not compatible anymore
  • New hairstyles were added, totaling 83 styles for females and 76 for males
  • Gender is now bound to the character instead of account and can be chosen upon creation. Tamurello the Marvellous inside the Utility Room can change it for you, for a price
  • The maximum amount of characters you can create is now 12
  • Personal and guild storage limits were increased to 800
  • Dressing Room feature is now available, it allows you to preview all possible palettes, hairstyles and outfits at once. You can access it through the @dressingroom/@dr command or by talking to Stylist
  • Decorate Cart is now available for Mechanics and Genetics, adding 3 new cart sprites
  • Items can be linked through chat by Shift-clicking them
  • You can identify items with Ctrl+right click as long as you have enough Magnifiers in the inventory
  • Minimap can be expanded by clicking the arrow under it, opening a bigger version with shows points of interest and allows you to save custom notes and memos
  • Options Menu is expanded with additional features, like macros or saving of slash commands
  • /quake is a new slash commands that disables screen shake effects from skills such as Meteor Storm
  • /monsterhp is another slash command which turns monster's HP bars on and off
  • /cashshop command disables the Cash Shop button next to the minimap. You can still bind the function to some key
  • Character deletion now asks for e-mail instead of the birth date
  • Many UI elements were translated, corrected and edited to fit better, unnecessary parts were deleted
  • The compatibility with Windows 8+ and  newest Nvidia GPUs should be better
  • The client now uses a custom kawaii icon
  • Mail Boxes were removed as they no longer work with this client, a new implementation (RODEX) will be added in the near future
  • New opensetup.exe is available, make sure to run it and configure everything to avoid troubles



[ List of Headgears Available During Christmas Event ]

  • Louise's Red Hat (20433) - Louise Kim's Quest
  • Snowman Hat [1] (5738) - Christmas Gift Delivery Quest reward (Santa's Helper)
  • Floating Ice (19173) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Rudolph Hairband [1] (18671) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Elder Crown  [1] (18812) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Angeling Knit Hat [1] (19047) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Christmas Hamster (31270) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Rudolph's Nose (5204) - Santa & Rudolph's Quest reward
  • Rudolph's Santa Hat (5742) - Santa & Rudolph's Quest reward
  • Red Twin Pom-pom Hat (5488) - Grinch's Quest reward
  • Blue Twin Pom-pom Hat (5390) - Grinch's Quest reward
  • Santa Poring Hat (5381) - Grinch's Quest reward
  • Splashing Water [1] (5770) - Possible reward from Stolen Christmas Gift
  • Antonio's Santa Hat [1] (5136) - Possible reward from Stolen Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Chocolate Mint Bonnet (20243) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Eclipse Hat (20241) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Mouton Earmuffs (19989) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Shining Santa Poring (19685) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Frozen Rose Band (20046) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Damage over time status effects that deal invisible damage and can't kill, no longer affect the EXP granted by monsters, it does not get decreased or increased. This includes:

  • Damage over time status effects that deal visible damage and can kill, act as an "EXP tap", increasing the total EXP granted, but also consume experience based on the damage they deal. This includes:



[ NPCs ]

  • Full package of basic Utility NPCs and Kafras were added to Eden Group HQ and Payon Archer's Village. Save points are also enabled there
  • Stylist was revamped, new Outfit and Dressing Room functions are available, the NPC is more complete and fool-proof
  • Prontera Princess now allows the preview of multiple headgears at once
  • Seiyablem now remembers the last item you slotted, for quick access
  • Mayomayo added Piercing Staff (1626/1665), Bradium Stone Hammer (1385/1397), Robot's Mechanical Arm (16033) and Thunderclap (18133) to his list



[ Guild ]

  • Removed the incorrect SP cost of 1 from all active skills
  • Some requirements were changed around, for example Guild Storage requires Kafra Contract
  • Regeneration now has a duration of 3 minutes
  • Restoration now displays a proper animation and only recovers HP
  • Battle Orders has two levels, with stat boost doubled at level 2
  • Guild Aura Skills now have 6 levels, with an additional effect when maxed, the effective area is now 9x9 cells and they no longer incorrectly affect Homunculus/Elementals/Mercenaries

Guild Auras Changes:




[ Classes ]

