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February 12th | Minipatch v11.6 | Valentine's Day Event

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 06:02 AM

[ General ]

  • Valentine's Day Event is now active, lasting for a for a week, until February 19th
  • EXP rates are set to x20 during this period
  • Chocora is back and we will host in-game events depending on availability, the headgears below are obtainable through both ways



[ List of Headgears Available During Valentine's Day Event ]

  • Costume: Honey Pancake (20256)
  • Costume: Black Rabbit Bonnet (20257)
  • Costume: Blue Headdress (20258)
  • Costume: Pink Clover (20259)
  • Costume: Sweet Chocolate Hat (20470)
  • Costume: Fluffy Heart Earmuffs (31431)
  • Costume: Fluffy Angel Stole (31432)



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Flame Wyvern and Enraged Captain Ferlock now drops their cards! The bonuses are fully customized and pretty solid. They're also available through Old and Mystical Card Albums
  • Kublin now spawns daily in both Guild Dungeons
  • Divest effects coming from monsters had their durations halved



[ NPCs ]

  • Seiyablem's slotting chances were slightly boosted. Corrected an issue where the last item option sometimes showed incorrect requisites
  • Kiel's Robot Factory 2 access switch no longer asks you to type in "Luxurious Keycard"
  • Guild Dungeon SE Event  was corrected to always teleport the present party along with the leader entering the scenario
  • Headgear Connoisseur offers new recolor options: Yellow Eleanor's Wig (31418), Pink Alice's Wig (31420), The White Cat (31427), Polar Bear Hood (31428), Black Large Ribbon Muffler (31433) and Costume: White Nidhoggur's Wig (31419)



[ Classes ]

  • Double Hit mechanics were revamped as following:



Royal Guard:

  • Auto Guard triggered through Devotion no longer incorrectly makes the caster perform block animation instead of the target
  • Reflect Shield triggered through Devotion now also works against normal hits, not just skills



  • Earth Strain shows the divested items, using the animations of Rogue's Strip skills, and a blue flash for accessory



  • Trap Research works slightly differently; Ranger's traps deal half their damage without the passive, and go back to 100% once maxed. This means that Shadow Chasers no longer deal 0 damage with those traps, but half of the normal instead
  • Fear Breeze stacks fully with Double Hit mechanics, taking priority over those


Wanderer and Minstrel:

  • Voice Lessons level 5 and up now correctly allows the use of Frigg's Song



  • Double Attack is a toggle, lasting until canceled and completely unremovable. This affects the Double Hit only, its other bonuses apply passively


Guillotine Cross:

  • Cloaking and Cloaking Exceed no longer double CRIT rate, instead they boost Perfect Dodge by 20



  • Piercing Shot is able to critically hit, with a +10 CRIT bonus
  • Chain Action is a toggle, lasting until canceled and completely unremovable
  • Quick Draw Shot no longer shows the white "bash" effect



[ Items ]

  • Airship Raid Card (27181) was added to Flame Wyvern
  • Enraged Captain Ferlock Card (27182) was added to Enraged Captain Ferlock
  • Halter Lead (12622) no longer sometimes applies its SC status when you fail to mount up
  • Wanderer's Haori (2584) was buffed
  • Snake Head (5388) was slightly nerfed
  • Cash Shop had the following articles added: Living Grimoires (31417), Royal Mantle (31425), Lolita's Two Side Up (31434), Blue Rose Eyepatch (31430), Sorcerer's Hood (31426), Feather of Seraph (31421), Blue Frill Ribbon (31429) and Idun's Apple Cap (31423)

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