  • The bonus to healing which comes from MATK is no longer static, it instead benefits from all effects that increase and reduce healing
  • Random Teleportation and Fly Wings were optimized further to never land you next to portals in all possible cases
  • Poison and Deadly Poison no longer incorrectly wear off once HP reaches 25% but instead stop dealing damage
  • Most status effects now refresh their duration correctly upon relog, without going into negatives
  • All basic status effects now require 130 in a base stat for immunity, meaning that additional stats from any source do not count
  • Deadly Poison requires twice the normal resistances
  • The new minimum durations for status effects that have any are:




Rune Knight:

  • Endure now correctly cancels after 7 and not 8 hits
  • Enchant Blade now correctly requires an equipped weapon


Royal Guard:

  • Endure now correctly cancels after 7 and not 8 hits
  • Grand Cross now hits all targets in area, the recoil damage was corrected to be a third of the damage dealt



  • Warmer no longer ticks if the target is at 100% HP, unless Akaitsuki is active
  • Agni's Passive Mode buff (Pyrotechnic, Heater and Tropic) no longer ticks if the target is at 100% HP, unless Akaitsuki is active



  • Warg Dash was corrected to give its endure effect while running to avoid position bugs



  • Decorate Cart is a new skill that's automatically learned upon the Job Change, it offers 3 new cart sprites. Existing characters can just speak with Job Genie to obtain this skill
  • Magma Eruption's secondary damage is now correctly of fire property, the skill's SP cost was also corrected



  • @hominfo and the in-game Homunculus menu now display fully correct information, the command shows some additional values
  • Decorate Cart is a new skill that's automatically learned upon the Job Change, it offers 3 new cart sprites. Existing characters can just speak with Job Genie to obtain this skill
  • Homunculus S now learn the ability from their previous forms which requires Loyal intimacy upon reaching the same intimacy level, or by default if the ability was already unlocked before the transformation


Guillotine Cross:

  • Meteor Assault had its skill requirements changed to Sonic Blow 5 and Soul Breaker 1
  • Cross Impact now deals increased damage with a dagger in main-hand, the skill requirement was changed to Enchant Deadly Poison 1
  • Poison Smoke can be recasted now, with a new instance replacing the previous. Has a cast time of 1 second Fixed plus Variable, After-cast Delay was reduced to 1 second
  • Leech End's recovery was boosted to 25%


Arch Bishop:

  • Lex Divina was changed to only de-silence allies, you can't remove silence from a monster by recasting the skill. This by proxy applies to Silentium since it's the same effect
  • Sanctuary no longer ticks if the target is at 100% HP, unless Akaitsuki is active. The damage is no longer halved and ignores MDEF plus reductions, it also doesn't consume "charges", this mechanic is fully gone now
  • Epiclesis now deals damage to Demon monsters and Undead targets in the area (ignores MDEF and reductions) and is no longer removable by effects such as Ganbantein or Earth Drive
  • Renovatio no longer ticks if the target is at 100% HP, unless Akaitsuki is active
  • Silentium now affects allies in range, de-silencing them if possible
  • Eucharistica now has only 5 levels (2% per level), the damage bonus was changed to be a final increment



  • Rampage Blaster now correctly deals melee damage
  • Howling of Lion now correctly deals ranged damage


Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Akaitsuki now displays a damage number (red) instead of heal (green). The effect now works with skills and statuses that do not tick unless the HP is below 100% such as Sanctuary or Renovatio, those will still damage the target



[ Items ]

  • Taming Gift Set (12105) was updated to include all missing items, like our custom taming items and that of Bacsojin
  • Black Wing Set was buffed again, both the individual pieces and the set bonus
  • Red Ether Bag (16010) was buffed considerably
  • Bradium Stone Hammer (1385/1397) is now a mace, with high ATK
  • Veteran's Axe (1384/28114) and Iron Nails (1837) were changed to reduce ATK if the requirements aren't met, instead of increasing it, resulting in higher damage, similar to Doom Slayer or Giant Blade
  • Fidelity Necklace (2959) and its set bonus were improved
  • Flower Crown (5303) was buffed
  • Ljosalfr (20099), Sleeping Eclipse Family (20268), Snowysnow Hat (20242) and Snow Bunny Knit Hat (19990) were added to Cash Shop for this Christmas Event, and will be removed once it's over!



[ Misc ]
As the work with the new client and all the features took quite some time to polish, I haven't had time to create new content. Expect to see new stuff soon though!

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